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Living the Miami dream, a minute is cloudy a minute is sunny! Anyway I am enjoying the last full day!

29 Jun

Hello readers,

I’m sure I have mentioned before how much I love spent time here in Miami beach, the atmosphere is always great and it makes me feel happy just seeing the sunshine…well unfortunately in the last few days the weather hasn’t been great and I do feel it! I love everything about Florida, but I think I went to paradise…and I mean Bimini island in the Bahamas, and I nearly felt sick with boredom because I was in an amazing place but because the weather was so bad I felt so claustrophobic and I need to get the hell out of there, fast! I love going around Miami and downtown with the boat…but the weather now is so changeable and you don’t want to risk to take the boat out and get caught in the middle of a storm, to go and come back from Bimini I felt so scared that I need to be sedated with Valium tablets and motion sickness tablets that I still feel drugged now nearly a week later!!! Miami we heart you…the only good and bad thing is I keep on cooking lunch at home and we keep on going out in the evening enjoying the local restaurant… My husband said I am developing body body dysmorphia but I am sure I am getting fat and I need to go on a diet as soon as we go back! Had a new haircut to my favorite salon in south beach (Prive salon at the shore club hotel, I love so much my french hairdresser Marc!!) and tomorrow unfortunately we fly back home, but in two weeks time it’s Saint Tropez baby!!!

Love you all.


The sun goes down, behind Downtown

11 Sep

Saturday was another crazy and busy day, been in the sun for 3 hours and my face has the same shade of a brown wooden floor…!

What a busy day, breakfast at Starbucks, DIY shopping at ace hardware, sunbathing for 3 hours and after more than 3 hours DIY… The Ikea kitchen is like making a massive puzzle! After some hours we decided to go out as usual, it’s weekend at the end of the day! Shopping for Kim at Atrium, aperitif at the Shore Club… I love the Morgan’s Hotel Group as you can understand, and our dinner tonight was Mexican, at Rosa Mexicano, on top of Lincoln Road where it meets Alton Road, what at experience again and what a nice dinner! The lady with the mobile guacamole station made my day as well, food was good! Probably at the end of this vacation I won’t have nothing to write about plus I will be so fat!!! Today more DIY for Kim and lots of sunshine and reading for my by the pool, enjoy your Sunday!

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