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Sorry for NOT party rocking…back into the wonderland for a few day and off we go, Miami here we come again!

2 Mar

Hello everyone,

I am really sorry I have been very busy in the last few days, been driving around a lot, been out with friends, been helping out my husband’s business using the social media…god bless facebook and twitter, been collecting my new car…but my husband keeps on taking it so I haven’t driven it yet…grrrr! Been to the hairdresser…been to the gym, been to the beautician…and finally the weekend is here and Monday morning we are off to Miami, I cannot wait!!!

I will bring the latest recipe’s book with me to eat in sometimes, Gino d’Acampo’s book is amazing!!

My latest creation was spaghetti with red chillies, prawns, white wine, basil and rocket….amazing…ly spicy but good!!!

So let’s post some pictures…


and after…very light highlights I must say!

Checking at home the result…

pre Miami pedicure

Driving through a foggy Brighton today

and unfortunately I was running late so I had to be quick…not anymore please!

Walking out the Spa in flip flops because the pedicure done when is zero degree C (or 32 F)…priceless! For all the rest there’s mastercard…pampering day!

3 Feb

So last night I left the post saying about my cake I had baked yesterday when I went back home…it was edible, I’m still alive, so is my husband…and as soon he arrived at home last night he wanted to taste it, and he liked it!! Am I turning into a domestic goddess? Not really!!!!

I don’t know what’s up with me, I’m kind of getting obsessed with food, looking for new recipes all the time, trying to mix up the ingredients I have in the fridge…well luckily I started to work out or with the amount of food I eat I will be so fat soon!

So the menu last night was chicken breast with crème fraiche cheese wrapped up in Parma ham and as side we had asparagus wrapped up in Parma ham…well I had to finish it anyway so the ham had a good use! I’m really proud of my improving in cooking, it always lovely to hear Kim going “MMMMMM” so do I!

Friday, freezing cold but nice and sunny again, did a short workout at the gym, had pedicure and eyebrows done, it’s so nice and warm in the spa that I thought: I will be fine, I cannot ruin the pedicure just done so I’ll go home in flip flops…wauuu…100 metres to arrive to the car and I was frozen!!!

What’s the best thing to do to warm yourself up when you get home? A nice cup of tea, and a piece of my cake…luckily I work out!!!

Have a good weekend everyone, enjoy!


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