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Festive London: Meet Father Christmas at Hamleys

15 Jan

Hamleys Toy Shop, established in London in 1780, is known as the largest, and one of the best, toy emporiums worldwide. With toys, games, gifts, treats and more spread out over seven floors, it’s a wonderland for children of all ages, and their parents.

During the run up to Christmas the atmosphere at Hamleys becomes decidedly festive, with stunning Christmas displays, trees, and more than a few cheeky elves to help you to explore the store. Why not book a family room for a London stopover and treat the kids to a day out in the city that they’ll never forget?

Travelodge have hotels all over London so you’re sure to be able to find bargain accommodation in the heart of the action. With 51 hotels to choose from citywide, it’s easy to find a Travelodge hotel in a location that’s convenient for you, whether you choose to stay near the train station, near Hamleys toy shop itself or near another attraction.

One of the best things about Travelodge hotels is that they offer family rooms at very reasonable prices, so treating the tribe doesn’t have to break the bank. Better yet you’ll have more money left over to treat your little ones to a pre-Christmas gift – after all, you can’t take them to the biggest toy shop in the world and expect them to leave empty handed!

Those with little boys will want to head straight up to the 5th Floor for a wonderland of boy’s toys including action figures, vehicles and more. Just one floor down, you’ll find model kits, model railways and remote-controlled vehicles.

The third floor is a girly delight full of dolls, dress-up outfits, arts and crafts and even pop up pamper areas. The floor below that is the place to take pre-schoolers, with a wide range of toys for threes and under to enjoy.

The first floor is a joy for all with board games, jigsaws, a Build a Bear Workshop and sweet shop. As is the ground floor where you’ll find a zoo of stuffed animals, as well as a section just for magic. Venture down into the basement floor and you’ll find Lego and other construction toys galore, as well as the computer game experts at Game.

If, however, you really want to see your children’s eyes shining in wonderment, you simply must treat them to a trip to Hamleys very own Father Christmas. This isn’t any old grotto – the ‘I Met Father Christmas at Hamleys’ experience includes a meet and greet with Santa and his elves, a meal, games and activities and a small gift.

At £45 per child, it’s not cheap, but for a once a year treat that’s sure to provide precious memories for a lifetime it’s got to be worth it. Of course, saving on your London hotel room will leave more cash to spend on festive treats, so it’s worth seeking out a great deal on Travelodge hotels in the city.





Every woman wants a toy boy for Christmas…why???

15 Dec

When I was 5, my dream was to have a Yorkshire toy terrier…

I had one for 3 hours, he ran up and down my house like a nutter,  did poo all over the rug in my bedroom, stole my dolls and barbies…3 hours later in tears, I decided I didn’t want to have a toy dog. Ever. My experience with toy boys finished badly.

Now all over the paper all you can find is women dating toy boys, the latest one to cause controversy in the United Kingdom is Caroline Flack and Harry Styles from the boy band One Direction (god bless the X factor!), she’s 32, he’s 17.

Is she happy? Is he happy? If the reply is yes, why everyone is commenting on the matter? The only person who should be allowed to comment and say something can only be Harry’s Mum!

The list is never ending, Madonna, Jennyfer Lopez, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria…and I could carry on, but I can’t remember any by now. The toy boy phenomenon has created a new type of woman…the Cougar.

I am imagining a Cougar like a 50 years old lady, corroded by botox, facelifts and liposuction, dress up in a leopard print dress…red nail vanish on super long finger nails…chasing teenagers in the high street…so to me a Cougar is the female version of the boogieman!

I’m only 27, being married for five months…love my husband to bits…but even if I was single I could have never gone out with a younger man, even when I was 15, just thinking to go on a date with someone just a few  months younger always scared me, I could never feel happy and secure, that’s why I always went for older men, the proof is the 14 years gap between me and my husband, that’s ok, I love him, he loves me, age does not matter (when I’m the younger one!).  My cousin got married to a guy 26 years her senior and they are still happily married with beautiful children, my little cousins.  So as usual I’m going out of the subject of my post…Cougars…please carry on to date toy boys…toy boys carry on to enjoy older ladies, but please cougars listen to me:

Have fun…but never make this mistake called Ashton Kutcher.

Dear Demi, you should have stopped to fancy toyboys before marrying one.

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