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I’m sorry if I’m not so cheerful sometimes, I hope I am not upsetting someone! Another day in my wonderland of muscular pain

7 Feb

According to my husband, the post I wrote yesterday was funny but he asked me to write a more cheerful one today…I cannot control my mood swings I’m afraid, I just write following how I feel day by day (I don’t even have pms right now so I don’t know what he means…)!

By the way I’m not very cheerful today, I thought joining the gym was going to makes me happy and fit…well had the moment unfortunately it gave me only muscular pain in chest and back, so from today on my menu I will have lots of ibuprofen (3 times a day) for at least five days, and no exercise at the gym for my arms … thanks bloody rowing machine!

So that’s why I am drinking my sorrows away with Ceylon tea and ibuprofen all day…thanks!

The only consolation is my cooking is getting better and better apparently, last night I made a mushrooms, tomatoes and cheddar soup and it was very successful, what’s on the menu tonight?

While I work from my desk upstairs I thought about…lasagne! And of course when you propose to someone: Shall we eat pasta tonight or shall I cook lasagne? I can see the shape of lasagne in my husband’s eyes like Scrooge Mcduck….by the way Paperon de Paperoni in Italian sounds better!!!

So…let’s go again to the supermarket then!

By the way…I cannot get rid of this song from my brain today…I know I don’t agree with toyboys as you have already discovered while reading my blog, but I do love boybands! Here we are with…

Cause you’ve got that one thing

So get out, get out, get out of my head
And fall into my arms instead
I don’t, I don’t, don’t know what it is
But I need that one thing…silly me!!!

Feeling a bit Nigella in my new kitchen

15 Sep

What a day…what a lot of hard work…but finally we have our new kitchen fitted in, I couldn’t be happier! Worked on it from 6.30am to 1.30pm, few hours in the sun, back to work and we are nearly done it…I can’t wait to cook my special lasagne here!!! Shame I can’t do it because we are heading back home, from Friday morning we will be back in the UK…shame! Hard work, nice cold beer, and a lovely Italian dinner at Cecconi’s at the Soho house, amazing! We discovered this place in March with our friends Joe and Becky, cheers to them and to their first anniversary (16/09) !!! You will see the picture of dinner very soon, after that lovely meal we hit the Fontainebleau to see what was going on, how crazy is that place it’s always crazy busy! Discovered a good new cocktail called North on Collins, vodka raspberries mint and ginger beer, and of course the Collins had that! When this post will be online I will be cleaning washing packing all sort of things…I still hope in an airline strike or worse another ash cloud, I do not want to leave Miami…!

Forgot to mention about the breath taking sunset I saw from the balcony….last one…I was about to cry!!!

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