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Coconut Grove, Key Largo, Islamorada, Key west was a bit too far…now I get what they mean with BOATING IN PARADISE! IN LOVE FOR THE FLORIDA KEYS

8 May

We came back last night after two gorgeous days spent in paradise, and I mean paradise! Hot, sunny, gorgeous….good friends, good boat, good food, good drinks, nothing else matters when you combine all these ingredients!

Left on Sunday morning from Coconut Grove, arrived at Gilbert’s in Key Largo to enjoy lunch and some good pinacolada, next stop was the Postcard Inn in Islamorada via the sandbanks close to the Tiki Bar….so beautiful around there!!!

Yesterday morning after a good fat breakfast we left but we didn’t go far, minor problem to the steering wheel that got sorted a few hours later, few more hours in the sunshine….and 8pm back at Coconut Grove…plus when you finish two days in paradise with a slice of KEY LIME PIE…nothing can go wrong!!!!

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