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FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY….that’s what I am doing and I am so proud of myself today! Anna in her wonderland is launching Italian wedding in wonderland!

28 Nov

I haven’t felt that happy and satisfied for a while. I mean, workwise. I have finally pulled myself together and I have followed my dreams and now my perseverance is paying off. I am so proud to announce that Anna has created Italian Wedding in Wonderland…I even designed the website on my own! I feel so pleased with myself and I am so happy that at the moment I have two lovely clients who are helping me every day to build the strength to carry on and do what I really want to do, be an Italian wedding planner.

If you want to have a look at my website, this is the address


Any comment, positive or even negative will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot to all my readers…Buena Suerte to me!!!


Jet lag must have let the building, why am I still so up and down? Need another vacation probably!

16 May

It’s very strange to face again reality, I mean, I’m happy and relieved, back to work enjoying some new projects, thinking about what to do next and where to go next! Today I haven’t gone that far, I had a minor operation at the hospital, something on my lip that had to be removed, came back home…and fell asleep on the sofa for nearly 4 hours…wow! I had some catch up sleep to do probably!

Will I be able to match again working life/housewife-ing/chef/gym fanatic etc.? I am sure I will; just need some motivation and probably a few more hours of sleep.

At the moment the thing I enjoy less to be back home is…the weather of course! 16th May 2012…freezing cold! If I think that 3 years ago like today my brother got married and the weather in Italy was great, sunny and warm…right, nothing we can do about, apart wear again my winter jacket…

Some more trips have been planned, lots to look forward to, Italy, Miami, St Tropez, Italian Riviera…busy summer then!

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