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Dining out, drinking with friends, new car, donkeys…that’s what happened in a weekend in wonderland!

26 Feb

I had a great weekend; everything happened for a reason and let’s talk about…maybe in pictures it’s going to be easier at the moment due to my hangover spelling problems!

Friday night, dinner out with friends to a very nice Thai restaurant…which my husband thought to have booked the table but he did actually book the wrong one!  We managed to eat to the one we wanted anyway. Next time I will book the restaurant!

Saturday, lot of driving around and despite the diet we stopped to McDonalds for lunch to get something quickly and carry on…diet will start again tomorrow sorry about that!

Stopped to an Audi showroom to look at cars…ended up ordering my new car, so exciting and so happy!!!

Running late we met up with friends for drinks and dinner, amazing combination but…shame when at 2am you throw up everything!

Everything happens for a reason…I will drink less next time!!!

Sunday…hangover, headache, and gardening. I’m smoky right now…thanks to the bonfire!

Went for a spin in the countryside…and saw some donkeys in a field…so my husband took his chance to see how similar we look…right I am a donkey then!!

As soon as I go back…diet!

13 Sep

I woke up yesterday morning around 7.30, had to do some work for the office and more kitchens building again, the weather suddenly changed and rained for a while, so when I realised it was already 1pm I needed to get out of there! Went walking up and down Lincoln Road, it was so humid that go into the shops with the freezing air conditioning was actually a pleasure! Had to stop on my way back home to McDonald’s to get some lunch and I just realised that my burger had 740 calories, let alone the fries, let alone the coke… I will need a diet as soon as we get back! By the pool was empty only a few people around so I thought to swim a bit…but after 2 lengths I was drowning…hopeless and useless me! I kept on reading my US magazine where they only talk about size 0 Hollywood style actress so I felt more left down…so I switched my mag for my book!!! The kitchen is nearly done luckily, after a few beers on the balcony we decided to go shopping at the end of Collins Avenue, my husband got 3 pairs of jeans and what did I find? A mint lip balm and a cashmere sweater, how can I not shop anymore? Need to go back to my old and good Amazon and eBay, great to satisfy my online shopping addiction! For dinner we went to one of our favourite hot spot in South Beach, Wine Depot or Bistro 555 However you’d like to call it, it was good! Two bottles of Gavi went down too well and the amazing tapas style food was so good…It’s always a good idea at the time…but now a bit of hangover is kicking me!

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