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Simplicity, memories and love: the best mix for your food, wherever you are.

28 Mar

In the last few days probably still due to the jet lag I was struggling to fall asleep at night, lots of things were going through my mind and I thought about a few things I miss. I miss my family, I miss Milan, the city where I studied for 3 years during my time at the university, miss the sunshine, miss an afternoon snack, miss a slice of pizza while walking around the shops in town….so as you can imagine I am homesick, most of the time.

Maybe for this reason I started to look for traditional Italian flavour, very simple basic things that can make me feel more at home, some example?

Pane e mortadella – bread and large Italian cold sausage, it used to be an afternoon snack (or nearly a meal) during an afternoon of playing around with friends at the playground (as you can see my mind really went back more than 20 years ago)

My re interpretation of this amazing but basic meal? Pane, mortadella, cheddar cheese, salad…overlooking the fields, it made me feel like a kid again.

British people and American people have on their basic Mac & Cheese…discussable anyway because I am a proud Italian and I always like to make an argument over everything (that’s me unfortunately!). A basic Italian recipe to hit back? Gnocchi with gorgonzola and noci – gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese and walnuts, classic, quick and so tasty!

After a day spent gardening, enjoying the weather, enjoying the sunset from the living room if you are not too hungry what the best thing you can do? Share dinner…spaghetti alla bolognese in one plate with two forks … THAT’S AMORE.

Today is one of those days…

28 Feb

Today is one of those days…you have everything you want, everything you need, but, there is a but…there is that shadow of “I’m not completely 100% happy because something does not go as planned”. Nothing to do with love, nothing to do with family, nothing to do with health, just something…that bothers you.

But I take this is life, isn’t it? Trouble is I haven’t got an “in between” status, I’m black or white, I’m so happy or so sad, I’m so sweet or I’m so bitch, or as Katy Perry would say I’m so hot or so cold, yes or no, in or out, up or down…

So, why don’t I talk about something that can cheer me up? Let’s talk about food then! I bought for Valentine’s Day an Italian recipe book for my husband but I must admit that I’m using it quite a lot…last night at the Collins’s House we had mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola and honey, thanks Gino D’acampo! Followed by turkey breast in breadcrumbs with lentils in a curry sauce…let’s plan another dish then..I think somehow I was born wearing an apron!

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