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3 cups of tea a day to keep the doctor away!!!

10 Oct

It wasn’t a good day for me today, some cups of earl grey tea later, an “homemade” manicure and a pedicure and Sex and the City the movie…some tears later (I don’y know why but SATC always makes me emotional!) I feel a bit better, for some strange reason this TV series makes me think all the time about my friends, we have grown up together watching this and every single episode is alway connected to our own mood, how great is that? sometimes is tears, sometimes is laughter, but everytime is good and it makes you feel good!!! Still hoping in the third film….this is for you all!!!


So bored!

22 Sep

I’ve never felt so bored in my life, not much going on in the office, they let me free at 3PM and I feel useless and bored to death today, I even went to walk around the shops during my lunchtime but nothing to do, no shopping + still feeling at the same way! Maybe a good cup of tea at home will cheer me up (Earl Grey ea with a drop of milk please…oh my god I’m turning so bloody British!!!). Fingers crossed the day will go better, we have friends coming around tonight and we are going out for dinner, probably just at the local gastro pub in the next village, great food, cozy place and not much to worry about driving back home after one more glass of wine…let’s keep me busy thinking what to wear then! Shall I open the closet…while I’m listening to Lady Gaga? Sounds like a plan!!!

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