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My heart’s a stereo

23 Oct

Another beautiful day in the countryside, 17 degrees, sunny and lovely, shame to be on my own to enjoy it! I satisfied all my cravings of the weekend (please PMS leave me alone…), this morning I went to buy the paper and I headed to the tea room in Ditchling for a full English breakfast…small size!

Really satisfied  now, all my cravings are gone and now I have only to wait for my parents to land at 6pm tonight, cannot wait!

Just went for a drive on my husband’s RS3 with this song at full volume, why am I so obsessed with this song??

My heart’s a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te
Make me your radio
And turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo


Forgot to say, my parents are coming over with all my wedding  pictures, only 930 something to go through! I have some preview pictures…about a small accident I had just before getting married…poor jimmy choo’s shoes!


Versace and H&M…my Christmas will start the 17th November!

20 Oct

I arrived in office this morning at 10am as usual and the first email I got in my inbox was the Vogue newsletter with the first pictures of the Versace for H&M collection, I got so excited that I started to think, well what shall I get when the collection will be available in store?

Here you can see my favourite pieces:



PS: I think it’s going to be fun to fight in store the 17th November, the day before I will come back from Miami and 100% I will have an hell of jet lag affecting me…well hopefully I could start to buy online at 00.01! 🙂

Reading the Daily Mail online today I discovered that Jimmy Choo celebrate 15 years in the shoe business with a book….well something else to add to my shopping list, after I got my wedding shoes I fell in love for it

Right…I’m going to feel a bit lonely, my husband is away for 10 days and until Sunday night when my parents will arrive from Italy I will be a bit lonely…hopefully I’m going to manage to organise something or to go somewhere nice to keep myself busy…I will start to enjoy my ME TIME tonight with a glass of rose… I’ll drink to that!


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