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Versace and H&M…my Christmas will start the 17th November!

20 Oct

I arrived in office this morning at 10am as usual and the first email I got in my inbox was the Vogue newsletter with the first pictures of the Versace for H&M collection, I got so excited that I started to think, well what shall I get when the collection will be available in store?

Here you can see my favourite pieces:



PS: I think it’s going to be fun to fight in store the 17th November, the day before I will come back from Miami and 100% I will have an hell of jet lag affecting me…well hopefully I could start to buy online at 00.01! 🙂

Reading the Daily Mail online today I discovered that Jimmy Choo celebrate 15 years in the shoe business with a book….well something else to add to my shopping list, after I got my wedding shoes I fell in love for it

Right…I’m going to feel a bit lonely, my husband is away for 10 days and until Sunday night when my parents will arrive from Italy I will be a bit lonely…hopefully I’m going to manage to organise something or to go somewhere nice to keep myself busy…I will start to enjoy my ME TIME tonight with a glass of rose… I’ll drink to that!


Oops I did it again…

31 Aug

Online shopping hits again my fragile persona… I’m a victim of all the newsletters I receive at work! Wednesday morning, 11AM, the system at work crashed…10 minutes spare, an email that talks about bikini clearance…20% off, I thought about my best friends who calls me The Queen of Cheap & Chic and what happened? A new bikini is on its way to Miami…come on every girl needs a new bikini, well if that girl is going in holiday in 5 days! God bless Victoria’s Secret… Can’t wait to see the London stores soon, didn’t you know?


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