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So many events to attend and so many things to look forward to, Hag do, British Polo, Goodwood and 2 years wedding anniversary, busy weekend in wonderland coming up!

12 Jul

Hello readers

Here we are, Friday, ready to celebrate the weekend and attend so many events. I am going to the Beach British Polo to watch the race and to take part of my friends Hag Do…they had to explain to me that is a combined Hen do and a Stag do, should be great fun!!!

british beach polo sandbanks hag do

And on Sunday I am going to Goodwood Festival of Speed, for someone who’s not that keen on cars should be good fun anyway…I actually look forward to that, Sunday should be the busiest day of the 4 days event, sold out for ages…bring it on then!! Me and my husband will be at the Michelin stand next to this gorgeous Audi R8 in chrome…if I forget my mirror I can put make up on just looking it at!

goodwood thursday mtm


And what about Tuesday? 16th July…it’s going to be our second year wedding anniversary, I can’t believe how quickly time flies by!!! What shall we do to celebrate? Well we have to take Coco to the last lesson of puppy classes, and hopefully off to dinner somewhere nice, with Coco or Cocoless!

second wedding anniversary

happy second wedding anniversary

Enjoy you all the weekend…I will enjoy mine, never been so happy to be in England right now…we finally have a summer!!!


Sunday in the countryside, sunshine, pub lunch and a trip to the farm!

14 Oct

The day began very cold and foggy but luckily around 11am the weather cleared and the chilli sunshine was out, Sunday it is, ready to enjoy the day with a big pub lunch and a walk about somewhere….not much else to do around here am I right?

Here some pictures from the day:

A pet donkey coming soon? Maybe….so we won’t need to cut the grass anymore! xxx

Back to where my childhood memories belong…holidaying in the heart of the Italian Riviera (Liguria)

17 Aug

When yesterday the plane touched down in Genova at the Cristoforo Colombo airport I couldn’t believe how much I missed around here, I have been coming down in holiday here every summer with my family since I was a little girl and even if other people doesn’t think nothing special of this area, well not my problem, I have grown up here summer by summer, learned to use my bicycle and my rollerblade on the promenade on the sea where the Port of Chiavari is, learned how to taste good and simple but tasty food from the Tigullio area, enjoying long walk all around town in the shopping area and on the seafront, how many memories this place holds for me!

It is great being back here after two years and I can’t wait to spend the whole week here with my husband and my family…and my birthday on Sunday! I will update as soon as I can with some pictures…enjoy your holiday wherever you are!


The late weekender edition: eating out, drinking out, cupcake-ing out…had a busy and nice time out!

21 May

I had a few busy days last week, that’s why I couldn’t update the blog before today, sorry for the delay I hope I haven’t disappointed my supporters.

After my looooooong afternoon nap on Wednesday I probably recovered from my minor operation to my lip, had the stitches on until this morning and if I knew how painful it was going to be to have them removed…I could have kept them! Always complaining don’t I? I thought, I wouldn’t be able too eat much in the next few days due to the stitches…as if!!! It’s Monday, it’s time to go to the gym and to lose some weight now…Friday night, dinner out, Saturday lunchtime, lunch out, Saturday night, dinner out, Sunday lunch…out…and to end my weekend in super sweetness….I have been stocking up cupcakes at my friend Sarah’s shop…every few months some doctors come along with a new diet…what about the cupcake’s diet? I will be so happy!

One cupcake a day…keeps the doctor away!

It was a great weekend, nice time with my husband, nice time with friends, couldn’t ask for anything better…but now let’s hit the gym!

Cheers to a bloody cold this weekend….I’ll drink to that!

29 Jan

Weekend, good times, amazing friends, birthday party, house warming party, cakes, good food, good drinks…DIY, Sunday roast, lots of cleaning…and a damn cold that doesn’t let me breathe…shame!

I’m sat down on the sofa so amazed to see my husband glued to the TV screen watching Top Gear the new series…can someone explain me why men are crazy for it? I cannot stand those three idiots let alone fast cars…come on Thinkerbell you can do better (my lovely Smart…)

Shall I hit the gym tomorrow morning? Well why not…to be continued!

Have a good end of the weekend everyone!


By the way I have been called Kermit this weekend…because of my J brand Emerald skinny jeans!

Sunday, another lazy day in the countryside…I think I still have jet lag’s issues!

22 Jan

Sunday morning, and despite 4 noisy teenagers at home, we both slept until 10am…cannot believe my luck!

Breakfast on a Sunday morning…cappuccino, croissant, orange juice, and painting the kitchen.

Sunday lunch, one pub was too busy so we went to another one, and we enjoyed some good food and drinks (fuck the diet it’s the weekend)

Back home…ready to relax on the sofa with another drink…and what about tomorrow?

It’s just another manic Monday!!

Cheers to the freaking weekend…one week to Christmas!!!

18 Dec

Hello everyone,

Just back from a lovely weekend spent with friends in Canterbury (Kent), based on lots of drinking and lots of fun with friends!!!

Still feeling a bit messed up, that’s why I’m reading on the Daily Mail online the best solutions to cure the hangover…they suggest cheese sandwich, tomato juice, honey on toast and bananas…I’m off to throw up!!!

I’ll show you my weekend in pictures, I hope everyone had a great weekend….and I can’t believe it’s only a week till Christmas!!!
The weekend started on Saturday morning with a full english breakfast at the Ditchling tea room, lovely!!

Dinner in Canterbury with friends, and after off to the Ballroom for some fun

Some girls  don’t have any class…decorated ugg boots!

Sunday morning…meeting everyone for another full english breakfast and off to see Sarah’s cupcake shop!!!


And off we went, back home, enjoying the fire in the living room…thinking about a take away curry for dinner to cure the hangover…AM I TURNING BRITISH??? PLEASE NOOOO!!! xxxx

Too many things to say….

6 Nov

I haven’t written the blog since Thursday and I’m sorry about that.

I’m in paradise now so everything doesn’t really matter, we arrived to Miami Friday night and from that point on I felt happy again, I love being here!!

Yesterday it has been a long a nice day; I still haven’t got enough words to speak so I will do a photographic reportage 🙂

I’m in Miami by myself at the moment, the boys have just left to go to Key West so I’m happy and I will enjoy the time on my own as much as I can!!!

Have a good Sunday you all!


Friday night dinner at 8oz burger in Alton Road

Breakfast at Asia de Cuba, Mondrian Hotel

Ocean Drive, aperitif time!

That’s a BIGGGG bloody mary!

The beach…after the bloody mary!

The boys

The view…with a dirty camera

Fighting the wind!

The infinity pool at National Hotel

National hotel

Me and my husband, dinner and drinks in Lincoln road

Best of British food, with my own touch

26 Sep

I was stressed last week. Very stressed. I couldn’t sleep properly, lots of nightmares and I was starting to lose a bit of weight. Due to my husband’s schedule to work on his boat I had the chance to spend some Me and my friends time which it was good, do you know what the theme was? Food of course! Saturday afternoon me and T. Discovered a local tea room where we had one of the best cake I ever had, this blueberry cake left me full…and speechless! I know I do critisise a lot the lack of food culture in Britain, but I must say when I’m in the right mood I can find the best of every cuisine! Saturday night with my own shame I could say I looked a bit like a British drunk girl and I wasn’t happy about! I did not mean to drink too much, but when we were heading back home and I was driving my husband’s brand new car for the first time…I don’t know how but a word from him went wrong in my mind and I went absolutely ballistic, how crazy is that? Well I discovered I have an evil and aggressive side that I didn’t know! Please allow me to introduce myself…to my other self! 😉 Well I always talk too much so leaving the drinking side behind me I keep on going towards Sunday lunch, I must admit I didn’t eat Sunday roast for a while and I was pleasantly surprised again! Nice pub, nice day out, nice lunch, I should have been happy and full…no way! I always have to add a touch of myself everywhere and…For the joy of my husband my lasagne came out of the oven last night! We discovered that British food sometimes is good, but selfishly I will always praise Italian food…can’t wait for this weekend coming to see my family and eat a lot!

We are supposed to heading towards an Indian summer this week here in the south east of England; I can’t see how but in the meantime I keep enjoying the garden!! Have a great week everyone!

Lazy Sunday in the countryside

18 Sep

Sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, this weather can’t decide what to do!

I woke up at 11.30 am today, last night despite how tired I felt I couldn’t go to sleep so today I had another lazy morning in bed, cleared up the house, prepared some lunch and just chill at home, books, magazine, cup of tea  and my beloved bed again!

Feeling very lazy, no contact lenses, cashmere jumper and jeans it’s all I need today, I’m sure it will be traumatic go back to work tomorrow after two weeks off.

What’s up for later?

Maybe going to see my friend and her gorgeous two daughters, maybe a drink at the pub, and surely I’m going to cook tonight after two weeks without touch pots and pans… I do need to practise again my cooking skills!

Despiti don’t like this song I think Bruno Mars undetstood how I feel today, lazy!!!

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