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My biggest fear of the day, or actually from now on, curbing my soon refurbished wheels…women and cars….don’t get along very well!

4 Oct

I have been driving for 9 years (it will be 10 on February 2013), never had an accident, I have always been driving carefully but since my new car arrived six months ago and my husband without telling me put on 19inches wheels every time I drive and every time I try to park seems like my wheels have a magnetic attraction to all the curbs in town.

So far, not so good, 3 out of 4 wheels badly scratched and despite I always tell my husband straight away about my “damage”, some nights when he comes home I notice that he walks around my car checking the wheels….oh my god anxiety!!!

It has been six months now for some strange reason I wasn’t worried anymore since someone said – I am changing your wheels to the original one so I send them for repair and after I put them back on your car and be careful….my face went like this

Oh my, I probably will give up driving soon!!! Probably because women don’t get at all the car thing as men do, I mean a car take me from A to B, whichever wheels and whichever car it is!!!

Or maybe I will be more careful if I could have some accessories like these on my car, probably driving will become more, girly!!!

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