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Weekend…time to indulge!

7 Oct

Left the office and a spell of sunshine was out, despite I still feel cold the sun ended my working week in a positive way, now it’s time to enjoy the weekend and indulge! I normally get requests in the kitchen:
Baby can you please cook spaghetti alla bolognese tonight? My husband said to me last night.
Anna can you please make cupcakes? You haven’t done for a while…said my stepson last week, well sorry pretty and clean kitchen but tonight I’m going to cook a lot and make a big mess…shall I call the cleaner to come again tomorrow? He just left at 5pm! Tomorrow I will be at home alone and what am I going to do? Go out for lunch with my friend and her gorgeous girls…take out all my winter clothes (sic)…and plan another dinner!!! I’ll keep you posted! Have a great weekend you all.

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