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Low cost shopping, great fun…and good excuse to escape from my lonely wonderland

25 Apr

As you know I haven’t had much to do recently and this fact has actually started to bother me a bit, the weather has been horrible recently, rain non-stop since last week, been working out at the gym every other day but, I start to feel frustrated and I cannot wait to go away on Monday. Is just me or is it normal feel like the time is just flying by…and despite and I’m not busy at all I arrive at the evening thinking: – Oh shit I haven’t done that, oh yes I must do that tomorrow…come on turn back time I need more hour during the day…looking for a job is exhausting, plus when no one even bother to reply…even more frustrating!

Today I woke up and it was raining, and raining, and raining. I keep on seeing rabbits everywhere, every time I look out of the window there is a bit of wildlife going on, I will start to talk to them soon…and it was still raining, and raining and raining. I have to do something today just to take my mind off things for a bit so when around 12 stopped to rain for a bit (MIRACLE) I went down to Brighton for some Low Cost Shopping down in the high street and I was pleasantly pleased with myself!

I don’t get why lots of people slag off most of the high street shops, Primark? For chavs and poor people! New look? Not good! Topshop? Cheap shop! H&M? polyester a go go…hang on….are all British people millionaires right now? Because I heard this morning on the radio England is in recession again and unfortunately right now designer is off limits for my wallet so why not?

Monday we are off again to Miami (YEAH!) and I just needed some basic t-shirts…well actually as usual I did not need a thing but I found a few interesting bits anyway!

Electric blue shorts? Yeah! As a huge fan of Rihanna … I needed that t-shirt!   And what about some LMFAO? Party rock! And the espadrilles? They are taking me right back to my childhood! So Miami…low cost I will come over!


Lazy Sunday in the countryside

18 Sep

Sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, this weather can’t decide what to do!

I woke up at 11.30 am today, last night despite how tired I felt I couldn’t go to sleep so today I had another lazy morning in bed, cleared up the house, prepared some lunch and just chill at home, books, magazine, cup of tea  and my beloved bed again!

Feeling very lazy, no contact lenses, cashmere jumper and jeans it’s all I need today, I’m sure it will be traumatic go back to work tomorrow after two weeks off.

What’s up for later?

Maybe going to see my friend and her gorgeous two daughters, maybe a drink at the pub, and surely I’m going to cook tonight after two weeks without touch pots and pans… I do need to practise again my cooking skills!

Despiti don’t like this song I think Bruno Mars undetstood how I feel today, lazy!!!

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