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Today is one of those days…

28 Feb

Today is one of those days…you have everything you want, everything you need, but, there is a but…there is that shadow of “I’m not completely 100% happy because something does not go as planned”. Nothing to do with love, nothing to do with family, nothing to do with health, just something…that bothers you.

But I take this is life, isn’t it? Trouble is I haven’t got an “in between” status, I’m black or white, I’m so happy or so sad, I’m so sweet or I’m so bitch, or as Katy Perry would say I’m so hot or so cold, yes or no, in or out, up or down…

So, why don’t I talk about something that can cheer me up? Let’s talk about food then! I bought for Valentine’s Day an Italian recipe book for my husband but I must admit that I’m using it quite a lot…last night at the Collins’s House we had mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola and honey, thanks Gino D’acampo! Followed by turkey breast in breadcrumbs with lentils in a curry sauce…let’s plan another dish then..I think somehow I was born wearing an apron!

A day in London town and Valentine’s day…better in pictures!

15 Feb

Waking up on Valentine’s day…with 24 red roses in bed…amazing

Card collections and lots of chocolates…

London Calling

Saint Paul’s cathedral…where my second great-grandfather was christened

Still protesting…or camping

Lunch in Covent Garden…meat based

I have always said that Louis Vuitton makes pieces of art

Who doesn’t fancy to cuddle up with a teddy bear?

Italians want a coffee after lunch…maybe not from Starbucks next time!

Window retail therapy always makes you feel better

Aperitif time before the romantic dinner

Enjoying the local rose sparkling wine

And as you can see I ditched my high heels very soon…

Dinner time


Love the mussels

And love dinner even more!

Veal with parma ham and buffalo cheese with potatoes

Weekend…shall we just make the most of it? Yeah!

10 Feb

Woke up with the snow, had lunch overlooking the sunny garden, went for a sunbed…tried to make a raspberry cheesecake but I think I failed…what a day! I know that I don’t do much during the week anymore but I am really looking forward the weekend, I fancy going out, go for dinner (strange, am I obsessed about food? Not really) plus Valentine’s day is just a few days away, my best friends are coming over on Sunday so I’m going to meet up with them next week plus next Thursday I’ll go back to Italy for four days.. I have so much to look forward to please snow don’t mess up my plans!

Really looking forward an aperitif in half an hour, bring it on!

By the way I have a very clean car right now..thanks husband! 🙂

I got a bit lazy last night I must admit that, just made a soup, carrot and ginger and some grilled aubergines…plus the lasagne that I made two days ago….I’m going to cook more tonight!

Shall we…just enjoy the weekend? Have a great one!

Anna in her wonderland the domestic goddess? I’d love to please!!!

9 Feb

According to the stats on my WordPress dashboard, looks like I’m doing pretty well when I talk about food and I post my dishes: I am pleased with this good result. Never wanted to run a fashion blog (as if I know something about fashion but … if someone wants to sponsor my shopping trip I can change my mind quite easily!!), the Moaning tag in the topic’s section hasn’t been created yet, so let’s just run day by day with what crosses my mind.

As you can all tell so far, I love to be at home and work from here, it makes me organized and it gives me the freedom to arrange my day as I wish plus it gives me lots of time for the gym and the cooking.

After nearly four days of ibuprofen I’m getting a bit better and after an healthy lunch I went to the gym after nearly a week this afternoon…only doing exercises for my legs and relaxing in the Jacuzzi afterwards, amazing!

Back home, time to use skype and having a cup of tea, an apple and a Lindor chocolate…I burnt 180 calories in half an hour so please allow me!

Going one step back I’d like to show you what I prepared for dinner last night.


Tomato and green pea soup.

Main course

Salmon fillets with crème fraiche cheese topped with breadcrumbs and lemon zest, roasted garlic potatoes and soy sauce and sesame mangetout.

Dessert…nothing I’m afraid, just a cup of tea and some chocolate (I’m not that good at baking I have to practise more!)

What’s up for tonight? I’ll keep you posted and I wish an amazing evening to everyone!

PS: Do you think I’m going to receive this on Valentine’s Day? 😉


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