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Feliz Navidad Prospero año y Felicidad, Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo, Merry Christmas and happy new year, feeling festive and ready to go!

17 Dec

Dear readers,

It has been a long time since my last post, so much went on and now, that I am getting ready to fly home to spend Christmas time with family and friends, I found a few spare minutes for my blog, I am not neglecting it but sometimes it’s hard to find time for everything!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas time already, last minute wrapping presents, my suitcase to fill, the smell of winter in the air…loving this time a year!

Recently I have been busy organising a surprise birthday party for my mother in law which went so well, all the family and friends here at home for Sunday lunch of celebrations, such a good event!

From party planning to wedding planning…to DIY expert…we are doing some renovation at home, having a new bathroom fitted upstairs and of course my husband and a friends are working on it, and every hour you can hear : Anna…can you go to wickes or B&Q to get this…this and this?? I even have a DIY account at the local store now!!

Bathroom apart now it’s time to get ready to go home, Italy I am coming!!! Coming back here on Boxing day and fly away again for new year’s eve in Miami…it sounds like our usual good plan!!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year everybody!!!


Cover up it’s cold outside!

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (1)

Coco doing what she does best…

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (2)

So obsessed with babies and so in love with my little friend

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (3)

Memories I found online of the Poker run…back soon!

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (4)

Macaroons…my latest discovery!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (5)

Ready to party coco!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (6)

Our Christmas…card?annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (8)

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (9)

Hanging around the Christmas tree…

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (10)

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (11)

Day of shopping in London…with a lovely lobster lunch at Burger and Lobster!

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (12)

Day of shopping with good friends!!!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (13)

And my friend Anna knows me well…thanks!!!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (14)

The cat under the tree…escaping from the dog

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (16)

My little friend Evie!!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (17)

Saturday night…we needed a drink!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (15)

Night out in Brighton with my new knee high boots, festive!

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (18)

Anna goes to Italy : Feliz Navidad…Buon Natale…Merry Christmas from my wonderland!!

24 Dec

Hello dear readers

And Happy Christmas to everybody! I came back home to visit my family on the 18thand, despite I miss a lot my husband (and the dog) I am loving being back home, spending time with the family, hanging out with my best friends, enjoying evenings out, enjoying mulled wine, traditional food from my hometown, Bergamo, which I love deeply and just being happy to be back !!

I am seriously obsessed with the song Feliz Navidad right now, constantly on repeat on my iPhone, so I can try to learn something more in Spanish, just to practice for the next Miami trip, just in a few days, I can’t wait!!!

I wish you all merry Christmas and Happy New Year….and I will post from Miami!

Enjoy the holidays everybody


anna in her wonderland xmas time

IMG_0876Festive London Gatwick airportanna in her wonderland xmas timeFluffy clouds anna in her wonderland xmas time

Size doesn’t matter they say, mini Christmas tree at home

anna in her wonderland xmas time

Marocchino and Italian espressoanna in her wonderland xmas timeBest aperitif in town, Il Maialinoanna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

Casoncelli alla bergamasca, the best ravioli ever!!!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeRainy night…anna in her wonderland xmas timeWhat a joy to see Coco and my husband with Skype!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeLove IManna in her wonderland xmas timeDinner at noodles in Milan for my cousin’s Last Dinner before move to London Town!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeChampagne showers in the Navigli area (Milano)

anna in her wonderland xmas timeGertrude!anna in her wonderland xmas timeSaturday night, dinner with friends, so glad to be together!!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeTable number 3 from my wedding reunited for the Christmas dinner, all my best friends in one place, love it

anna in her wonderland xmas timeDinner, all traditional!!anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas timeFinally I met Andrea, the new entry in my friend’s house, so much love!!!anna in her wonderland xmas timeIsotta supervising the Florist shop!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeGetting ready for a Sunday night out clubbing in town with the girls

anna in her wonderland xmas timeMy best friends was planning to get me drunk with hierbas, clearly!

anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland christmas timeour table at Capogiro joy club ( I haven’t been there for 7 years!)anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time13 girls with 2 bottles of Belvedere vodkaanna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

December, 10 days before going home, 15 days to Christmas…it’s all about the Christmas tree and…the Christmas treats! Leaving UK, welcome myself home in Italy and come and fly with me to Miami for New Year!

10 Dec

Hello readers

I am sorry I have been quite busy recently with my new adventure but this is not a good reason to leave my beloved blog for too long, the thing is…I have been in England for too long and I am losing my words…I need to go back home to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends, and meet people who enjoy having a chat with other people…not like the bloody cold Brits!

Christmas tree is up, finally, most Christmas presents have been wrapped, a few still missing…but we are getting there!!!

Have a good week everyone, let’s start the countdown to Christmas….15 days to go!!! Going back home…10 days to go….going back to Miami….17 days to go, OH YEAH!

hot chocolate christmas tulips at home Christmas full english breakfast christmas decoration on the tree christmas decoration on the tree Christmas tree at home christmas decoration on the tree

I wish you a Merry Christmas with love…enjoy the panettone and the celebrations!!!

25 Dec

I wish you a Merry Christmas, a very good one. I wish for all of you happines, joy, health, and prosperity.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, with an Italian touch.

I’m going to spend an amazing day with my family, at my sister in law’s parents house, cannot wait, I have to get ready!

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