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An apple a day keeps the doctor away…is this working even for Apple products?? Obsessed with my latest gadget…and I got lost in translation!

10 Oct

Hello readers,

I am really sorry that I couldn’t update the blog in the past few days, I have been running errands every day, I have been working, I have been cooking, I have been baking…and I have fallen in love for my new iPad…I am like a child on Christmas day sometimes! (by the way only 75 days till Christmas!!!)

I have been going back and forth from Brighton to attend some meetings, yesterday facing the horrible rainy day, today I have been facing a nice sunshine, I hit the high street on lunchtime but unfortunately I haven’t been successful…I might need to arrange a day out somewhere for a proper shopping spree, up to London would be nice!

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling down from the tree, the garden and the fields around are changing into nice colors and this “season changing” time makes me feel like to wear my apron all day long and cook until dawn….soups, starters, mains, cupcakes….my new idol of the week at the moment is Nigella Lawson…and I even decided if I am ever going to speak English with a British accent…well I want to speak like her!!

Oh my…there is only thing I am dreading about right now…having my refurbished wheels back on my car….S.O.S!!!!

The only way is….Berghem!

30 Sep

What a nice night last night, I can’t believe the amazing dinner my husband cooked for me and our friends, and thanks to Nigella’s book for the amazing recipes!!!! I will post the links later, I’m a bit in a rush now, clearing up the house, finish to pack, shower and off I go Milan I’m coming back, I cannot wait to arrive home!!!

I will post something else during the weekend just to keep my memories alive, in the meantime, funny enough, I have this song in my mind

Have a great weekend you all!!!!

My week is nearly over

29 Sep

A busy day at work, a bad headache (this time I do blame the PMS), the British hotwave or Indian summer, a suitcase to pack, a dinner party to prepare…what a day! Still feeling a bit upside down, still thinking about the wind of change I was talking about yesterday, but do you know what? I don’t have time right now to have a meeting with myself and sort myself out and decide what I want, I just want to enjoy my evening with our friends, fly back home tomorrow and enjoy my family and my friends as much as I can, I’m going to leave everything behind and carry on, come on it’s written everywhere, keep calm and carry on, or as I prefer keep calm and put the kettle on! How hot is today I can’t believe that, people where enjoying the brighton pavilion park and the beaches, I was just walking around as usual!! Dinner tonight will be cooked by my husband in collaboration with nigella’s book…it will be good! I’ll keep you posted, with the behind the scenes! Have a great evening you all.

Monday blues and jet lag are not good together!

19 Sep

First day back at work after two weeks was ok, a bit traumatic to get up this morning and face 10 degrees outside was a shock from the 32 degrees I used to get every day!

I missed Brighton a bit, the sea, the North Laines, the high street shopping area…but I did not miss the people walking around! Is it only my impression or is that true that British people just walk straight into you like if you are invisible? I do notice this a lot at the station and around the shopping area, I have always to move over if I don’t want to bump into some random people….bloody cold and unfriendly Brits I cannot wait to go back to Italy in two weeks, see my family, my friends and some nice polite and friendly people!!

After the day at work I’m at home thinking what to cook tonight and I think Nigella’s book will help me to find some inspiration, what do you think of Chicken with chorizo and potatoes? I have already cooked this recipe and it was good, but I want to slightly add something else (I always do that I’m not happy just to follow a recipe) so I added some tomatoes and chickpeas…I’ll let you know the result when it comes out of the oven, if Kim says MMMMMMM it means it’s good!

Have a good evening you all….can’t wait for some homemade comfort food (I discovered I just put a kg on holiday so I’m free to indulge a bit 😉 )

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