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In the Kingdom with the Olympics going on but with my soul still on Eastern Time, struggling to get into the right time zone!

7 Aug

Hello readers,

I am really sorry I did not have a chance to update the blog for over a week and I apologize for this long delay. I spent the last week without any sort of internet connection and it was bad to start with but not too bad once I got used to! I moved from our condo in Miami to another place and I had to face it on my own, it was hard and difficult but now it’s all done and despite arrived back in the UK on Saturday I still feel badly jetlagged and being back to work and running errands all the time it does not help, I need a proper vacation right now and I have to wait until next Thursday before jet off to Italy to celebrate my birthday with my husband, my family and my best friend…and hopefully to catch up with some sleep!

Still in a summer mode, hopefully for good!! Wonderful sunshine makes me happy!

29 May

The weather is still so gorgeous, spent all the weekend sunbathing and jumping in the garden (yes, we have a trampoline now!)…so I am 27, what’s the problem? The trampoline brings me back to my happy childhood’s memories!!

It was so hot that at one stage I wanted to jump in the pool…shame there is no pool here!

The weather forecasts are predicting rain and cold again, but please let me dream! I’m not British and I do not believe in monarchy, but I wish God Save the Queen on her jubilee so we have our 2 days of bank holiday!!! Soon off to Italy, soon off to Miami and Bahamas…I can’t wait!!! X

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