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Jet lag, WonderWoman, 80’s birthday party, hangover, memories…cheers to the freaking weekend!

13 May

I think this is the first time the jet lag hit me so badly, I am wide awake in the evening, or let’s say at night and in the morning (let’s say  nearly in the afternoon) I can’t still force myself to get up at all…I’m sure it’s going to be dramatic on Monday morning going back in office!

The trip to Miami was great, as usual, and being back is always very difficult, luckily this time I had something to look forward to, a birthday party in London, fancy dress theme, 80’s glam.

For someone just BORN IN THE 80’S…It’s not an easy challenge, plus Italian people don’t do fancy dress outside carnival time or Halloween.

I managed to get a dress from my friend, I was really looking forward to wear it until I thought….shit…I have to go up to London on the train dress up like that!

WonderWoman…yes it was me! And my husband….Sonny Crocket from Miami Vice…I always thought British people mind their own business …. Why everyone was laughing at me??? Rude fuckers!

Couldn’t sleep at all from 3am to 5am…and at 11.30am I felt like I was trapped in a nightmare…dreaming about a school show with Peter Andre as a guest….jet lag is making me crazy! I want to live again the nice Miami memories…here we are.

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