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I never want to grow up; I am obsessed with Hello Kitty!!!

30 Aug

When I was in vacation in America last month when I saw these shoes I had to get them, so I did. Hello kitty black Vans shoes…when my husband saw me on my return he said: Anna….are you not old enough? Well apparently not!!!

My blackberry at the moment is playing up and it is away for repair and I am struggling to keep up with emails, bbm and blogging as well and I do apologize for this, I am actually thinking to ditch the blackberry and move on to and Iphone, mostly for those pictures I have found online…Hello Kitty obsessed!!!

Obsessed with Hello Kitty

26 Oct

I am a kid. A Big one. A 27 years old one.

And despite my age I do still love Hello Kitty, I don’t know why, that design have always appealed to me, I even made my 16 months old niece crazy for Hello Kitty as well, so when my parents arrived on Sunday with two Hello Kitty shirts as a present, well you can all imagine my joy!

27 years old…and I don’t fancy growing up.

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