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All of a sudden I am back, how did it happen? Florida seems a long memory away! Luckily my Christmas present is coming early this year…and happy 4th anniversary to us!

14 Nov

This morning when the alarm went off at 10.30 I thought…where am I? oh yes I flew back Monday night and here I am, back in England, trying to adjust my body back to Greenwich Time but still thinking on Eastern time! The choice was to come back from Miami Monday night or Friday night, despite how much I love spend time there it was getting too much to take for my on my own, gorgeous place, gorgeous weather but solo…it is not good!

I am back and I am so happy that my best friend is coming to visit next week that I can’t contain myself with joy, that’s why my Christmas present comes early! A full on 3 days of Anna & Anna, we really have a lot to catch up! And do not forget today is my 4th year anniversary with my husband, 4 years together … let’s celebrate!!!


Post vacation resolutions, wellington boots, the countryside and Happy Father’s day to my dad in Italy! An ordinary Monday in Sussex

19 Mar

Today is a gorgeous day in the countryside, the sun is shining, last night the temperature dropped again below zero but now you can only see the sun in a clear sky…completely different panorama than Miami but breath-taking in the same way!

I’m still struggling with the jet lag, I had to take sleeping tablets at for the past couple of nights, I tried a few times to count the sheep to sleep but apparently it doesn’t work for me…hopefully soon my biological clock will go back to Greenwich time!

Saturday was Saint Patrick’s Day, Sunday was Mother’s day in England, today is Father’s day in Italy…it’s confusing all these celebrations! Last night we had my mother in law for dinner to celebrate British Mother’s Day and my husband made an amazing roast beef, so that’s the proof that even English people can cook something more than fish&chips…

Today I’m trying to catch up a bit with work and everything after have been away: for some strange reason every time I come back home from holiday it feels like new year to me, you will probably wonder why…but every time, I create a post-holiday resolution, and this time I did it again.

My post-holiday resolution this time is:

Lose weight (I had the same must in the previous resolution but I lost only 800grams, which I put it back on, with interests, so still one mission to accomplish).

Find a creative part time or full time job to do….wedding planner, translator, writer…I don’t know but I need to feed my brain a bit more.

Start to learn Spanish. I feel so left out in Miami where 90% of the people speak Spanish…I’d like to have a least a basic knowledge of the language, not satisfied to know only two languages at the moment, I want more.

Start seriously to write a recipe book. I had this resolution in my previous list, I have started…but I still have a long way to go.

Anything else? I can’t think about anything else at the moment, but I think I have a few missions to focus on to keep myself busy for a while.

Do you like to see a different view for once? I put my wellies on and I walked for an hour in the fields, what an amazing feeling to feel the spring coming, luckily without hay fever yet!

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