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A day in London town and Valentine’s day…better in pictures!

15 Feb

Waking up on Valentine’s day…with 24 red roses in bed…amazing

Card collections and lots of chocolates…

London Calling

Saint Paul’s cathedral…where my second great-grandfather was christened

Still protesting…or camping

Lunch in Covent Garden…meat based

I have always said that Louis Vuitton makes pieces of art

Who doesn’t fancy to cuddle up with a teddy bear?

Italians want a coffee after lunch…maybe not from Starbucks next time!

Window retail therapy always makes you feel better

Aperitif time before the romantic dinner

Enjoying the local rose sparkling wine

And as you can see I ditched my high heels very soon…

Dinner time


Love the mussels

And love dinner even more!

Veal with parma ham and buffalo cheese with potatoes

Everyone loves some early Christmas presents!

16 Dec

It’s Thursday the 15th December (well it’s actually the 16th when everyone will read this post), 10 days to Christmas, and the town is desert, how crazy is that? I spent 5 hours in office without take my lunch break so I could go out earlier to meet up with my husband to finish off some unfinished business…the latest Christmas presents for the family!!

I can’t believe that Brighton was so empty today around the shops in the lanes, ok the credit crunch, the recession, the Eurozone, Italian economy going downhill like Greece…but come on it’s Christmas it happens just once a year! Make the people you love happy and make the retailers even happier! I love my husband so much: he’s loving, caring, and with an amazing taste (he cannot be British I swear!!!) today I got my Christmas present from him, a gorgeous pair of dark brown leather and fur All Saints boots…when my best friend Anna will see them she will collapse!!

Love to get Christmas presents before Christmas; it makes me feel so excited! I cannot reveal the Christmas present I got for my hubby for obvious reasons (he reads my blog) but I tell you they will be LV related, can’t say anything else! Last night I got some more early Christmas presents from my mother in law, love the selection of different teas, the mini rose champagne, the pink truffles, the Cowshed products…oh my I’m like a child on Christmas day, but I’m not a child anymore, and it’s not Christmas yet!!!

It has been two weeks since we met up for dinner with our friends Joe and Becky when the invited us over for a lovely homemade dinner, I have just been so busy that I didn’t have the time to post the pictures yet! Joe…your Thai green curry was good, but your baileys cheesecake as out of this world!!!

Happy Friday to everyone!


I wanna marry the night…

8 Nov

Overlooking the sun going down behind downtown, what a feeling! Lady Gaga is playing in the background, a Corona is on the table and despite being here on my own I feel damn happy tonight!

After my 10 hours sleep I woke up with a bit of sore throat but I have actually forgotten about it, I spent 3 hours in the sun reading Glamour magazine and a book, and at 3pm eastern time I decided to go walking up and down in Lincoln Road, when I arrived in Collins Avenue I thought, I haven’t been at the beach properly! I arrived at the beach in 15th and walked down to the nearest Starbucks, all way walking on the beach with my feet in the water, god I felt so happy!!!

Just calculated that today I have been walking for 3.8 miles…or 6.1 km…f### the gym!!

Maybe it’s just the sun, maybe it’s just the people so friendly…but I do feel so happy when I’m here!!!…I think I should relocate myself over here, when I’m in the UK no one, apart my mum, reads my blog!


The sun goes down, behind Downtown

11 Sep

Saturday was another crazy and busy day, been in the sun for 3 hours and my face has the same shade of a brown wooden floor…!

What a busy day, breakfast at Starbucks, DIY shopping at ace hardware, sunbathing for 3 hours and after more than 3 hours DIY… The Ikea kitchen is like making a massive puzzle! After some hours we decided to go out as usual, it’s weekend at the end of the day! Shopping for Kim at Atrium, aperitif at the Shore Club… I love the Morgan’s Hotel Group as you can understand, and our dinner tonight was Mexican, at Rosa Mexicano, on top of Lincoln Road where it meets Alton Road, what at experience again and what a nice dinner! The lady with the mobile guacamole station made my day as well, food was good! Probably at the end of this vacation I won’t have nothing to write about plus I will be so fat!!! Today more DIY for Kim and lots of sunshine and reading for my by the pool, enjoy your Sunday!

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