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The show shouldn’t go on…

12 Nov

Saturday morning in paradise. We are still in Key West, and apparently it’s all about the racing. Race two was on yesterday, my boys arrived in fourth  place and I’m happy for them. Unfortunately another accident happened and another person got killed yesterday. 3 people in 2 races lost their lives…is it this acceptable for you? Because it is not for me…at 12 we have to go to another memorial, and probably they won’t stop the last race of tomorrow. Is this fair? Is this still considered sport? Is it normal that when I see my husband going out on his boat I’m so scared that something  terrible is going to happen? Something has to change, please.

Apparently the show must go on…but it shouldn’t.


Another day…

10 Nov

Tired, tired and tired. I got a bad cold yesterday and after lots of sneezing and lots of tablets later I have started to feel a bit better. The sun is so hot and standing in the sun wearing a black vest does not help at all!

I start to miss Miami already, Key West is a nice but very unconventional place, very colorful and different, with lots of old style houses and funny bars and restaurants but you can’t make the most of it because we are always stuck in the dry pits, it’s all about the boat, as usual! Yesterday I had a bad experience at home fighting against a cockroach, not good and I’m bloody scared off! We started to use the washing machine that is in the garden and the boys had the brilliant idea to do their washing using the dishwasher powder, luckily all the stuff came out clean without any more surprise, boys please let us do it before create some serious damage!

Yesterday was racing day and despite the boys did not win they had a pleasant race, I didn’t scream too much and took some good pictures from the shore. Unfortunately during the 2pm race a big catamaran had an accident, flew up in the air before land heavily in the water and unfortunately both pilots have been killed, my thoughts go to their families, it shouldn’t have happened…but here apparently they just think about the show must go on…

Next race is scheduled for tomorrow…I was supposed to be on the beach with my husband to enjoy a day off…but funny enough i’m still here.. Wondering for how long!



and here we are…the boat during the race, and now…we are going to the beach!

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