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Two years of blogging, a foodie weekend away in the Italian Riviera, good memories and a bit of homesickness!

28 Aug

Dear readers

I spent three amazing days with my husband and my parents in their place by the seaside in the Italian Riviera and every time I go there I feel like I am a little girl again, I have so many memories of my childhood in that place that every time I have to leave again I feel a bit of a pain in my heart…but I look forward every time to go back there next summer! The weekend was all about to celebrate my birthday and to spend some quality time with my family that I don’t see as much unfortunately. One lunch after another, one drink after the other, one dinner after the other…I might have put some weight on but I don’t care, I love it!! How can I “diet” where there is focaccia, fresh pasta shop and great seafood in every corner?? You can now see some pictures of the weekend…and I realised as well that I have been blogging for two years now…time flies and I still love blogging, thanks to all my supporters that read my posts all the time and keep me motivated to carry on to write the diary of my life!!! xxx


My breakfast!! Focaccia genovese and caffelatte…yum!

Italian Riviera weekend (1)

Waiting for the drinksItalian Riviera weekend (2)

My lovely present from my cousin!Italian Riviera weekend (3)

Italian Riviera weekend (4)

Italian Riviera weekend (5)

My parents joining us on the evening aperitifItalian Riviera weekend (6)

Italian Riviera weekend (7)

Italian Riviera weekend (8)

Dinner timeItalian Riviera weekend (9)

Italian Riviera weekend (10)

Italian Riviera weekend (11)

The beauty of the town, the Cathedral Italian Riviera weekend (16)

My husband doing Daniel Craig 🙂Italian Riviera weekend (15)

Italian Riviera weekend (14)

Italian Riviera weekend (13)

Obsessed with limoncello?Italian Riviera weekend (12)

Italian Riviera weekend (17)

Italian Riviera weekend (18)

The Flavor market with local productsItalian Riviera weekend (19)

Italian Riviera weekend (20)

Italian Riviera weekend (21)

Italian Riviera weekend (22)

Italian Riviera weekend (23)

Italian Riviera weekend (24)

Another aperitif on the main squareItalian Riviera weekend (25)

Good pizzaItalian Riviera weekend (26)

And of course we needed some ice cream after!

Italian Riviera weekend (27)

Italian Riviera weekend (28)

Italian Riviera weekend (29)

Italian Riviera weekend (30)

Italian Riviera weekend (31)

Another lunch out

Italian Riviera weekend (35)

Italian Riviera weekend (34)

Italian Riviera weekend (32)

We don’t need the menu here…

Italian Riviera weekend (33)

And finally Goodbye Chiavari, I heart you.

Italian Riviera weekend (36)xxx

My birthday has gone but I will keep on celebrating this weekend down in the Italian Riviera with the family, bring it on!

22 Aug

Hello readers

On Monday I celebrated my birthday, the big 29, I am not going to tell my age anymore I am going to stop here, at 29! I had a lovely birthday lunch in London with good friends, good food and good sushi…yes we went to Nobu in Park Lane, I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to go back there! At the moment I am all obsessed with fish and that sushi was just something else…oh god I feel hungry now!

I just cannot still realised that I turned 29, I mean I still feel like I am 17…but clearly I am not anymore … anyway I must admit it is not easy at all for me to celebrate my birthday in England when my family and friends are in Italy..despite how nice it can be  here with my husband and the few friends I have it does not feel the same unfortunately, and I do miss it!

Tomorrow we are flying down to visit my parents in the Italian Riviera for a few days and I simply cannot wait to spend some good time with them! I should get baking when I am back…have you seen one of my birthday presents?

Have a great weekend everyone


kitchen aid birthday present

my birthday  (2)

lunch at nobu park lane london (2)

lunch at nobu park lane london (1)

my birthday  (1)

anna and Britto nobu

my birthday  (3)

Happy belated birthday to me and happy birthday to my blog!!! Holidaying in the Italian Riviera with family not enjoying too much the heat wave, luckily back in cold United Kingdom!

24 Aug

Hello dear readers,

I am sorry to have not written on the blog for such a long time but I was enjoying too much my holiday with my parents, relatives and cousins down in the Italian Riviera, now I am back home and I have more time to keep you updated with my realities…I am growing old, last Sunday (19th August) I turned 28…oh my!!! I had a lovely day with my husband and my family going to the beach, sunbathing, eating, drinking…drinking again and so on! I love so much that part of Italy as I said before, I spent so many summers there when I was a child that the place has so many memories for me…love it!

My husband the day after my birthday had to leave and my cousins came down in holiday to spend time with us, it was good to hang out with them. Probably 1 or 2 kilos more but it doesn’t matter, a diet always starts on Monday. I cannot believe my blog is turning 1 year old, it seems just yesterday that I have started to put down on Word my words…so glad that my readers keep on follow me and my adventures!

And I have to apologize to Askmystyle (http://askmystyle.com/) who gave me an award last week, the beautiful blogger award….I am sorry I am just doing that very slowly! Blogging gives me so many satisfactions, thanks to all!!!!


Back to where my childhood memories belong…holidaying in the heart of the Italian Riviera (Liguria)

17 Aug

When yesterday the plane touched down in Genova at the Cristoforo Colombo airport I couldn’t believe how much I missed around here, I have been coming down in holiday here every summer with my family since I was a little girl and even if other people doesn’t think nothing special of this area, well not my problem, I have grown up here summer by summer, learned to use my bicycle and my rollerblade on the promenade on the sea where the Port of Chiavari is, learned how to taste good and simple but tasty food from the Tigullio area, enjoying long walk all around town in the shopping area and on the seafront, how many memories this place holds for me!

It is great being back here after two years and I can’t wait to spend the whole week here with my husband and my family…and my birthday on Sunday! I will update as soon as I can with some pictures…enjoy your holiday wherever you are!


Friday night in Milan town but what can you do to escape from the heat wave? Italian Riviera here I come! Milan to London, London to Miami and Miami to Bahamas, just to keep myself busy!!

18 Jun

I have enjoyed so much these few days I have spent back home with my family and friends, summer has finally come in the north of Italy and you do feel the heat, a lot! Friday night I travelled to Milan on the train and underground and when I arrived at destination I was covered in sweat!

Friday night we were in Milan in the Navigli area, so cool with so many bars and restaurants and so many people around … trouble is when you wake up on Saturday morning and you see the same area of town completely empty and when you realised that is 10.30am and it’s already 28degrees (or 82.4 F) you understand that it’s time to GET OUT OF HERE!!!

The quick way to escape is to take the motorway, Genova direction and in two hours you are on the seaside, Genova, Recco, Sori, Portofino, Camogli, Chiavari, Sestri Levante….God bless Liguria and its fabulous characteristics!

I spent every single summer of my childhood here with my family, relatives and cousins, and going back there in this gorgeous little town called Sori made me fell in love again for this beautiful part of my country, I have one more kilo on today but I don’t care, how can you not eat fresh fish, trofie al pesto and the amazing Focaccia made in Liguria? You must be crazy!!! Came back last night , just packing my stuff, back to London in a few hours and off we go to Miami tomorrow morning! I missed my husband like crazy but I really enjoyed the time away as well!

The working desperate housewife is going to be off for nearly 3 weeks, God she needs a vacation…or 2!!!

10 Jun

Time is up for me, on Tuesday I will start my 3 weeks off, first step is going back home to visit my family in Italy, and maybe spend the weekend on the Italian Riviera, second step will be come back to England next Monday evening….and leave Tuesday morning to go to Miami!!!! And next Thursday we will be off to Bahamas by boat (motion sickness tablets, valium tablets and a drink for the journey for me!), Bimini here we come!

Right, I haven’t started to pack yet but I will very soon, in the past few days I have just been working, shopping (food shopping), cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning again….my husband is sad that I’m leaving him at home, he will miss the official chef (plenty of portions of lasagne in the freezer I’m sure he will be fine!)

So next time I will post it will be from Italy…I can’t wait! Enjoy your weekend!

Cold weather, I’m bored, so why not think about food? As if I never think about food! Turning into a foodie in the wonderland

8 Feb

I must say I have started to enjoy so much the food section on WordPress, it makes me hungry just looking at and I keep on going, blog from blog…what is it wrong with me? Is it an Italian thing, am I getting old or what? I used to laugh at my parents and their friends when I was young and we were going in holiday in Liguria (homeland of Pesto), the town where we have our apartment has a nice high street promenade with designer shops and lots of deli (gastronomia), cheese shops, spit chicken roast shop (polleria), take away pizza slice (pizza al trancio) and even more shops that probably I forgot they exist, in the afternoon we used to go shopping and every food shop I had to shout to my parents and their friends “Come on How can you stare at food in a window?? Let’s go to see some shoes!”

But during the summer 2010 my world felt like it was turning upside down: I went back there  with my husband and walking around the shops, we did the same thing my parents and their friends were doing ages ago…staring at the deli’s window! So because I mentioned, I’d like to bring back some memories from that holiday.

Must be an Italian thing, must be a British thing I don’t know…but I cannot think about nothing else than: What shall I cook? Or shall we watch Masterchef, or Jamie Oliver, or Gordon Ramsay or Lorraine Pascale?

So, let’s face it, it’s freezing today and not even a bit of sunshine to light up  this Wednesday, zero degrees or 32 F…and not much going on, so shall I show you my latest creations? Why not?

Green soup from last night (courgette, green peas, cucumber and lemon thyme

My traditional lasagne (with a bit of chorizo in the meat to give that right kick)

And today for lunch, I fancied omelette, first one I make in my life…I didn’t look good but I assure you it was tasty (omelette with cheddar cheese, chorizo and tomatoes)

Feeling full now…cuddling up with my blanket on the sofa, cup of tea on the table…and looking at the wordpress food section…love being at home!

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