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The sun in our eyes and the world at our feet…two weeks in Miami with good friends, good food and good drinking!

24 Apr

anna kim at the standard

champagne morning miami

Hello readers,

I must admit I haven’t turned my laptop on for ten days…I couldn’t face to stop enjoying our good times here but I had too…to download all the pictures and of course to write this post! I love Miami more every time I come back here as you all know, and I am dreading to the idea of leaving here on Friday night!

Boating, shopping, drinking, eating, relaxing, chilling…one of the best vacation of all times!

I might show you some pictures then…















5 Oct

I’m so sorry I did not have enough time to write on my blog on Tuesday but it has been a very busy day! Got up with a very big headache, done some cleaning, did some work for the office, made lunch for me and my husband, went to the doctor (again…I will call myself Mrs blood test from now on…) and went to Vodafone to get my new Blackberry 9900…finally after 10 days it arrived! Unfortunately the guys tried to back up my old Blackberry on the new one but without success, and in the meantime they told me to go for a coffee..well I gave up coffee for tea so I went around the shops in town and I could not notice sales half price at La Senza, who doesn’t need a new bra and some pants??? My phone wasn’t ready, I had to rush at home to go to southampton to see friends, so I had to leave the new one at home in the box!!! Nice to see J and B again and have a nice Italian dinner, when I see San Pellegrino water, Birra Moretti and pizza in front of me my heart melts!!!

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