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The show shouldn’t go on…

12 Nov

Saturday morning in paradise. We are still in Key West, and apparently it’s all about the racing. Race two was on yesterday, my boys arrived in fourth  place and I’m happy for them. Unfortunately another accident happened and another person got killed yesterday. 3 people in 2 races lost their lives…is it this acceptable for you? Because it is not for me…at 12 we have to go to another memorial, and probably they won’t stop the last race of tomorrow. Is this fair? Is this still considered sport? Is it normal that when I see my husband going out on his boat I’m so scared that something  terrible is going to happen? Something has to change, please.

Apparently the show must go on…but it shouldn’t.


Key West Key West…it’s not all about boats!

11 Nov

Race day number 2 and all seem good, haven’t got the official result yet but probably the team arrived third or second…to me a very good result!

I’ll keep all of you posted about….yesterday…it was a nice day, my husband and I went off to the beach, had a lovely lunch in a restaurant just outside the beach and we relaxed for a few hours in the sun, I got so excited looking at the pelicans landing in the water just in front of us, I have never seen real pelicans .. We don’t have them in Italy! Later on we went to the poker run village where lots of boats arrived yesterday for the weekend, what did I see? Boats, boats and boats!!! I’m starting to like key west a bit more… I should only start to find a life outside the pits!!!


shall I sell my smart and I buy this one? 😉

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