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Sleeping in an Italian bed while dreaming in English! That’s what happened to me last night!

21 Dec

I was exhausted, I really was. Yesterday I had an early start to go to the airport to fly back home,  landed in Milan, got on the train to go to my brother’s house and at 11am I finally arrived after my nearly 6hours journey!

I got there and my little niece was there, being very happy after I gave her a new Kitty…she was so happy and chatty yesterday!

My mum made me the breakfast of the champions, freshly squeezed orange juice, grapes and a Panini with salame, welcome home!!!!

After lunch…god bless my mum’s lasagne, I fell asleep cuddling the new kitty, later on we left to go to see my birthday’s cousin, 15 years old I cannot believe! Visited my aunt’s floral shop and I have been welcomed by thr gorgeous Isotta…she was missing me! 🙂

Felt so tired all day….dinner, and at 10pm I was in bed, my lovely Italian queen bed!! (a Californian one wouldn’t fit in my bedroom) and I slept and slept, for nearly 13 hours! Another day today, still haven’t got any plans apart seeing my friends tonight, I do miss my lovely husband, but it’s so damn good being back home!

I wish an amazing day to everyone!…I might go for a sun bed…looking like a ghost right now! 😉


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