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HTML drives me mad…plus I’m too busy and I NEED a night out!!!

1 Feb

Last night I feel asleep so quickly that I couldn’t believe it, probably it was the gym, the nice soup I made for starter, the courgette and peas risotto…or maybe it was the wine combined with the cold tablet…well it doesn’t matter I’m wide awake now!

I have been busy all day, been working on HTML messages and after an hour I started to feel the dizziness, not the best! I have been so busy today that I left the house at 3pm…to go to the supermarket…how crazy is that? Very cold day but beautifully sunny…and now I start to think what to wear tonight…I do need a dinner out with friends and I do need so much a drink!!!

Well…ok that Haywards Heath hasn’t got cocktail bars like South Beach…but I still need to go out anyway and I can’t wait to see our friends!!

Have a good evening you all!


An ordinary Thursday evening at home…ended in tears!

9 Dec

Food, food, food. It’s all I can think about after 6pm.

Luckily I’m thin and I have a fast metabolism, because I eat so much I should be 20kilos more!

Inspired by the cold and windy weather across the country, I fancied something hot and healthy, that’s why my food processor sometimes is my best friend! A few courgettes, green peas and lots of basil, mix all up and cook it slowly for 30 minutes, here we are my hot soup has been made! (Surely it’s much better than crisps, olives and peanuts as a starter…I take care of my husband’s health!)

After that, inspired by the pub dinner of the night before, I fancied chorizo, and caramelized onions, and spaghetti of course! Just adding some tomatoes and red vinegar, the dinner was so good!

That’s why I rock in the kitchen…Nigella move over please!!!

Just kidding of course…I’m creative, I don’t follow recipes, I have to add my own touch everything I do, and I haven’t done wrong so far, plus it’s a satisfaction hear that having dinner with me is always an adventure!!

My evening ended in tears not because something went wrong, sorry to make people worrying just to read the title of my post, I wanted to watch my favourite childhood movie, Edward Scissorhands, and it made me cry so much! Sorry, I’m a foodie, a softy, and a big kid!!!!

Have a good Friday you all…not long till Christmas!


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