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Thanks to my friend Kajsa I have been nominated! One lovely blog award

8 Aug

I want to say a big thank you to my friend Kajsa (http://kjandersen.wordpress.com/) to have nominated me for the one lovely blog award, this is a real pleasure and great achievement in my first year of blogging, I want to thank Kajsa and all the friends who read my blog and support me no matter what.

To pass on the award here are the rules:

The Rules for these Awards are as Follows (I am going to leave out the Very Inspiring Blogger Award & the Versatile Blogger Award)

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3.  Nominate 8 for the One Lovely Blog Award

and leave a comment on their site to let them know. Also be sure to include the award logo to your post. 

I am going to change slightly  the rules and just nominate the blogs I enjoy most for the One Lovely Blog Award. Nevertheless there are too many blogs I follow and I enjoy to fill those 8 spots, so if you didn´t make into my list – please don´t worry. I do appreciate your blog anyway.

Those random facts: 

1. I have an addiction I can’t get rid of, I cannot live without Chapstick lip balm mint flavour, I can go mad if I don’t have it in my pockets!

2. While in the US I tried to speak with an American accent…everyone laughed at me and recognize my Italian accent straight away!

3. One day I wish I can have the time to write my own recipe book and see it being published

4. I can never fall asleep at night and as a consequence I can never leave the bed in the morning, unfortunately I get very grumpy if I wake up in the wrong way

5. Maybe because I am getting old… I just watch cooking TV programmes and I love them!

6. I fly a lot but I am terrified of  take off, landing, turbolences and transatlantic journeys…you wouldn’t enjoy to be sat next to me!

7. I´m not the fittest person in the world….I force myself to work out at the gym but I am very lazy and I’d rather spend time discovering new recipes, going to the supermarket and cook interesting dinners!

One Lovely Blog Award nomination: 





Tiny Micia




Lesley Carter








Thanks to everyone!!!


Anna in her wonderland the domestic goddess? I’d love to please!!!

9 Feb

According to the stats on my WordPress dashboard, looks like I’m doing pretty well when I talk about food and I post my dishes: I am pleased with this good result. Never wanted to run a fashion blog (as if I know something about fashion but … if someone wants to sponsor my shopping trip I can change my mind quite easily!!), the Moaning tag in the topic’s section hasn’t been created yet, so let’s just run day by day with what crosses my mind.

As you can all tell so far, I love to be at home and work from here, it makes me organized and it gives me the freedom to arrange my day as I wish plus it gives me lots of time for the gym and the cooking.

After nearly four days of ibuprofen I’m getting a bit better and after an healthy lunch I went to the gym after nearly a week this afternoon…only doing exercises for my legs and relaxing in the Jacuzzi afterwards, amazing!

Back home, time to use skype and having a cup of tea, an apple and a Lindor chocolate…I burnt 180 calories in half an hour so please allow me!

Going one step back I’d like to show you what I prepared for dinner last night.


Tomato and green pea soup.

Main course

Salmon fillets with crème fraiche cheese topped with breadcrumbs and lemon zest, roasted garlic potatoes and soy sauce and sesame mangetout.

Dessert…nothing I’m afraid, just a cup of tea and some chocolate (I’m not that good at baking I have to practise more!)

What’s up for tonight? I’ll keep you posted and I wish an amazing evening to everyone!

PS: Do you think I’m going to receive this on Valentine’s Day? 😉


Cold weather, I’m bored, so why not think about food? As if I never think about food! Turning into a foodie in the wonderland

8 Feb

I must say I have started to enjoy so much the food section on WordPress, it makes me hungry just looking at and I keep on going, blog from blog…what is it wrong with me? Is it an Italian thing, am I getting old or what? I used to laugh at my parents and their friends when I was young and we were going in holiday in Liguria (homeland of Pesto), the town where we have our apartment has a nice high street promenade with designer shops and lots of deli (gastronomia), cheese shops, spit chicken roast shop (polleria), take away pizza slice (pizza al trancio) and even more shops that probably I forgot they exist, in the afternoon we used to go shopping and every food shop I had to shout to my parents and their friends “Come on How can you stare at food in a window?? Let’s go to see some shoes!”

But during the summer 2010 my world felt like it was turning upside down: I went back there  with my husband and walking around the shops, we did the same thing my parents and their friends were doing ages ago…staring at the deli’s window! So because I mentioned, I’d like to bring back some memories from that holiday.

Must be an Italian thing, must be a British thing I don’t know…but I cannot think about nothing else than: What shall I cook? Or shall we watch Masterchef, or Jamie Oliver, or Gordon Ramsay or Lorraine Pascale?

So, let’s face it, it’s freezing today and not even a bit of sunshine to light up  this Wednesday, zero degrees or 32 F…and not much going on, so shall I show you my latest creations? Why not?

Green soup from last night (courgette, green peas, cucumber and lemon thyme

My traditional lasagne (with a bit of chorizo in the meat to give that right kick)

And today for lunch, I fancied omelette, first one I make in my life…I didn’t look good but I assure you it was tasty (omelette with cheddar cheese, chorizo and tomatoes)

Feeling full now…cuddling up with my blanket on the sofa, cup of tea on the table…and looking at the wordpress food section…love being at home!

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