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Family reunion in London town, an amazing friend’s wedding and the birthday of my gorgeous husband! Countdown to my birthday and to the Italian Riviera!

13 Aug

Hello dear readers

I had such a nice few days last week and over the weekend that for a moment I nearly forgot I have been back in the Kingdom for 8 days…scary thought! Last week my cousin that is more like a brother to me came to London for a few days so we had a chance to meet up and catch up and I finally had a chance to visit the Italian consulate in London to renew my passport…my husband can be happy now that my married surname is printed on!

my new passport

London during a sunny day is one of the most beautiful city ever, we walked miles everywhere…why the hell did I pay for the travel card I still don’t know!

day out in london town (1)

day out in london town (2)

day out in london town (3)

day out in london town (4)

day out in london town (5)

day out in london town (6)

day out in london town (7)

day out in london town (8)

At the weekend  we had a friend’s wedding that I loved and enjoyed so much, see these amazing good friends getting married was emotional and exciting at the same time…I love weddings there is nothing else to say!!! Here you can see some snaps of the ceremony and party…love is in the air and I am so happy for them!!

Sunday was the day after the wedding and for someone the hangover kicked in…but it was my husband’s birthday as well, so more celebration went on…now I am counting the day till the 19th, my birthday!!! Next weekend we will celebrate with my parents in the Italian Riviera and I seriously can’t wait to go there!!

Have a great week you all!

wedding weekend (1)

wedding weekend (2)

wedding weekend (3)

wedding weekend (4)

wedding weekend (5)

wedding weekend (6)

wedding weekend (7)

wedding weekend (8)

wedding weekend (9)

wedding weekend (10)

wedding weekend (11)

wedding weekend (12)

wedding weekend (13)

wedding weekend (14)

wedding weekend (15)

wedding weekend (16)

wedding weekend (17)

wedding weekend (18)

wedding weekend (19)

For once it’s not all about me: my first wedding planning job! Congratulations to my bride and groom Charlotte and Guy on their wedding day!

3 Jul

Italian wedding in wonderland I am so proud to have organized the wedding of Charlotte and Guy, a lovely couple who contacted me back in November last year. We have been working closely together in the past 8 months with daily emails ad phone calls; I am so pleased to have had Charlotte and Guy as my first clients on my new venture Italian Wedding in Wonderland, I couldn’t have had better clients.

For their wedding venue they have chosen Villa del Lupo, a gorgeous Villa in the heart of Tuscany, in the middle of the Pisa province, really close to Pisa Airport. The bride and the groom spent some days there two years ago in holiday and they fell in love for it and they decided they big day was going to be there.

The owners of the Villa, Paolo and Elisa, have been very friendly, very kind and available at any time of the day to reply to questions about details and I am really pleased to have worked with them.

The catering has been provided by Barbara and her company Infinity Ricevimenti based in Florence, another lovely person to work with, very switched on and ready to accommodate every single detail requested. (I must admit as a foodie I loved spending my time translating wedding menus for my client…and Barbara gave me some really good menus!)

For the music entertainment I have worked with the company Affetti Sonori and I must say, I am really pleased to have chosen Federico Bianca, very professional, very friendly and his DJ set will go down a storm tonight, making the bride, groom and guests to dance all night…or at least until midnight.

The photographer who worked closely with Charlotte and Guy is the Italian photographer Domenico Costabile based in Siena, he is very professional and he has been working with Italian clients and clients worldwide, his English is perfect so the bride and groom dealt straight with him and I look forward to see all the amazing pictures of the big day.

A big thank you for the flowers arrangement made by Michela Grassotti flower designer, the colours chosen by us are enhancing the beauty of the Villa even more, so I am really pleased with the results.

A big thanks to the Ufficio di stato civile at San Giuliano Terme town hall, thanks to have been so understanding and thanks for all your help with the wedding procedure.

I must mentioned the Una Hotel Versilia located in Lido di Camaiore that welcomed the groom and the best man the day before the wedding, where the groom enjoyed his last dinner with a group of friends in the roof terrace restaurant

Transfer service has been done by the company Rental Driver owned by Fabrizio del Chicca, the company is based in Tuscany, Rental Driver took care of the British guests the night before the wedding.

I am sure I have forgotten someone and if I did please forgive me, I am so pleased about how this wedding worked out, I am so pleased to have met and I am now in contact with so many nice people, all so helpful and friendly, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience…I am so happy today and I am proud of my first proper wedding!!!

italian wedding in wonderland by anna

kiss kiss

Life according to Anna, weddings, pets, friends and travelling…that’s all I care about!

13 Apr

Dear readers

It has been a while since my last post and a busy week has just gone by, last weekend we attended a friend’s wedding in York and I was so impressed by the town, by the friendliness of the people, by the venue, by the wedding and especially by the kilts..yes it was a Scottish wedding and I absolutely loved it!

I can show some snaps of the wedding weekend…I am sure the bride and groom wouldn’t mind (hopefully!). To see my first church wedding in England gave me even more inspiration for my wedding planning adventure…now I just need the weekend to go by and wait for Monday morning, when we will fly to Miami for two weeks with friends…and we all can’t wait!

Have a good weekend everyone and I’ll keep you posted soon!






DSC02744 DSC02755























anna and coco

anna and evie

coco on the sofa

FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY….that’s what I am doing and I am so proud of myself today! Anna in her wonderland is launching Italian wedding in wonderland!

28 Nov

I haven’t felt that happy and satisfied for a while. I mean, workwise. I have finally pulled myself together and I have followed my dreams and now my perseverance is paying off. I am so proud to announce that Anna has created Italian Wedding in Wonderland…I even designed the website on my own! I feel so pleased with myself and I am so happy that at the moment I have two lovely clients who are helping me every day to build the strength to carry on and do what I really want to do, be an Italian wedding planner.

If you want to have a look at my website, this is the address


Any comment, positive or even negative will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot to all my readers…Buena Suerte to me!!!


Weddings and green should never be seen…F***off!

25 Sep

Last night we went to a friend’s wedding for the evening and I actually wanted to wear a pale pink dress but unfortunately after been eating too much in Miami the dress didn’t fit me so I had to go for my favourite choice of colour, GREEN! This dress is the best thing I have ever found in ZARA, the best 49 pounds spent in all my life!

Well apparently according to the superstition green is a very unlucky colour for a wedding, never heard of that but if Pippa Middleton worn a green dress last week as you can see in the article


Plus our bride was wearing a fuchsia going purple wedding dress….so I think every colour is allowed!

I wish all the happiness to Mike and Helen, you deserve it!

I didn’t know the first song they played for their first dance, but I knew the second one and I was going to cry,  Whitney Houston always affects me with I will always love you… I was looking for my Kevin Costner and of course, he was at the bar…so I had to drive at home, after a few glasses of wine, too many for my idea…but well I’m still here!

Have a good Sunday everyone!

It’s Friday… I’m in love

2 Sep

Friday afternoon, 3.40pm, the best time ever to finish at work when you’re going to start your holiday, priceless!!

Friday the 2nd of September has been a good day for me, woke up happy and positive (despite the PMS 🙂 ) went to work, went shopping on my lunch time and I even found a skater dress to wear tomorrow in Miss Selfridge, quite happy about! I’m in charge to cook my famous lasagne tonight for dinner, my mother in law is coming over and with my best dish I never make a mistake! Wedding day tomorrow, Sunday relax and packing and Monday we’re off!

You can see the Miss Selfridge dress, it’s very basic but I’m planning to add an elastic belt, biker boots and leather jacket…it’s not going to be an ordinary wedding at the end of the day!

Have a great weekend you all 🙂

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