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Sunday in the countryside, sunshine, pub lunch and a trip to the farm!

14 Oct

The day began very cold and foggy but luckily around 11am the weather cleared and the chilli sunshine was out, Sunday it is, ready to enjoy the day with a big pub lunch and a walk about somewhere….not much else to do around here am I right?

Here some pictures from the day:

A pet donkey coming soon? Maybe….so we won’t need to cut the grass anymore! xxx

A very warm weekend is over, feeling depraved of an hour of my life!

26 Mar

It was a lovely and warm weekend in the countryside, I couldn’t believe my luck of being sat on one of the chairs I have been working on for the past few days in the garden! I have been doing gardening recently, can you believe it, I still struggle myself! The garden furniture are looking brand new after my jet washing, sanding and oiling…shame that doing that I broke a pot!! Shall we see some pictures? Why not!

poor pot…rip

experimenting new flavors, beetroot and creme fraiche soup

3 mushrooms risotto and peas…mmmm

Friday afternoon driving down to Brighton, horrible sea mist

Saturday night down to Canterbury for dinner…interesting toilets!

I have always known I am fiery!

Driving around the countryside on a Sunny Sunday

and what can be better than a few drinks in the sun and a pub lunch?

All you need is love…and comfort pub food!

8 Dec

After all my bad adventures of yesterday morning, I really enjoyed my day pampering up myself, I’m still very happy with my new lady-like haircut, I think I should find a name for it…well later on…the day couldn’t have gone better, I have an interview booked for next week, yes finally luck is coming on my side!

To finish the day in the perfect way, we went out for dinner with friends in a pub I have never been before and I really enjoyed! A mix between a pub and a fancy bar…it was great, busy, warm, nice atmosphere and good food…what do you want more? Well…a bottle of red and rose please!

(After dinner I had to drive back home of course…the fact that I have an Italian driving licence and I drive in England does not justify my drinking…sorry about that!) 😉

2 love in my life, my husband and chorizo!

loving comfort food, sausages and mash!

and the cheese board never disappoint!


Lazy Sunday in the countryside

18 Sep

Sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, this weather can’t decide what to do!

I woke up at 11.30 am today, last night despite how tired I felt I couldn’t go to sleep so today I had another lazy morning in bed, cleared up the house, prepared some lunch and just chill at home, books, magazine, cup of tea  and my beloved bed again!

Feeling very lazy, no contact lenses, cashmere jumper and jeans it’s all I need today, I’m sure it will be traumatic go back to work tomorrow after two weeks off.

What’s up for later?

Maybe going to see my friend and her gorgeous two daughters, maybe a drink at the pub, and surely I’m going to cook tonight after two weeks without touch pots and pans… I do need to practise again my cooking skills!

Despiti don’t like this song I think Bruno Mars undetstood how I feel today, lazy!!!

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