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What the hell am I doing back here???

18 Nov

The jet lag is really affecting me a lot, not even able to write or speak, even in my own language!

Landed back home this morning around 10am, luckily thanks to the Valium I slept most of the way back, apart when we had a bit of turbulence and I was crying and biting my finger to not scream, but as you can imagine I’m here so all it’s good.

Still cannot believe 2 weeks I have been away and I’m still feeling like if I’m holiday but I am not and I should start to make it  clear to myself!

Feeling a bit foggy at the moment, the sun in England is already going down and all I can do it’s remember all the good memories with pictures!

Yesterday before leave I went to visit my lovely French hairdresser at Prive’Salon at the Shore Club, Marc never lets my hair down!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone, wherever you are!


gazpacho bloody mary at Barceloneta….amazing!

being silly….at home

27 or 7 years old?I do wonder sometimes

Getting ready for Christmas at aventura mall

before the hair cut

and after!!


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