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Festive London: Meet Father Christmas at Hamleys

15 Jan

Hamleys Toy Shop, established in London in 1780, is known as the largest, and one of the best, toy emporiums worldwide. With toys, games, gifts, treats and more spread out over seven floors, it’s a wonderland for children of all ages, and their parents.

During the run up to Christmas the atmosphere at Hamleys becomes decidedly festive, with stunning Christmas displays, trees, and more than a few cheeky elves to help you to explore the store. Why not book a family room for a London stopover and treat the kids to a day out in the city that they’ll never forget?

Travelodge have hotels all over London so you’re sure to be able to find bargain accommodation in the heart of the action. With 51 hotels to choose from citywide, it’s easy to find a Travelodge hotel in a location that’s convenient for you, whether you choose to stay near the train station, near Hamleys toy shop itself or near another attraction.

One of the best things about Travelodge hotels is that they offer family rooms at very reasonable prices, so treating the tribe doesn’t have to break the bank. Better yet you’ll have more money left over to treat your little ones to a pre-Christmas gift – after all, you can’t take them to the biggest toy shop in the world and expect them to leave empty handed!

Those with little boys will want to head straight up to the 5th Floor for a wonderland of boy’s toys including action figures, vehicles and more. Just one floor down, you’ll find model kits, model railways and remote-controlled vehicles.

The third floor is a girly delight full of dolls, dress-up outfits, arts and crafts and even pop up pamper areas. The floor below that is the place to take pre-schoolers, with a wide range of toys for threes and under to enjoy.

The first floor is a joy for all with board games, jigsaws, a Build a Bear Workshop and sweet shop. As is the ground floor where you’ll find a zoo of stuffed animals, as well as a section just for magic. Venture down into the basement floor and you’ll find Lego and other construction toys galore, as well as the computer game experts at Game.

If, however, you really want to see your children’s eyes shining in wonderment, you simply must treat them to a trip to Hamleys very own Father Christmas. This isn’t any old grotto – the ‘I Met Father Christmas at Hamleys’ experience includes a meet and greet with Santa and his elves, a meal, games and activities and a small gift.

At £45 per child, it’s not cheap, but for a once a year treat that’s sure to provide precious memories for a lifetime it’s got to be worth it. Of course, saving on your London hotel room will leave more cash to spend on festive treats, so it’s worth seeking out a great deal on Travelodge hotels in the city.




Just touched down in London town, Saturday Christmas shopping sorted…and more shopping! Let’s wait to be Christmas now!

18 Dec

Just another one champion sound

Me and you about to get down

Who the hottest in the world right now

Just touched down in London town

 Estelle and Kanye West American boy

This is the song I had in mind Saturday when we went for our Christmas shopping trip to London…what a crazy busy city…luckily Christmas happens just once a year! The atmosphere around was great, the bags we were carrying around were heavy and it was a long but great day! Shopping sorted…now let’s just wait to be Christmas!

Cartier store in London

charbonnel et walker chocolate london

christian louboutin store London Christmas shopping Designer at Harrods London

Harrods London Christmas (2) harrods london christmas

Harvey and Nichols London

London Christmas shopping

Louis Vuitton Christmas present

no tax on dreams

Going back to recent shopping trips…damn my best friend, thanks to her now I found my new favorite jeans and I bought only 4 pair of them…what do you reckon? I believe when you fall for something…you should stock up! H&M super squin (waist super low leg super slim)

super squin skinny jeans HM

And what about my new Hello Kitty limited edition from Forever21 and my The Doors T shirt? Miami here I come!

Hello Kitty Forever21

The Doors Tshirt Forever21


The only way is the Cotswolds, a piece of paradise in the British countryside…let’s brave some country chic soon!!!

19 Nov

I had such a great weekend away in the Cotswolds, for who doesn’t know anything about:

The Cotswolds are a range of hills in southwestern and west-central England, an area 25 miles across and 90 miles long. The area has been designated as the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty where every weekend lots of people from London go there to enjoy the countryside and to relax from the chaotic city, so we left on Saturday morning to visit a couple of our friends and their children who own a lovely cottage there and we had so much fun….I must admit despite the cold weather!!! I think I have fallen in love hard….for the little 4 months old daughter of our friends…

Pub lunch, walking in the fields, endless glass of red wine in front of the fire, pheasant for dinner…a visit to the animal farm, a visit to the most gorgeous farm shop ever (Daylesford)…a long drive back from Oxford to home…it was a great weekend!!!

Let’s add some gossip to spice up this post…famous celebrities own houses in the Cotswolds, including Kate Moss, Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Hurley, Lily Allen, J K Rowling, Stella McCartney and so on… The first time I went there was the day after Kate Moss got married and I spotted John Galliano walking around the town of Burford, I started to scream in the car when I saw him and very embarrassed he hid himself in the cook shop!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…is this working even for Apple products?? Obsessed with my latest gadget…and I got lost in translation!

10 Oct

Hello readers,

I am really sorry that I couldn’t update the blog in the past few days, I have been running errands every day, I have been working, I have been cooking, I have been baking…and I have fallen in love for my new iPad…I am like a child on Christmas day sometimes! (by the way only 75 days till Christmas!!!)

I have been going back and forth from Brighton to attend some meetings, yesterday facing the horrible rainy day, today I have been facing a nice sunshine, I hit the high street on lunchtime but unfortunately I haven’t been successful…I might need to arrange a day out somewhere for a proper shopping spree, up to London would be nice!

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling down from the tree, the garden and the fields around are changing into nice colors and this “season changing” time makes me feel like to wear my apron all day long and cook until dawn….soups, starters, mains, cupcakes….my new idol of the week at the moment is Nigella Lawson…and I even decided if I am ever going to speak English with a British accent…well I want to speak like her!!

Oh my…there is only thing I am dreading about right now…having my refurbished wheels back on my car….S.O.S!!!!

Beautiful blogger award finally on air on Annainherwonderland.com!

30 Sep

It has been a while and I really need to apologize and say thanks at the same time to Alexandra http://askmystyle.com/, who recently nominated me for the “Beautiful Blogger Award” … I love how bloggers get close together and appreciate each other efforts on their blog with awards! Thanks a lot Alexandra and please everyone check her blog!

The Rules:

– Post 7 interesting things about yourself

– Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve the award

– Let them know about the nomination

7 things about me:

  1. I can’t stay on the same place for long; I always need to travel around. I have been in England for 7 days now and I feel already sick about it, I wish I could travel tomorrow to go somewhere else…and come back…and go again.
  2. My heritage is Italian and a bit English…my great grandfather was born in London and christened in Saint Paul’s Cathedral at the beginning of the 20th century
  3. My favourite cuisine is Italian, as you can all imagine – I cannot live without pasta and I am obsessed with cooking.
  4. I’m a girly girl, I love pink and pastel colours and high heels (even if I fall quite easily) but I can’t resist to spikes and studs to add a tough touch to my clothes and my Converse shoes.
  5. My favourite book is the “I love shopping series” by Sophie Kinsella, I read those books in Italian and read them all again in English to learn the language and they always make me laugh, I must be honest I love the 50 shades of grey trilogy as well…who doesn’t???
  6. Louis Vuitton bags are my favourite accessories, they go well with anything even with a cheap Primark dress they do the job!!!
  7. I have started to struggle to speak my own language, I have to speak in English all the time, is it not crazy??

Fabulous blogs I enjoy and I’d like to nominate:





Tiny Micia




Lesley Carter








In the Kingdom with the Olympics going on but with my soul still on Eastern Time, struggling to get into the right time zone!

7 Aug

Hello readers,

I am really sorry I did not have a chance to update the blog for over a week and I apologize for this long delay. I spent the last week without any sort of internet connection and it was bad to start with but not too bad once I got used to! I moved from our condo in Miami to another place and I had to face it on my own, it was hard and difficult but now it’s all done and despite arrived back in the UK on Saturday I still feel badly jetlagged and being back to work and running errands all the time it does not help, I need a proper vacation right now and I have to wait until next Thursday before jet off to Italy to celebrate my birthday with my husband, my family and my best friend…and hopefully to catch up with some sleep!

The Jubilee weekend is finally over, good fun, good food and good friends, shame it feels more like December than June!

5 Jun

Tuesday night, 9PM, watching TV and collecting a few memories of the good and super long weekend! Thanks to the Queen and to the diamond jubilee this week everyone will have a 3 day week at work which is great! Long weekend spent cooking and drinking with friends…and cuddling the gorgeous daughter of our friends!!!

God bless the Queen, and the long bank holiday!!!


I’m not British but I will enjoy the celebrations this weekend, God save the Queen and the Diamond Jubilee!

1 Jun

The countdown is finally over, it’s the weekend and it’s a long one, thanks to the Queen and the Jubilee celebrations, I cannot wait to get some rest, have lots of fun with friends and maybe try to sleep a bit more! I am back to be a desperate working housewife and I really struggle to cope at the moment. I enjoy being out and about all day but when it comes to keep the house clean, the fridge full, the ironing done, the dinner cooked…I keep on leaving the workout at the gym out!!! I just need to get back on track…and probably I need a holiday again!

This weekend is going to be great, friends are coming over, the day after we are going to see other friends, spend some quality time with my husband, and despite I am not British let’s enjoy the celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee, everyone  is mad for the Union Jack, towns are decorated with flags…I wish I could celebrate by getting this Alexander McQueen clutch…

I can’t afford it so let’s face the fact that I got two hem skirts at NewLook today…God Bless The Queen and the High Street!!

Still in a summer mode, hopefully for good!! Wonderful sunshine makes me happy!

29 May

The weather is still so gorgeous, spent all the weekend sunbathing and jumping in the garden (yes, we have a trampoline now!)…so I am 27, what’s the problem? The trampoline brings me back to my happy childhood’s memories!!

It was so hot that at one stage I wanted to jump in the pool…shame there is no pool here!

The weather forecasts are predicting rain and cold again, but please let me dream! I’m not British and I do not believe in monarchy, but I wish God Save the Queen on her jubilee so we have our 2 days of bank holiday!!! Soon off to Italy, soon off to Miami and Bahamas…I can’t wait!!! X

Jet lag, WonderWoman, 80’s birthday party, hangover, memories…cheers to the freaking weekend!

13 May

I think this is the first time the jet lag hit me so badly, I am wide awake in the evening, or let’s say at night and in the morning (let’s say  nearly in the afternoon) I can’t still force myself to get up at all…I’m sure it’s going to be dramatic on Monday morning going back in office!

The trip to Miami was great, as usual, and being back is always very difficult, luckily this time I had something to look forward to, a birthday party in London, fancy dress theme, 80’s glam.

For someone just BORN IN THE 80’S…It’s not an easy challenge, plus Italian people don’t do fancy dress outside carnival time or Halloween.

I managed to get a dress from my friend, I was really looking forward to wear it until I thought….shit…I have to go up to London on the train dress up like that!

WonderWoman…yes it was me! And my husband….Sonny Crocket from Miami Vice…I always thought British people mind their own business …. Why everyone was laughing at me??? Rude fuckers!

Couldn’t sleep at all from 3am to 5am…and at 11.30am I felt like I was trapped in a nightmare…dreaming about a school show with Peter Andre as a guest….jet lag is making me crazy! I want to live again the nice Miami memories…here we are.

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