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From Miami to Lake Como via the Kingdom! The latest from Anna in her wonderland

9 Dec

Dear readers

I have just arrived back from a lovely weekend back home in italy, which I have been secretly plotting it for months with my mum and my cousins as it was my dad’s 70th birthday: we just wanted to surprise him with arriving back home without him knowing it, and I must say the surprise came out perfect and we all had a great time, my italian family all together and for once with my husband and mother in law, we all had a blast!

Too much but too good food and the company was great, we couldn’t have asked for more, gorgeous sunny and cold days where we have been going around Bergamo, my hometown and Lake Como, where four years ago we tied the knot, great times!

We have just came back from two weeks in the Floridian sunshine and it was nice just to be home for a week before jetting off again, while getting ready for Christmas at the same time and getting some cooking and baking done in the meantime…but I am sure the pictures speak for themselves

I will be again in Italy to celebrate Christmas with my family and soon after that off to Miami again to celebrate the new year….FELIZ NAVIDAD to everybody!!!


Birthday dinner, lunches, dinners, trip to Lake Como, rabbit and polenta, family gathering, take away pizza, prosecco, aperitif board…welcome to my amazing and beautiful country!


Just pointing out some of the local delicacies we have been eating in the past few days, first of all my favourite dish ever is Casoncelli all bergamasca, meat stuffed ravioli with butter, sage and bacon...homemade by my aunt and my mum…. two dishes for me at lunchtime, too tasty to leave it!

from Miami to Lake Como via the Kingdom_IMG_12cvbn28_1024

Second I love to pick up these amazing dessert every time I visit Bergamo alta, they are called Polenta and Osei because they look like the dish you would eat as your sunday roast, translated into polenta and birds, a sugar and marzipan heaven!

from Miami to Lake Como via the Kingdom_IMG_1217_1024s

I cannot not mention the delicious Pizzoccheri della valtellina, buckwheat pasta with cheese, greens, potatoes, butter and garlic….a must for our big family gathering on sunday lunchtime!

from Miami to Lake Como via the Kingdom_IMG_1207c_1024

And last, but not because less important, this is by far my favourite “second” choice for a meal. I was brought up to eat polenta and coniglio every sunday so this is so perfect and so tasty for me, yes I am talking about Rabbit and polenta! My husband will not eat it…but every time I go back home this dish is on our menu!


And more about our trip to Miami and Key West, road tripping, power boating, having fun with good friends, happy hours, seven years anniversary for us and lots of good times!



Time goes by too quickly when you are having fun: Anna, Anna and Kim take Miami! The vacation to celebrate our 30th Birthday

20 Nov

Dear readers

The past ten days have been simply amazing, after a few years of living apart in different countries, my best friend and I managed to squeeze in a week long vacation together, like the old good times and trust me we had so much fun!!! I keep on looking back at the pictures to try to live all the moments again, it is true that time goes by too quickly when you are having fun and spending time with the people you love! From Miami to Boca Chita (by boat) and from Brickell to Key West (by car) every moment was a laugh, every song listened remind us a good moment in time…oh God it wish it wasn’t over! Anyway let’s start the countdown to Christmas and to the next two trips planned, Italy and Florida again of course! I am stuck with ideas for Christmas gifts for everybody, any suggestions?? Now you can have a look at the pictures of Anna, Anna & Kim Take Miami!


Let’s start with a mandatory white pedicure before go boating…BLANCO para el Barco Mañana

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (50)

First night out, sushi dinner at the SLSannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (53)

A walk on Crandon Beach in Key Biscayne at sunsetannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (52)

Let’s go boating!annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (54)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (55)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (26)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (23)

Fun at Boca Chita Keyannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (22)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (24)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (25)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (13)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (15)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (14)We just packed beers…so we opened a coconut for lunch! annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (20)

Friday lunch at Nikki Beachannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (27)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (28)

After that somebody fell into a hole in the road…annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (29)Ready for our road trip to Key West at the weekend

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (33)

Selfie in the Cobra & 500!annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (30)

Islamorada Key Lime Coladaannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (32)

Beautiful sunset in Key West, even better at happy hour!

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (34)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (35)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (36)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (37)The Europeans

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (38)

Last night together with dinner at Rusty Pelican

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (39)

And a few drinks in Brickellannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (40)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (42)

Anna has gone back to Italy so I tried to cheer myself up with food! Bacon, butterscotch and pecan cake

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (43)

Miami beach marina at nightannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (44)

And some funny meetings on our morning ride on Brickell Key

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (46)

Last few hours of sunshine annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (47)

Please darling make me happy…take me toannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (48)

Shake Shack for lunch!!!annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (49)

Long time no blogging but I am back! 2 weeks in Florida have gone and now we are ready for more adventures!

9 Aug


Hello dear readers,

I am sorry that I have not been in touch in ages, my bad and I apologize! We spent two weeks in Miami in vacation with the family, the weather was playing up sometimes with occasional storms but overall we had a nice time, I came home on Tuesday and there are so many things planned in these days, I have my cousin in London at the moment, we have a wedding to attend tomorrow, Sunday it’s going to be my husband’s birthday and Monday the 19th is going to be my birthday, plus we have a trip planned down to the Italian Riviera to visit my parents…and Miami again in 5 weeks, I love to have a busy schedule and never stop!

I am going to show you some pictures of the latest trip, Everglades, swimming with dolphins, my first baseball game…so many new experiences!

Have a great weekend everyone

The Everglades, air boat tour







Go Kart


Gilberts Key Largo



Dolphin research center Key Largo




Key WestDSC03616







Boating around Biscayne bayDSC03651






Miami beachDSC03680



Miami marlins stadium

miami marlins








Cuban food,

I love it!DSC03722





So glad to be back home with Coco!!!

back with coco

Key largo, Miami, Downtown, New Year’s eve, Poweboating…I Have too much to say!!!

3 Jan

Hello everyone,

I’m so sorry about not posting yesterday, I tried to, but at 9.30pm eastern time I was already asleep so I couldn’t do the blog, it doesn’t help the fact I haven’t got internet connection anymore in the condo!

We had an amazing new year’s eve, we had a very good meal at home (my husband cooked everything and it was so good!!!) , we went out walking up and down ocean drive that it was packed in a crazy way, thanks to the concert on the beach with Jason Derulo, Cee lo green and Gym class heroes!!

Yesterday was boating a lot, and today it was the same, we tried twice to go to Bimini (Bahamas) yesterday and today but half way I had a panic attack, too bumpy for me…so we ended up to go to Finnegans on the Miami river yesterday and down to gilbert’s in key largo today…it was good but now I’m kind of glad the boat is going back to Ft Lauderdale and we are going to Barbados in 2 days!!!!!  I’ll show you some pictures of the last few days…love you all and thanks for your support!!!

I knew it was coming…SOS!

20 Nov

I knew it. I was damn sure of this. I’m back and I’m back to be boring and see the sun going down at 4pm makes me feel like I’m going to kill myself.

A weekend in the British countryside, I should say a few hours yesterday and a few more today, between Friday and Saturday I slept 14 hours, how good was that???

Tomorrow is Monday, I cannot get my head around to go back to work tomorrow, to walk around again the same high street in Brighton, get the train, get a sandwich from Tesco…feel cold, OMG I want to move to Florida!!!

To cheer me up, or to get me more depressed…I have some more pictures from the holiday that I couldn’t upload a few days ago because they were on my blackberry….

Cheers everyone…to a Sunday evening…not even Rihanna’s new album helped me this weekend!

the last dinner in key west, massive shrimp cocktail glass for everyone

the sleepy parrots at the restaurant

it was supposed to be a present for my cousin christian!! 😉

key west art

the pet shop!!!

best breakfast in town

I repeat myself, best breakfast in key west

Jim’s tattoo, I will miss our two and half men’s session!!!

driving back through the keys…

tiki bar at Islamorada

So happy…my husband shared my nickname with everyone!


forgot about me and my friend marco!!! italians rule!


Driving through the Keys…

15 Nov

The week in key west is finally over, between lots of dramas with boats, rental cars and caravan, we drove back to Miami through the keys, we stopped to islamorada at the tiki bar for lunch and finally we are in Miami, not back home yet! Still sorting out the boat and looking for a place to store it…we are all so tired that I really don’t want to go back to england tomorrow, please I’d like to stay a few more days! X


My blackberry does not want to work at the moment so I cannot post any pictures, sorry about that I will do it tomorrow!

Back to Miami, Swedish House Mafia on in the apartment and now it’s time to hit the city!


Saturday on the beach…loving the Keys!

13 Nov

A saturday in Key West again, I eally enjoyed a day on the beach with my husband, still wearing the team tshirts!

Tomorrow it’s race number 3…and the last one, hopefully everything is going to be fine and everyone will be safe.

Like a proper turist, I wanted to see the closest point to cuba!

mu husband relaxing…or sleeping

thanks H&M for my vest…thanks Team 26 for the printing!


The show shouldn’t go on…

12 Nov

Saturday morning in paradise. We are still in Key West, and apparently it’s all about the racing. Race two was on yesterday, my boys arrived in fourth  place and I’m happy for them. Unfortunately another accident happened and another person got killed yesterday. 3 people in 2 races lost their lives…is it this acceptable for you? Because it is not for me…at 12 we have to go to another memorial, and probably they won’t stop the last race of tomorrow. Is this fair? Is this still considered sport? Is it normal that when I see my husband going out on his boat I’m so scared that something  terrible is going to happen? Something has to change, please.

Apparently the show must go on…but it shouldn’t.


Key West Key West…it’s not all about boats!

11 Nov

Race day number 2 and all seem good, haven’t got the official result yet but probably the team arrived third or second…to me a very good result!

I’ll keep all of you posted about….yesterday…it was a nice day, my husband and I went off to the beach, had a lovely lunch in a restaurant just outside the beach and we relaxed for a few hours in the sun, I got so excited looking at the pelicans landing in the water just in front of us, I have never seen real pelicans .. We don’t have them in Italy! Later on we went to the poker run village where lots of boats arrived yesterday for the weekend, what did I see? Boats, boats and boats!!! I’m starting to like key west a bit more… I should only start to find a life outside the pits!!!


shall I sell my smart and I buy this one? 😉

Another day…

10 Nov

Tired, tired and tired. I got a bad cold yesterday and after lots of sneezing and lots of tablets later I have started to feel a bit better. The sun is so hot and standing in the sun wearing a black vest does not help at all!

I start to miss Miami already, Key West is a nice but very unconventional place, very colorful and different, with lots of old style houses and funny bars and restaurants but you can’t make the most of it because we are always stuck in the dry pits, it’s all about the boat, as usual! Yesterday I had a bad experience at home fighting against a cockroach, not good and I’m bloody scared off! We started to use the washing machine that is in the garden and the boys had the brilliant idea to do their washing using the dishwasher powder, luckily all the stuff came out clean without any more surprise, boys please let us do it before create some serious damage!

Yesterday was racing day and despite the boys did not win they had a pleasant race, I didn’t scream too much and took some good pictures from the shore. Unfortunately during the 2pm race a big catamaran had an accident, flew up in the air before land heavily in the water and unfortunately both pilots have been killed, my thoughts go to their families, it shouldn’t have happened…but here apparently they just think about the show must go on…

Next race is scheduled for tomorrow…I was supposed to be on the beach with my husband to enjoy a day off…but funny enough i’m still here.. Wondering for how long!



and here we are…the boat during the race, and now…we are going to the beach!

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