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Still on Eastern time when I shouldn’t be anymore! 10 days in paradise and now I am back, waiting to sleep! I miss Miami so much!

29 Sep


Dear readers,

here I am, back come and waiting for the sleeping pills to work on me. Day two and I still struggle a lot with the jet lag, wide awake at 1am instead than be fast asleep is not cool! Anyway I had a great time as usual, drunk a lot, ate a lot and had great fun, but let’s the pictures to do the talking!


Annainherwonderland.Miami (2)Lola, my new puppy friend

Annainherwonderland.Miami (5)Driving on MacArthur causeway

Annainherwonderland.Miami (6)The pool at flamingo

Annainherwonderland.Miami (7)

Hello kitty for Halloween anyone?

Annainherwonderland.Miami (8)

Aperitif time at home

Annainherwonderland.Miami (9)

Going out on Biscayne bay to watch the Red Bull Flugtag (Saturday 21st september)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (10)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (11)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (12)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (13)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (14)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (15)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (16)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (17)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (18)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (19)

I am obsessed with Cuban food and here we are at my favorite restaurant, VersaillesAnnainherwonderland.Miami (20)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (21)

Vaca frita is my dish!Annainherwonderland.Miami (22)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (23)

Feeling sweet on a Sunday morning, amazing breakfast at Atelier Monnier in BrickellAnnainherwonderland.Miami (24)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (25)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (26)

And sushi dinner at sushi sake, our local sushi restaurantAnnainherwonderland.Miami (27)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (28)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (29)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (30)Wonderful cake from the Fresh Market

Annainherwonderland.Miami (31)

Rollerblading in the neighborhoodAnnainherwonderland.Miami (32)

Italian dinner in South BeachAnnainherwonderland.Miami (33)

A few drinks at the DelanoAnnainherwonderland.Miami (34)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (35)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (36)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (37)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (38)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (39)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (40)

Afternoon down in Key ByscaneAnnainherwonderland.Miami (41)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (42)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (43)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (44)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (1)

Just touched down in London town, Saturday Christmas shopping sorted…and more shopping! Let’s wait to be Christmas now!

18 Dec

Just another one champion sound

Me and you about to get down

Who the hottest in the world right now

Just touched down in London town

 Estelle and Kanye West American boy

This is the song I had in mind Saturday when we went for our Christmas shopping trip to London…what a crazy busy city…luckily Christmas happens just once a year! The atmosphere around was great, the bags we were carrying around were heavy and it was a long but great day! Shopping sorted…now let’s just wait to be Christmas!

Cartier store in London

charbonnel et walker chocolate london

christian louboutin store London Christmas shopping Designer at Harrods London

Harrods London Christmas (2) harrods london christmas

Harvey and Nichols London

London Christmas shopping

Louis Vuitton Christmas present

no tax on dreams

Going back to recent shopping trips…damn my best friend, thanks to her now I found my new favorite jeans and I bought only 4 pair of them…what do you reckon? I believe when you fall for something…you should stock up! H&M super squin (waist super low leg super slim)

super squin skinny jeans HM

And what about my new Hello Kitty limited edition from Forever21 and my The Doors T shirt? Miami here I come!

Hello Kitty Forever21

The Doors Tshirt Forever21


My biggest fear of the day, or actually from now on, curbing my soon refurbished wheels…women and cars….don’t get along very well!

4 Oct

I have been driving for 9 years (it will be 10 on February 2013), never had an accident, I have always been driving carefully but since my new car arrived six months ago and my husband without telling me put on 19inches wheels every time I drive and every time I try to park seems like my wheels have a magnetic attraction to all the curbs in town.

So far, not so good, 3 out of 4 wheels badly scratched and despite I always tell my husband straight away about my “damage”, some nights when he comes home I notice that he walks around my car checking the wheels….oh my god anxiety!!!

It has been six months now for some strange reason I wasn’t worried anymore since someone said – I am changing your wheels to the original one so I send them for repair and after I put them back on your car and be careful….my face went like this

Oh my, I probably will give up driving soon!!! Probably because women don’t get at all the car thing as men do, I mean a car take me from A to B, whichever wheels and whichever car it is!!!

Or maybe I will be more careful if I could have some accessories like these on my car, probably driving will become more, girly!!!

I never want to grow up; I am obsessed with Hello Kitty!!!

30 Aug

When I was in vacation in America last month when I saw these shoes I had to get them, so I did. Hello kitty black Vans shoes…when my husband saw me on my return he said: Anna….are you not old enough? Well apparently not!!!

My blackberry at the moment is playing up and it is away for repair and I am struggling to keep up with emails, bbm and blogging as well and I do apologize for this, I am actually thinking to ditch the blackberry and move on to and Iphone, mostly for those pictures I have found online…Hello Kitty obsessed!!!

Back in business, into my kitchen! Surrounded by Hello Kitty Easter eggs and very soon from my family!

4 Apr

I finally started to feel better, my cold has finally abandoned me and my husband with his burnt arm and hand is getting better as well, shame now he has man flu…my fault apparently….MEEEEEEEEEN

By the way I am so glad that Kim is getting over this problem, and I am sure he is never going to use petrol again to lit the bonfire after this accident, his arm speaks for himself

I think we really need and holiday, an Italian one, I cannot wait to go back home on Friday, spend time with my family, go shopping in Milan, see my friends, and go back to eat normally (I finally lost that famous kg I was going on about, but just for the stress!) Now I’m back in the kitchen cooking away and being happy, do you want to see my latest creations?

Salmon fillet with crème fraiche, breadcrumbs and lime with green peas puree with crème fraiche and Thai green curry paste with chestnut mushrooms cooked in honey gorgonzola and brie cheese….what a wonderful dinner!

Yesterday morning I made Frangelico (Italian hazelnut liqueur) tiramisu to go for dinner to my mother in law…WOW it was good!

As you can see everyone know about my passion for Hello Kitty….only Hello Kitty Easter eggs for me so far, my friend Shonda will be happy as well!!! 🙂

And what about my latest discovery? While reading Grazia I came across an article about Pinterest…check me out if you wish!

All day on my Hello Kitty gown…not what I planned for my Monday!

30 Jan

Really not what I planned to do today, this cold and flu seem like they don’t feel like to abandon me and despite all my good intentions, got up reasonably early (before 8am) breakfast, cleaning, tiding, shower, work…I started to feel not well at all.

Lots of tea, lots of tissues and lots of sneezing and the Hello Kitty dressing gown over my clothes to keep me warm, drowsiness I hate you!

Thinking about our dinner tonight, it’s going to be a lamb shepherd’s pie and hope to be stronger tomorrow…who said Italian people cannot cook British food? I’ll show you!!!!

Have a good evening!

An ordinary weekend in the South of England…enjoying and not!

21 Jan

The best way to start the weekend is having a good drink. Or even better an aperitif, Italian style. Some pieces of parmesan cheese, some slices of salame, and the venetian aperitif, Spritz, a combination of aperol soda, prosecco, and soda…best way to start a Friday night.

Saturday, wake up at 10am is priceless. Have a cappuccino and a croissant makes me feel like I’m back to Italy, even if I’m not.  Wear my Hello Kitty gown I got from my husband for Christmas is even better.

Cook a soup from scratch for lunch…is great. I love cooking and I’m so proud of myself

Saturday afternoon, have 4 teenagers at home is not cool. I mean, it’s ok, just a bit noisy.

Saturday afternoon, meet up with a fellow Italian is great. Drinking Birra Moretti is even better. (even if it’s makes me wee so much).

Having dinner in plus it’s going to be an homemade dinner cooked by my husband, not indian food or some strange kind of take away is even better.

More drinks? Why not… shall we crack the champagne???

Have a good weekend everyone!!!


Sleeping in an Italian bed while dreaming in English! That’s what happened to me last night!

21 Dec

I was exhausted, I really was. Yesterday I had an early start to go to the airport to fly back home,  landed in Milan, got on the train to go to my brother’s house and at 11am I finally arrived after my nearly 6hours journey!

I got there and my little niece was there, being very happy after I gave her a new Kitty…she was so happy and chatty yesterday!

My mum made me the breakfast of the champions, freshly squeezed orange juice, grapes and a Panini with salame, welcome home!!!!

After lunch…god bless my mum’s lasagne, I fell asleep cuddling the new kitty, later on we left to go to see my birthday’s cousin, 15 years old I cannot believe! Visited my aunt’s floral shop and I have been welcomed by thr gorgeous Isotta…she was missing me! 🙂

Felt so tired all day….dinner, and at 10pm I was in bed, my lovely Italian queen bed!! (a Californian one wouldn’t fit in my bedroom) and I slept and slept, for nearly 13 hours! Another day today, still haven’t got any plans apart seeing my friends tonight, I do miss my lovely husband, but it’s so damn good being back home!

I wish an amazing day to everyone!…I might go for a sun bed…looking like a ghost right now! 😉


Countdown to Christmas…

23 Nov

What a day….I couldn’t even get up this morning, I felt so tired and powerless…looked out of the window and I thought to be in Milan, I couldn’t see a thing, the fog is so thick today and still…I cannot see what’s on the other side of the garden!

I had to fight the traffic, 10 minutes to do 1mile…not too bad then…no parking spaces at my usual car park in station, went to check the other one…no one space was free + 12 spaces have been taken away to do some sort of road works or to cut the trees from the wall behind…thanks bloody National Railway system, 50 pounds a month to park my bloody car and no spaces are available, I didn’t check the train timetable but I’m sure because the fog all the trains could have been delayed…damn it.

By the way I’m back home, chilling and thinking in a few days we can start the countdown to Christmas!!! I’m happy because I will go back home the 21 or 22 December, I will spend time with my friends my family and my gorgeous niece Martina and the 26 evening I will come back, celebrate Christmas with my husband…and the 28 December we will leave again to go to Miami and to Barbados, the proper honeymoon time….I cannot wait.

I love buy Christmas presents for my family and friends but I’m not too bothered about what I’m going to receive, at the end of the day Christmas has become just a commercial occasion to spend money and we don’t even know the real meaning of the festivity…but whatever…

If I could make a wish list, even an impossible one…this will be on my list:

I would love a new Louis Vuitton bag, costumized with Mon Monogram

Or in this color…

I know I’m old enough, but I would like to receive the Hello Kitty Vans…

I don’t know if this image is real or not, but if I know Christian Louboutin created this…well I want them!

I think the previous one looks better…but still cool!

What about an Hello Kitty dress….? just kidding, only LADY GAGA  rocks in a dress like that!

what else? …. I don’t know…move to Florida maybe?

Have a good day everyone!


Obsessed with Hello Kitty

26 Oct

I am a kid. A Big one. A 27 years old one.

And despite my age I do still love Hello Kitty, I don’t know why, that design have always appealed to me, I even made my 16 months old niece crazy for Hello Kitty as well, so when my parents arrived on Sunday with two Hello Kitty shirts as a present, well you can all imagine my joy!

27 years old…and I don’t fancy growing up.

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