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Anna goes to Italy : Feliz Navidad…Buon Natale…Merry Christmas from my wonderland!!

24 Dec

Hello dear readers

And Happy Christmas to everybody! I came back home to visit my family on the 18thand, despite I miss a lot my husband (and the dog) I am loving being back home, spending time with the family, hanging out with my best friends, enjoying evenings out, enjoying mulled wine, traditional food from my hometown, Bergamo, which I love deeply and just being happy to be back !!

I am seriously obsessed with the song Feliz Navidad right now, constantly on repeat on my iPhone, so I can try to learn something more in Spanish, just to practice for the next Miami trip, just in a few days, I can’t wait!!!

I wish you all merry Christmas and Happy New Year….and I will post from Miami!

Enjoy the holidays everybody


anna in her wonderland xmas time

IMG_0876Festive London Gatwick airportanna in her wonderland xmas timeFluffy clouds anna in her wonderland xmas time

Size doesn’t matter they say, mini Christmas tree at home

anna in her wonderland xmas time

Marocchino and Italian espressoanna in her wonderland xmas timeBest aperitif in town, Il Maialinoanna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

Casoncelli alla bergamasca, the best ravioli ever!!!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeRainy night…anna in her wonderland xmas timeWhat a joy to see Coco and my husband with Skype!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeLove IManna in her wonderland xmas timeDinner at noodles in Milan for my cousin’s Last Dinner before move to London Town!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeChampagne showers in the Navigli area (Milano)

anna in her wonderland xmas timeGertrude!anna in her wonderland xmas timeSaturday night, dinner with friends, so glad to be together!!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeTable number 3 from my wedding reunited for the Christmas dinner, all my best friends in one place, love it

anna in her wonderland xmas timeDinner, all traditional!!anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas timeFinally I met Andrea, the new entry in my friend’s house, so much love!!!anna in her wonderland xmas timeIsotta supervising the Florist shop!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeGetting ready for a Sunday night out clubbing in town with the girls

anna in her wonderland xmas timeMy best friends was planning to get me drunk with hierbas, clearly!

anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland christmas timeour table at Capogiro joy club ( I haven’t been there for 7 years!)anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time13 girls with 2 bottles of Belvedere vodkaanna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

A few more days in the countryside before fly away again, being an housewife full time, still baking a lot and…being obsessed with my new iPhone!

24 Oct

annainherwonderland - iphone5s post (4)

Hello readers

If I could just speak with hash tags this post will be called #annainherwonderland #hasdiscovered #newhorizons ….yes I finally stepped into the future…I gave up my Blackberry for the new iPhone 5s and I absolutely love it!!!

annainherwonderland - iphone5s post (1)

My poor husband is quite traditional and not as open as me to change phones, to use tablets and general technology speaking… after a few looks at the iPhone and after a few touches of the screen said: It’s like a mini iPad!

My reply was a bit like “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

The iPhone clearly! 🙂

annainherwonderland - iphone5s post (1)

Anyway, apart play all day with my iThings (still a definition from my husband) I am working on another wedding in Tuscany, which makes me really excited, we are changing a few bits around at home and I am intrigued by interior design, furniture shops and so on…I keep busy with the dog, as usual, and my food and baking obsession hasn’t stopped…luckily I am still firm on my 50 kilos! I am trying to enjoy the time here as much as I can, until the next trip planned in a few weeks, which I can’t wait for! Ten days in Miami with our good friends, it’s going to be good!

Plus I have so many things to look forward to

  • Miami trip
  • My best friend is coming to visit
  • 10 days in Italy for Christmas

I love the Christmas season, I am already thinking which decorations to go for the tree, I have already made a list of presents for family and friends, and I must be honest, I have already the Christmas cards sorted…call me super organized…or say that I haven’t got a damn to do all day, your choice!!!


annainherwonderland - iphone5s post (3)

annainherwonderland - iphone5s post (1)

annainherwonderland - iphone5s post (5)

annainherwonderland - iphone5s post (2)

The sun in our eyes and the world at our feet…two weeks in Miami with good friends, good food and good drinking!

24 Apr

anna kim at the standard

champagne morning miami

Hello readers,

I must admit I haven’t turned my laptop on for ten days…I couldn’t face to stop enjoying our good times here but I had too…to download all the pictures and of course to write this post! I love Miami more every time I come back here as you all know, and I am dreading to the idea of leaving here on Friday night!

Boating, shopping, drinking, eating, relaxing, chilling…one of the best vacation of all times!

I might show you some pictures then…














An apple a day keeps the doctor away…is this working even for Apple products?? Obsessed with my latest gadget…and I got lost in translation!

10 Oct

Hello readers,

I am really sorry that I couldn’t update the blog in the past few days, I have been running errands every day, I have been working, I have been cooking, I have been baking…and I have fallen in love for my new iPad…I am like a child on Christmas day sometimes! (by the way only 75 days till Christmas!!!)

I have been going back and forth from Brighton to attend some meetings, yesterday facing the horrible rainy day, today I have been facing a nice sunshine, I hit the high street on lunchtime but unfortunately I haven’t been successful…I might need to arrange a day out somewhere for a proper shopping spree, up to London would be nice!

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling down from the tree, the garden and the fields around are changing into nice colors and this “season changing” time makes me feel like to wear my apron all day long and cook until dawn….soups, starters, mains, cupcakes….my new idol of the week at the moment is Nigella Lawson…and I even decided if I am ever going to speak English with a British accent…well I want to speak like her!!

Oh my…there is only thing I am dreading about right now…having my refurbished wheels back on my car….S.O.S!!!!

I never want to grow up; I am obsessed with Hello Kitty!!!

30 Aug

When I was in vacation in America last month when I saw these shoes I had to get them, so I did. Hello kitty black Vans shoes…when my husband saw me on my return he said: Anna….are you not old enough? Well apparently not!!!

My blackberry at the moment is playing up and it is away for repair and I am struggling to keep up with emails, bbm and blogging as well and I do apologize for this, I am actually thinking to ditch the blackberry and move on to and Iphone, mostly for those pictures I have found online…Hello Kitty obsessed!!!

Pamper yourself up, the only way to get over morning grumpiness!

7 Dec

My day started in such a funny way that if I’ll tell someone everyone will laugh at me For Ever…but because I like to share my things…I’ll write about.

8.15 am the church bells on iPod touch woke me up…still with my mask on my face I turn the light on and I turn the radio on, just to make sure I cannot fall asleep again. I know it sounds wrong but still half asleep I check on the iPod how good the blog yesterday, quick look at twitter and another look is for facebook.

A friend of mine wrote that her iPhone has fallen in the toilet, she made me laugh and she made me think when my 3 years old nokia fell in the toilet as well and it’s still working now, how crazy is that? They don’t build anymore the strong stuff they used to. (Thanks Catherine anyway!!)

By the way, I got up and what did it happen? My belly button piercing fell in the toilet as well, DAMN IT! I have been brave, I rescued it from the toilet, wash it carefully, just about to put it back in…here we are the main ball fell, this time on the floor, actually on the carpet…and it got lost! Thinking about that I remembered I have some spare piercing bits in my make up bag, I open that small plastic bag and all the equipment fall as well! It took me 15 minutes on the floor to look for tongue bars and everything else, by the way I had to change my belly button piercing with another one, balls are still missing on the bathroom’s floor!

By the time I got in the shower I was grumpy like a moody cow and I thought, today is not going to be a good day! Looking at myself I felt pale, sleepy and with very bad hair…that’s why I decided to go for a chop on my lunchtime! Sorry Marc…or Zohan…my French hairdresser in Miami…you left my hair too empty and long with all the layers…so here I am, feeling happy with a new haircut done and a little help from a sunbed…I love to pamper myself up!

By the way I’m going to super glue my belly button piercing and just to make sure even my tongue bar…JUST IN CASE!!

Do you like the new haircut? sorry about the picture, it’s not the best one!

Have a gooda day you all.

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