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Seeing green, everywhere!

26 Nov

My weekend so far has been cooking, running around, helping my husband to paint the kitchen, yeah we finally made it! The colour is called verde de terre…to me is a light and pretty green, that goes so well with my obsession!

More green for me…I had to do some gardening… (please don’t tell anyone but I cannot stand gardering), sorry but collecting leaves and put them on the other side of the garden, on a windy day, was a kind of difficult job to do…! Indian dinner for us tonight… The thing that made my weekend was a link sent over on Facebook from my friend Shonda….you see it yourself! Have a good weekend everyone!


Weddings and green should never be seen…F***off!

25 Sep

Last night we went to a friend’s wedding for the evening and I actually wanted to wear a pale pink dress but unfortunately after been eating too much in Miami the dress didn’t fit me so I had to go for my favourite choice of colour, GREEN! This dress is the best thing I have ever found in ZARA, the best 49 pounds spent in all my life!

Well apparently according to the superstition green is a very unlucky colour for a wedding, never heard of that but if Pippa Middleton worn a green dress last week as you can see in the article


Plus our bride was wearing a fuchsia going purple wedding dress….so I think every colour is allowed!

I wish all the happiness to Mike and Helen, you deserve it!

I didn’t know the first song they played for their first dance, but I knew the second one and I was going to cry,  Whitney Houston always affects me with I will always love you… I was looking for my Kevin Costner and of course, he was at the bar…so I had to drive at home, after a few glasses of wine, too many for my idea…but well I’m still here!

Have a good Sunday everyone!

Totally obsessed with green

20 Sep

Today has been a boring day, I’m not feeling my best right now, I feel I’m just about to get a cold or a flu, the weather doesn’t help, today in Brighton the sky was miserably grey and it felt so windy, I haven’t been that busy at work so during lunch time I thought to go for a walk to fight my boredom and tiredness, thanks to the High Street I felt so much better! I went for a walk in H & M and I saw a dark green kimono dress…it made my day! I don’t know why I love the colour (or color depends which side of the Atlantic you are), I started to like it last year when I bought a Karen Miller bright green dress for a wedding (I couldn’t actually wear it for the occasion because my husband – my fiancé at the time banned me to wear it…well I worn it for my bachelorette’s party in Miami instead!).

I couldn’t believe how low cost shopping could make me feel so much better, a dress, a white shirt, three t-shirts and some socks made me happy and not bankrupt today!!!

I have an evening wedding invitation for Saturday night, what shall I wear? Help!!!! Still summery dresses or shall I go for something more fall-winter with darker colours? Or maybe something GREEN!!!

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