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Our big fat Easter weekend, in Italy! Milano, Bergamo, Lecco, Lake Como…the only ways!

11 Apr

I am really sorry I haven’t blogged for so many days and I apologise for that. After a long Italian weekend spent with my family in Italy we are now back in England, or shall I say wonderland? I can see so many rabbits around the garden that I have started to think if I follow one I will arrive in wonderland…one cute one yesterday was staring at me close to the front door…FOLLOW ME!

Going back to the Italian weekend…it was great, so much love from my family, so much good times, so many beautiful places and so much food!!!! Have a look through the pictures….and enjoy your week!

Left on good Friday, enjoying the lounge at the airport

Saturday shopping in Milan

Saturday night, aperitif in Lecco overlooking the Lake Como and Dinner on the lake (Oliveto Lario)

Easter Day, in my town with my parents

Ate too much but we couldn’t resist to a pizza in Bergamo!

Forgot to mention, we went to see the wedding photographer…have you seen in the window?

Easter monday, or Pasquetta, out for lunch with the family, uncles, aunt, cousins, red wine and lots of food again!

So what now? WE ARE ON A DIET!!!

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