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I am counting the days till Miami and I am really looking forward to that! Roll on Monday, we can’t wait to leave the Kingdom behind

6 Nov

Dear readers

I’m sorry it has been a while since last time I posted on the blog, as I said before we are working here at home to renovate the interiors and we are constantly busy on that, I am constantly busy on the dog that now has decided to rip apart everything, rugs, mats and even the curtains, when is she going to get over that???And at the moment I am constantly busy thinking about going away on Monday…how many sleep till??? I hate thinking how autumn like the weather is here and I love to think how nice and warm it is in Miami… Plus doesn’t help the fact that my tan has completely faded and that my local sun bed shop has closed for renovations…not good timing!

Halloween has gone by, we “celebrated” it enjoying a night out in Brighton but still, it wasn’t the same of Lincoln road…am I slightly obsessed? Yes I am!! I look forward to lounge by the pool, enjoying the sunshine, enjoy the time with our friends and I can’t wait to eat some Cuban food…I made the Anglo-Italian version of Vaca Frita last week, tasty, but not as tasty as Versailles!

Enjoy the rest of your week guys and speak with you from the Sunshine State next week!


Celebrating Halloween

annainherwonderland blog post (8)

annainherwonderland blog post (6)

Still very obsessed with food, Sunday lunches at the pub, love it!

annainherwonderland blog post (4)

annainherwonderland blog post (5)

Anna’s version of la vaca frita

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Aperitif at home enjoying a glass of red wine

annainherwonderland blog post (3)

The first fire of the year, coco loves it as well

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annainherwonderland blog post (7)

and some bright colors to bright up my days!!

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The best place for Halloween in planet earth, Miami Beach is unbeatable!!

1 Nov

I have never seen so many people dressed up ready to have fun just up and down the street with the best costumes/fancy dress ever…I have seen a mad hatter that looked better than Jonny Depp in Alice in Wonderland, I have seen a few Dictators, lots of Wonder woman, snow white, sexy nurse and policewoman….even a guy dressed as a sofa!!!! Lincoln Road in South Beach was busier than in New year’s eve and I loved to see the people just enjoying themselves, taking pictures with each other, having a dance and a drink….I love Miami even more as usual!!! I am going to show you some pictures right now and for sure next year I will have a proper costume and not just horror make up on!!!  xxx

Still have some good memories, vacation is over and we think about the good times! Miami I heart you

16 Mar

Touched down back to the UK this morning after some cranberry and vodka cocktails, the flight delayed and some Valium…never slept that well on a plane I couldn’t believe it!

I still have some good memories and still lots of pictures to show, so let’s start!

Good moijto at lunchtime in Coconut Grove, followed by a super good burger

My husband makes great moijtos…strawberry one from me!

Tuesday night is Delano night

on our way back…

Another night here, let’s get ready

meeting friends…and their dog!

the first time to a Cuban restaurant

White or red sangria?

After all this…it’s time for a Cuban coffee

anyone wants some chilli willy?

the weather was bad Thursday, why not have a nap?

The view on our way back to the airport

at the airport lounge … not ready to leave

A few random memories…how cute is molly? the dog at Grove Harbour

the view from the pool in a sunny day

peanut butter and strawberry…mmmm

and to end…party rock!!!

I wanna marry the night…

8 Nov

Overlooking the sun going down behind downtown, what a feeling! Lady Gaga is playing in the background, a Corona is on the table and despite being here on my own I feel damn happy tonight!

After my 10 hours sleep I woke up with a bit of sore throat but I have actually forgotten about it, I spent 3 hours in the sun reading Glamour magazine and a book, and at 3pm eastern time I decided to go walking up and down in Lincoln Road, when I arrived in Collins Avenue I thought, I haven’t been at the beach properly! I arrived at the beach in 15th and walked down to the nearest Starbucks, all way walking on the beach with my feet in the water, god I felt so happy!!!

Just calculated that today I have been walking for 3.8 miles…or 6.1 km…f### the gym!!

Maybe it’s just the sun, maybe it’s just the people so friendly…but I do feel so happy when I’m here!!!…I think I should relocate myself over here, when I’m in the UK no one, apart my mum, reads my blog!


Too many things to say….

6 Nov

I haven’t written the blog since Thursday and I’m sorry about that.

I’m in paradise now so everything doesn’t really matter, we arrived to Miami Friday night and from that point on I felt happy again, I love being here!!

Yesterday it has been a long a nice day; I still haven’t got enough words to speak so I will do a photographic reportage 🙂

I’m in Miami by myself at the moment, the boys have just left to go to Key West so I’m happy and I will enjoy the time on my own as much as I can!!!

Have a good Sunday you all!


Friday night dinner at 8oz burger in Alton Road

Breakfast at Asia de Cuba, Mondrian Hotel

Ocean Drive, aperitif time!

That’s a BIGGGG bloody mary!

The beach…after the bloody mary!

The boys

The view…with a dirty camera

Fighting the wind!

The infinity pool at National Hotel

National hotel

Me and my husband, dinner and drinks in Lincoln road

Tiling, sunbathing, eating, what an hard life!

14 Sep

New experience for me today, my husband made me help him again in the kitchen (nearly done finally) and I did some tiling over the main wall, first time in my life, so last year I painted the walls when we bought the apartment, this time the tiling, I’m scared what’s going to happen next! Well maybe I should get an extra shopping trip somewhere because I’ve been a good wife, how strange to say that!

After that by the pool again, I can’t believe Thursday evening we are going back home, feeling sad already! Met a few really nice people here at Flamingo and I can’t wait to come back here in November, from Friday on I will start the countdown! Back to Ikea to take some pieces back and what’s up for us for dinner? We found an Argentine Steakhouse on the top of Lincoln Road and the dinner was spot on as usual! Wednesday as it is our last night here we go for a treat dinner after all our efforts at Cecconi’s, can’t wait! I’m definitely getting fat, can’t fit in my stripy Zara short!

As soon as I go back…diet!

13 Sep

I woke up yesterday morning around 7.30, had to do some work for the office and more kitchens building again, the weather suddenly changed and rained for a while, so when I realised it was already 1pm I needed to get out of there! Went walking up and down Lincoln Road, it was so humid that go into the shops with the freezing air conditioning was actually a pleasure! Had to stop on my way back home to McDonald’s to get some lunch and I just realised that my burger had 740 calories, let alone the fries, let alone the coke… I will need a diet as soon as we get back! By the pool was empty only a few people around so I thought to swim a bit…but after 2 lengths I was drowning…hopeless and useless me! I kept on reading my US magazine where they only talk about size 0 Hollywood style actress so I felt more left down…so I switched my mag for my book!!! The kitchen is nearly done luckily, after a few beers on the balcony we decided to go shopping at the end of Collins Avenue, my husband got 3 pairs of jeans and what did I find? A mint lip balm and a cashmere sweater, how can I not shop anymore? Need to go back to my old and good Amazon and eBay, great to satisfy my online shopping addiction! For dinner we went to one of our favourite hot spot in South Beach, Wine Depot or Bistro 555 However you’d like to call it, it was good! Two bottles of Gavi went down too well and the amazing tapas style food was so good…It’s always a good idea at the time…but now a bit of hangover is kicking me!

The sun goes down, behind Downtown

11 Sep

Saturday was another crazy and busy day, been in the sun for 3 hours and my face has the same shade of a brown wooden floor…!

What a busy day, breakfast at Starbucks, DIY shopping at ace hardware, sunbathing for 3 hours and after more than 3 hours DIY… The Ikea kitchen is like making a massive puzzle! After some hours we decided to go out as usual, it’s weekend at the end of the day! Shopping for Kim at Atrium, aperitif at the Shore Club… I love the Morgan’s Hotel Group as you can understand, and our dinner tonight was Mexican, at Rosa Mexicano, on top of Lincoln Road where it meets Alton Road, what at experience again and what a nice dinner! The lady with the mobile guacamole station made my day as well, food was good! Probably at the end of this vacation I won’t have nothing to write about plus I will be so fat!!! Today more DIY for Kim and lots of sunshine and reading for my by the pool, enjoy your Sunday!

There is no place like Blue Sea at Delano

7 Sep

Yesterday night we went to our favourite restaurant in Miami, the Blue Sea at Delano, in my opinion the best sushi bar I have ever tried!

Every time we come here in vacation we really look forward to come here, the sushi is different and it’s not only fish! My favourite one is called Surf and Turf; lobster wrapped up in beef Carpaccio….AMAZING! You can see some pictures down below.

After this delicious dinner and a nice bottle of Italian white wine we went back home, through Lincoln Road, and we fought the jet lag at least until 10.45 last night.

This morning I woke up to do some work at 7.15, still tired and with a bit of hangover, but when I opened the window and I saw this view…well I felt like I’m in paradise, for another day.

Have a good day you all.

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