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Living the American dream…a la Miami Vice… (With a bit of dizziness)

31 Dec

Hello everyone,

What a long and amazing day we had today! Been boating from Ft Lauderdale to South Beach on my husband’s boat…I’m still scared of the speed because I feel dizzy when the jump out of the water…but it was good, perfect sunshine, not too hot, not too cold…just great!

But shall I step back 24hours? Last night we went to our favourite local restaurant, Barceloneta in Purdy Avenue and the dinner was too good to be true! Gazpacho bloody mary, chorizo cooked in cider, langoustine in chocolate and tomatoes, risotto with sausage and mushrooms…and probably something else…Oh my I’m going to be so fat when we go back home! Stopped in Publix for a few bits and off to sleep, the jet lag is still affecting us a lot!

So Today it was a Donzi day, left the rental car and we got the boat…it was so good drive around South Beach and going up at down (at maximum speed 69 miles per hours…it was too bumpy if it was quicker for me!), and it was great see so close what I normally see from the balcony, downtown, the obelisk…we love Miami so much!!!!

Well. It’s the 30th December, at least here with the Eastern Time…so…if I don’t post tomorrow, happy New Year to everyone!!!!

With love


The sun in my eyes and the world at my feet…

6 Sep

Hello world, after a silent day I can confirm we made it to Miami and I’m so happy, feeling at home again! After the nine hours flight we were absolutely destroyed yesterday, we managed to have a drink at the bar (god bless a pitcher of Budweiser after the long journey!!!)  Went shopping at Publix and at 8.45 Eastern Time we were already in bed, jet lag never hit me that hard before!

And today is a new beautiful day in paradise for us, I woke up at 6.30, I saw the sun rising up from downtown and I couldn’t start the day in a better way!

I have all I need right now : sun lounger, new book to read, IPod, sun cream, sunglasses, coconut water and a breath-taking view of the pool , what can I have more?

Have a good rest of the day you all.

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