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Welcome to my February, time to plan more trips & stop the New year resolutions / January nonsense, #BeHappy

1 Feb

Dear readers

I am sorry I haven’t been posting recently, I have been too busy settling back into the British winter after the holidays spent in Italy and Miami, I am back, for a bit, as usual.

The Christmas time back home with friends and family was amazing, good times, lots of laugher and lots of food involved…not that many people can say they had an 8 hours long Christmas lunch…I can! And when you are about to give up and say Thank you guys but we have been sat for 7 hours, ok the company is great but…And they stop you saying: Next course it the Italian cheesecake (gorgonzola, brie, mascarpone and walnut cake)…followed by panettone and pandoro with coffee mascarpone, what did I do? Just gave upend kept on eating!!!

Italians express their love with food, and that’s what my family does best and I love that, overindulging over Christmas is great but of course it can’t be the normal routine, but what about the pressure everybody gets put under between the New Year and the end of January? Resolutions, dry January, start working out, be kind to people, get better at something…I mean take it easy!

Life is all about balance, we only have one life so please enjoy and make the most of it…plus shall we talk about what happens at the beginning of January?! The release of fitness DVDs!!! Oh My Lord…is that something worse than that? Z-list celebrities who used to be fat and wobbly and suddenly they become gym bunnies, personal trainers addict, food connoisseurs and they tell you: I lost 3 stone, 19 kg, 42 pounds whichever weight conversion floats your boat, YOU CAN DO IT TOO, in the comfort of your living room!! Yes right people exercising in front of the telly in their workout gear, it will happen for a week and they will get bored and quit! Really I can do it too? And you would tell me what to eat too then to reach the perfect body? I don’t follow recipe books, I always add my own touch, let alone to listen to you whoever you are, famous or not, you ain’t a dietologist so why would I bother?!I am very happy with my height & my weight so please, social media stop bombarding us with Are You Beach Body Ready type of messages? Lots of people get sucked in!

Anyway this is my 1st February rant…I am sure I have posted something similar in the past few beginning of the years, this is what I think and I stick by…Italian Style!

Did I mention that I received a pasta machine for Christmas? I love it!!! So if somebody says No Carbs are allowed, my reply can only be one…bugger off!

And of course I am not criticising people who exercise a lot or go to the gym or whatever, not at all, I love fitness classes like body balance, pilates, yoga and body pump, I do lots of them once or twice a week, or once every fortnight it depends…I just get bored easily and I can’t stick to something that long, that’s why I like to do different things to keep me motivated, I do it just to keep busy and toned…but if I don’t do it for a day it ain’t the end of the world, I just go for an hour long dog walk/run, it’s always exercise!

Going back to the travelling side of my post…we had a great time in Miami over new year, as usual, and I seriously cannot wait to be back in a week to escape from the cold weather, it makes such a difference to have some sunshine in the winter, total mood lifting!

And now let’s just have a look at what went on in the past few months

Christmas and the holidays between Italy & Florida, going back to the cold British weather, birthday with friends & toddlers, and a dog photoshoot!

with love


Sometimes I come back! Anna in her wonderland on an Italian Christmas late edition and the mid January (non) New Year Resolution!!

12 Jan

Dear Readers

Sometimes I come back as you can see, I know it has been a while with Christmas, the holidays, the vacation and all that but I am finally back, luckily just for a month, I can’t already bare how cold is back here, I am more a sunny & hot weather type of girl, 100% more Miami than Brighton Beach!

I had such a great and amazing time back home in Italy to celebrate Christmas with my family and my friends, they were 8 full days of fun, laughter, shopping trips, lunches and dinners and lots of dancing in the clubs around my hometown of Bergamo, I felt like 18 again! It is so crazy how just a week spend with the people you love most that unfortunately due to the circumstances I don’t see that often recharged my batteries and gave me a massive energy boost to keep going, so glad to have such great family and awesome loving friends in my life!!!

Touched down back in the Kingdom it was time to celebrate with my husband and leave the cold behind for the sunny shores of Miami, our favourite place on earth, where we just enjoyed hanging out, sunbathing, swimming, eating and drinking, walking the neighbours’ dog (I have the new role of Floridian dog sitter to a gorgeous 7 months old golden retriever), getting the boat ready for the February trip and having fun!!

I have been reading a lot on social media recently about New Year’s resolution…is that me but this year it seems a bit gone too far…I mean so many people are talking about it non-stop…and will they actually “obey” to their NY’s vows? Of course everybody (apart me) feels a bit fat after all the overindulging during the Christmas holidays but a bit of control and a bit of exercises will get everything and everybody back in track, without any drama and without becoming a body builder or a fitness fanatic for a few weeks!

So pleased of my fast burning metabolism, in Italy I must admit all I ate was pasta, tons of pizza and I couldn’t resist to focaccia when I drove down to the Riviera for the day…lots of veggie too but just such a different diet to what I normally cook and eat here…and within 3 days 2kg were gone, where I do not really need to lose weight!! The secret is just happiness and moderation, in everything, and stop going on with all new year’s resolution bullshit, have fun & be happy!

With Love

The view of the Riviera, happiness from the balcony

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (2)Santa has forgotten his laundry!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (4)Saturday night dinner party with friends, amazing times!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (5)My diet, pasta, pizza, sleep, repeat!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (9)Moscow mule at Marc Jacobs’?AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (10)Thigh high boots nightAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (17)My gorgeous friend arianna, shame anita couldn’t come! A power

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (6)Excelsior Milano, shopping day!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (7)Carrie will you marry me? Those Manolos!!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (8)My beautiful hometown BergamoAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (26)Beautiful zona Brera in MilanoAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (30)

Flower powerAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (31)Ceresio 7 Milano, rooftop aperitif, even in December!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (33)

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (35)

Christmas day finally reunited with my niece Martina!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (36)And to burn some calories, let’s go clubbing on Christmas nightAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (37)Clearly we weren’t’ the only ones there!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (38)My poor shoes used to be cleaned before being washed with Belvedere vodka!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (39)My favourite peopleAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (40)From Milano via Brighton to Miami, here we go!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (41)First happy hour in Key BiscayneAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (42)Followed by my first day craving, cuban food!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (43) New Year’s eve, party! AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (45)Still squeezing in my dress despite the tonnes of lobster mac and cheese at NYE!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (47)

Ready for our date night at Cecconi Miami BeachAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (53)

Easy friday night? Let’s cycle to the restaurant in the neighborhood  AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (49)

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (50)

Chilling sundaysAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (51)

My new mate, Cody!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (52)

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (54)

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (55)

After a long day, nothing can beat a moijto by the pool, cheers to that!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (56)

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (57)

My summer is over, luckily just for over a month! Anna in her wonderland is back in the Kingdom to carry on projects

6 Oct

annainherwonderland Miami september post (32)

Dear readers

The weekend is over, summer is over, autumn/fall is here and I suddenly feel cold, fancying a glass of red wine in the evening and to have the log fire on, soon without even noticing it will be Halloween and soon enough even Christmas, where does the time fly all the time??

Miami seems a long time ago, the weather unfortunately wasn’t the best in September, as our friends say “ You bring the rain over from England every time”…not fun!

Now we are back in the country to be reunited with coco, to carry on wedding planning projects, to bake a lot and to wait for the next trip…here you can see some pictures of the vacation, while wait for the next one where my best friend will join us, and I cannot wait!

Cruising around at night

annainherwonderland Miami september post (1)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (23)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (2)

Dinner date at Swine, where you can find the best burgers in town

annainherwonderland Miami september post (3)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (11)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (4)

Happy hour at Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne, where the view is simply unbeatable

annainherwonderland Miami september post (5)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (6)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (7)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (8)Cuban dinner, what I look forward the mostannainherwonderland Miami september post (12)Vaca frita for everybody please! annainherwonderland Miami september post (13)

Do you think it’s going to rain? Let’s take the bikes and ride home!

annainherwonderland Miami september post (14)

Friday night dinner at area 31 at the Epic hotel, magical!

annainherwonderland Miami september post (15)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (16)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (17)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (18)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (19)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (20)

A few deserved Piña colada on a rainy dayannainherwonderland Miami september post (21)

Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? A new addiction to the house

annainherwonderland Miami september post (22)

Day out in the Design district

annainherwonderland Miami september post (24)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (25)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (26)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (27)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (28)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (29)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (30)

And unfortunately the last night out before heading back, see you in November!

annainherwonderland Miami september post (34)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (35)

annainherwonderland Miami september post (31)

Birthdays, babies, pets, friends from abroad and lots of travelling around, Anna in her wonderland turns 30 tomorrow, let’s celebrate!!!

18 Aug

annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (23)

Dear readers

in less than 24 hours it will be my birthday, exactly 9 days after my husband’s birthday and we cannot wait to go to London to celebrate the event with our good friends, I can’t still believe the number…it feels like yesterday when I turned 18, or 20, or 24…30 seems such a big and imposing number!

I have had a few busy days last week, we had some friends over from the States and we have been enjoying the English countryside, with lots of food and drinks…that’s why I have been Booze Free since Thursday, but I so look forward to crack the rose’ champagne tonight to start the celebrations!

annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (25)

An Italian trip in a few days, a trip to Ibiza in September…and Miami to come soon enough to keep me busy and look forward the next move. So obsessed with pets and babies at the moment, I went to visit friends last week I and get so happy around the babies and toddler…will it be our turn soon? Hopefully!

I wish you all an amazing week!!!



Our first birthday cake made by our friends daughters, so sweet!

annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (3)

My latest obsession, Benson the bulldogannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (2) Cavalier king charles meeting upannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (5)On a windy day out and about in Brighton
annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (10) Smoothie o’clock, trying to detoxannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (9) Sunday roast at the local pub with my American girlfriendannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (7) And a British afternoon teaannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (6) Happy birthday to my gorgeous husbandannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (11) I want kids right now, look how gorgeous Christian is!!!!annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (12) So obsessed!!!annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (13) And his little sister who likes to take selfies with Annaannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (14) annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (15)Cocktail o’clock at Aqua Kyoto in London
annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (17) annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (18) My first 30th birthday card!!!annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (20) Manicure monday, I love my Cake Pop shellac colour!annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (24) And why not photobomb Coco??annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (22) My gorgeous babyannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (21)

Anna goes to Italy : Feliz Navidad…Buon Natale…Merry Christmas from my wonderland!!

24 Dec

Hello dear readers

And Happy Christmas to everybody! I came back home to visit my family on the 18thand, despite I miss a lot my husband (and the dog) I am loving being back home, spending time with the family, hanging out with my best friends, enjoying evenings out, enjoying mulled wine, traditional food from my hometown, Bergamo, which I love deeply and just being happy to be back !!

I am seriously obsessed with the song Feliz Navidad right now, constantly on repeat on my iPhone, so I can try to learn something more in Spanish, just to practice for the next Miami trip, just in a few days, I can’t wait!!!

I wish you all merry Christmas and Happy New Year….and I will post from Miami!

Enjoy the holidays everybody


anna in her wonderland xmas time

IMG_0876Festive London Gatwick airportanna in her wonderland xmas timeFluffy clouds anna in her wonderland xmas time

Size doesn’t matter they say, mini Christmas tree at home

anna in her wonderland xmas time

Marocchino and Italian espressoanna in her wonderland xmas timeBest aperitif in town, Il Maialinoanna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

Casoncelli alla bergamasca, the best ravioli ever!!!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeRainy night…anna in her wonderland xmas timeWhat a joy to see Coco and my husband with Skype!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeLove IManna in her wonderland xmas timeDinner at noodles in Milan for my cousin’s Last Dinner before move to London Town!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeChampagne showers in the Navigli area (Milano)

anna in her wonderland xmas timeGertrude!anna in her wonderland xmas timeSaturday night, dinner with friends, so glad to be together!!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeTable number 3 from my wedding reunited for the Christmas dinner, all my best friends in one place, love it

anna in her wonderland xmas timeDinner, all traditional!!anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas timeFinally I met Andrea, the new entry in my friend’s house, so much love!!!anna in her wonderland xmas timeIsotta supervising the Florist shop!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeGetting ready for a Sunday night out clubbing in town with the girls

anna in her wonderland xmas timeMy best friends was planning to get me drunk with hierbas, clearly!

anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland christmas timeour table at Capogiro joy club ( I haven’t been there for 7 years!)anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time13 girls with 2 bottles of Belvedere vodkaanna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

So many events to attend and so many things to look forward to, Hag do, British Polo, Goodwood and 2 years wedding anniversary, busy weekend in wonderland coming up!

12 Jul

Hello readers

Here we are, Friday, ready to celebrate the weekend and attend so many events. I am going to the Beach British Polo to watch the race and to take part of my friends Hag Do…they had to explain to me that is a combined Hen do and a Stag do, should be great fun!!!

british beach polo sandbanks hag do

And on Sunday I am going to Goodwood Festival of Speed, for someone who’s not that keen on cars should be good fun anyway…I actually look forward to that, Sunday should be the busiest day of the 4 days event, sold out for ages…bring it on then!! Me and my husband will be at the Michelin stand next to this gorgeous Audi R8 in chrome…if I forget my mirror I can put make up on just looking it at!

goodwood thursday mtm


And what about Tuesday? 16th July…it’s going to be our second year wedding anniversary, I can’t believe how quickly time flies by!!! What shall we do to celebrate? Well we have to take Coco to the last lesson of puppy classes, and hopefully off to dinner somewhere nice, with Coco or Cocoless!

second wedding anniversary

happy second wedding anniversary

Enjoy you all the weekend…I will enjoy mine, never been so happy to be in England right now…we finally have a summer!!!


My Italian week is over and I feel it! Bergamo and Milano in my heart and soul, but now I can enjoy the British Summer down in Albion!

1 Jul

Milano duomo

Dear readers

I had such a lovely week back home to visit my family and friends that when on Friday I was about to leave I felt tears coming down, I have been living abroad for nearly five years and I have never struggled to leave so much like this time! Anyway, I am back home with my husband and my gorgeous dog, finally summer has arrived in the Kingdom so I am enjoying long sessions in the garden, walking around town and I have to start to kick my own ass at the gym if I want to see some good results…and to get rid of the hangover caused by the weekend!

I am so pleased with myself today, my freelance collaboration with Spanish Mag Flic Magazine is going well and what a coincidence, in this issue Anna in Her wonderland talks Milano… you can find the link here!

http://flicmagazine.com/mag/en/travel/milano-fashion-traffic-noise-pollutionwith-a-special-place-in-my-heart/ (the English version)

http://flicmagazine.com/mag/es/travel/milano-fashion-traffic-noise-pollutionwith-a-special-place-in-my-heart/ (the Spanish version)

Read the full issue of Flic Magazine here


Thanks a lot to the editor to allow myself to talk about my travels in the magazine and thanks a lot to my cousin to be my official photographer (follow him at @farfa10 on twitter and IL_FARFA on instagram!), Longhi family power!!!

Here we are with some pictures taken in Milan and Bergamo my hometown, and of course some good food…and some boozy weekend pictures!


#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (18)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (15)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (14)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (13)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (12)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (11)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (10)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (9)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (8)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (7)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (6)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (5)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (2)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (4)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (3)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (1)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (1)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (16)

#myitalianweek annainherwonderland (17)

The sun in my eyes and the floods at my feet, but we love Miami anyway! Having fun despite the tropical storm Andrea going by!

8 Jun

anna kim at delano

Hello readers

We have been in Miami for 8 days now and despite the weather is not completely on our side (the tropical storm Andrea is going by, with afternoon and evening heavy rain with floods everywhere) but despite this little inconvenient we are enjoyin the time here as usual, without one care in the world!

We have been hanging out with friends, seen friends we haven’t seen for a while, been out on the boat around Biscayne bay, we undressed the boat from its stickers, not raceboat anymore only pleasure!!

We have been cooking endless barbecue, been drinking gallons of alcohol…and of course I have been sick because I am obsessed with food and drinks! We went to the best and funny restaurant in town, Barton G and even our friends loved it, we went for low key but tasty Cuban food at the Latin American cafe ( I can eat la vaca frita de Carne all day long!) and as usual my husband can’t just lay down and relax because he has to have a project in mind all the time, let’s sort the grass in the front yard, let’s fix something…please darling chill!!! Still 5 days to spend here in paradise, there is something about here that I love, I always will and that makes me feel at home. I heart Miami.


anna scarlett delano



































The sun in our eyes and the world at our feet…two weeks in Miami with good friends, good food and good drinking!

24 Apr

anna kim at the standard

champagne morning miami

Hello readers,

I must admit I haven’t turned my laptop on for ten days…I couldn’t face to stop enjoying our good times here but I had too…to download all the pictures and of course to write this post! I love Miami more every time I come back here as you all know, and I am dreading to the idea of leaving here on Friday night!

Boating, shopping, drinking, eating, relaxing, chilling…one of the best vacation of all times!

I might show you some pictures then…














Life according to Anna, weddings, pets, friends and travelling…that’s all I care about!

13 Apr

Dear readers

It has been a while since my last post and a busy week has just gone by, last weekend we attended a friend’s wedding in York and I was so impressed by the town, by the friendliness of the people, by the venue, by the wedding and especially by the kilts..yes it was a Scottish wedding and I absolutely loved it!

I can show some snaps of the wedding weekend…I am sure the bride and groom wouldn’t mind (hopefully!). To see my first church wedding in England gave me even more inspiration for my wedding planning adventure…now I just need the weekend to go by and wait for Monday morning, when we will fly to Miami for two weeks with friends…and we all can’t wait!

Have a good weekend everyone and I’ll keep you posted soon!






DSC02744 DSC02755























anna and coco

anna and evie

coco on the sofa

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