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Anna vs Fitness, bring it on in Brighton at #FitnessFirstDropIn , gym bunny anytime soon? Squat you!

26 Feb

Dear Readers

I hope you are all well, I am currently settling back into the British winter after been away for a bit of Floridian winter in Miami, jet lag is not affecting me as much this time luckily, I have my dog alarm clock in these mornings that wakes us up pining and barking….yes Coco is having a phantom pregnancy and she is so hormonal and crazy now…oh it sounds familiar, a bit like me!!

Anyway after having a great time in sunny Florida hanging out at the Boat Show by the old marine stadium in Key Biscayne, seeing friends, boating around and eating out a lot we came back home to reality, and to an event I attended last Tuesday and I have to tell you all about.

Karma is such a b••••…as you guys remember on my previous blog post talking about fitness, diets, fitness DVDs, dry January and so on … and two days after publishing it I get invited to a Fitness blogging event, And isn’t it ironic… don’t you think? As Alanis Morissette would sing

I must admit I was excited and scared at the same time to go this meeting at the Fitness First Gym in Brighton…I am totally not a gym bunny and walk through a gym full of people kinda scares me a bit, because I wouldn’t know where to look or let alone where to start!

I put my gym gear on and I took the train down to Brighton where I was welcome by very nice and friendly people who showed me and the other bloggers around the facilities of the gym, I am a bit claustrophobic and see the staircases going down and down made me a bit nervous, but once down in the gym area I didn’t feel UNDERGROUND at all, I couldn’t believe how busy it was, 6pm on a Tuesday, all these people working out?! Madre Mia, I would normally be at home playing around in the kitchen and getting ready for an aperitif!

Me and the lovely Natalie from Tea Cake and Make were assigned to personal trainer Sam, who was really nice, friendly and kind to us, we had a chat before start to know us a bit better about what we are used to “gymwise”, if we had any sort of injury or problems that needed to be addressed before start and he make me feel comfortable to go down that staircase and walk through the Gym’s door.

Mind you I still feel my legs sore three days after but I really enjoyed the workout, apologise for the sweaty pictures, I can totally say that I hate lunges with all my heart because I struggle to find my balance and the abs exercises were hard but effective, as I left the Brighton club feeling shaky on my journey home.

After working us out Sam spent more time with us to reply to all our questions and I really enjoyed the way he was explaining us the work of a personal trainer, the importance of a good diet and the importance of a good balance in life, which is totally my philosophy.

Before this event I must admit, I was rather sceptical about personal trainers in general, maybe let’s blame the social media…but I couldn’t understand why people would just get one, even one assigned by the gym not chosen by the person, and why would they totally do what they say to do, eat what they say according to their “meal plan” and totally trust somebody that would just call them Honey or Darling just because they have so many clients and they can’t remember your name (and maybe even developing a crush on the PT in the meantime…sad women!) but I must say, Sam with his 11 years experience of personal training in England and in Australia made me see things in a different way and we could totally get on and agree on working out as a lifestyle choice to feel better, not just to show off on social media that you are developing a slight beginning of abs, or ass and showing the word of Instagram that you are drinking a protein shake….I do not have a problem with gym bunnies but MODERATION is the key, OBSESSION is something I would steer clear from.

Would I get a personal trainer myself? Of course not, but I would totally recommend Sam at Fitness First in Brighton if you guys are looking for one! I will keep on doing my weekly classes when in the country, use my complimentary passes soon and keep on enjoying life as I always do, even with or without abs, the world of social media can carry on even without my Motivation Monday or Transformation Tuesday, as I haven’t got nothing to transform as I am happy and body confident and I do not need to have the approval of anybody.

Thanks a lot for the experience #FitnessFirstDropIn

Have a great weekend


Welcome to my February, time to plan more trips & stop the New year resolutions / January nonsense, #BeHappy

1 Feb

Dear readers

I am sorry I haven’t been posting recently, I have been too busy settling back into the British winter after the holidays spent in Italy and Miami, I am back, for a bit, as usual.

The Christmas time back home with friends and family was amazing, good times, lots of laugher and lots of food involved…not that many people can say they had an 8 hours long Christmas lunch…I can! And when you are about to give up and say Thank you guys but we have been sat for 7 hours, ok the company is great but…And they stop you saying: Next course it the Italian cheesecake (gorgonzola, brie, mascarpone and walnut cake)…followed by panettone and pandoro with coffee mascarpone, what did I do? Just gave upend kept on eating!!!

Italians express their love with food, and that’s what my family does best and I love that, overindulging over Christmas is great but of course it can’t be the normal routine, but what about the pressure everybody gets put under between the New Year and the end of January? Resolutions, dry January, start working out, be kind to people, get better at something…I mean take it easy!

Life is all about balance, we only have one life so please enjoy and make the most of it…plus shall we talk about what happens at the beginning of January?! The release of fitness DVDs!!! Oh My Lord…is that something worse than that? Z-list celebrities who used to be fat and wobbly and suddenly they become gym bunnies, personal trainers addict, food connoisseurs and they tell you: I lost 3 stone, 19 kg, 42 pounds whichever weight conversion floats your boat, YOU CAN DO IT TOO, in the comfort of your living room!! Yes right people exercising in front of the telly in their workout gear, it will happen for a week and they will get bored and quit! Really I can do it too? And you would tell me what to eat too then to reach the perfect body? I don’t follow recipe books, I always add my own touch, let alone to listen to you whoever you are, famous or not, you ain’t a dietologist so why would I bother?!I am very happy with my height & my weight so please, social media stop bombarding us with Are You Beach Body Ready type of messages? Lots of people get sucked in!

Anyway this is my 1st February rant…I am sure I have posted something similar in the past few beginning of the years, this is what I think and I stick by…Italian Style!

Did I mention that I received a pasta machine for Christmas? I love it!!! So if somebody says No Carbs are allowed, my reply can only be one…bugger off!

And of course I am not criticising people who exercise a lot or go to the gym or whatever, not at all, I love fitness classes like body balance, pilates, yoga and body pump, I do lots of them once or twice a week, or once every fortnight it depends…I just get bored easily and I can’t stick to something that long, that’s why I like to do different things to keep me motivated, I do it just to keep busy and toned…but if I don’t do it for a day it ain’t the end of the world, I just go for an hour long dog walk/run, it’s always exercise!

Going back to the travelling side of my post…we had a great time in Miami over new year, as usual, and I seriously cannot wait to be back in a week to escape from the cold weather, it makes such a difference to have some sunshine in the winter, total mood lifting!

And now let’s just have a look at what went on in the past few months

Christmas and the holidays between Italy & Florida, going back to the cold British weather, birthday with friends & toddlers, and a dog photoshoot!

with love


From Miami to Lake Como via the Kingdom! The latest from Anna in her wonderland

9 Dec

Dear readers

I have just arrived back from a lovely weekend back home in italy, which I have been secretly plotting it for months with my mum and my cousins as it was my dad’s 70th birthday: we just wanted to surprise him with arriving back home without him knowing it, and I must say the surprise came out perfect and we all had a great time, my italian family all together and for once with my husband and mother in law, we all had a blast!

Too much but too good food and the company was great, we couldn’t have asked for more, gorgeous sunny and cold days where we have been going around Bergamo, my hometown and Lake Como, where four years ago we tied the knot, great times!

We have just came back from two weeks in the Floridian sunshine and it was nice just to be home for a week before jetting off again, while getting ready for Christmas at the same time and getting some cooking and baking done in the meantime…but I am sure the pictures speak for themselves

I will be again in Italy to celebrate Christmas with my family and soon after that off to Miami again to celebrate the new year….FELIZ NAVIDAD to everybody!!!


Birthday dinner, lunches, dinners, trip to Lake Como, rabbit and polenta, family gathering, take away pizza, prosecco, aperitif board…welcome to my amazing and beautiful country!


Just pointing out some of the local delicacies we have been eating in the past few days, first of all my favourite dish ever is Casoncelli all bergamasca, meat stuffed ravioli with butter, sage and bacon...homemade by my aunt and my mum…. two dishes for me at lunchtime, too tasty to leave it!

from Miami to Lake Como via the Kingdom_IMG_12cvbn28_1024

Second I love to pick up these amazing dessert every time I visit Bergamo alta, they are called Polenta and Osei because they look like the dish you would eat as your sunday roast, translated into polenta and birds, a sugar and marzipan heaven!

from Miami to Lake Como via the Kingdom_IMG_1217_1024s

I cannot not mention the delicious Pizzoccheri della valtellina, buckwheat pasta with cheese, greens, potatoes, butter and garlic….a must for our big family gathering on sunday lunchtime!

from Miami to Lake Como via the Kingdom_IMG_1207c_1024

And last, but not because less important, this is by far my favourite “second” choice for a meal. I was brought up to eat polenta and coniglio every sunday so this is so perfect and so tasty for me, yes I am talking about Rabbit and polenta! My husband will not eat it…but every time I go back home this dish is on our menu!


And more about our trip to Miami and Key West, road tripping, power boating, having fun with good friends, happy hours, seven years anniversary for us and lots of good times!



Long time no see! Anna is back, catching up on the summer and on the latest adventures

23 Oct

Dear Readers

it has been over two months since my last post, which was totally wedding planning related after the beautiful wedding I organised for my clients on the shores of Lake Como,I am still living all the memories of that beautiful day and I am so grateful that I finally received yesterday all the official pictures, looking forward to update my website now!

My summer has been busy between trips to Italy, Miami and Formentera and I finally have some time now to share the latest after such a long time.

I do love my blog and I do love when I people send me emails asking about it and why I don’t post that often but as you guys all know, I am not a:

Fashion Blogger (I wish…and I might try!)


Food blogger (I just love cooking)

but I am a bit of “everything goes and I talk about everything” blogger and sometimes I don’t always feel like sharing everything, especially things that goes on in your life… that’s why I don’t post as often and it goes by a few months sometimes between blog posts, but I am here, writing with my new MacBook air, so let’s make the most of it.

Apart from organising the wedding this summer I spent time in Miami with my husband and friends, I went to Formentera with my two best friends, where I totally left my heart…what a beautiful and amazing place to relax and have fun! More italian trips for my birthday and my husband’s birthday down on the Italian riviera, where I turned 31… (where is the turn back time button? I need one!) and more Miami time in September with my husband…we have been back for a month and it feels already like a lifetime!

I am still obsessed with cooking and baking as always, thank God for my great metabolism otherwise I would look like a barrel with all the cooking I get involved in…still totally obsessed with online shopping, please take all the devices away from me (and delete my paypal account!) and Coco, my furry companion, she is always by my side and she might raise to stardom soon, as we were called to go for an interview and photoshoot for a dog’s disease awareness campaign in London…watch this space!!

I am going to add some recent pictures and … keep in touch!!

Have a great weekend


Anna in Her Wonderland

Coco and I on a photoshoot in London

annainherwonderland.com2775 annainherwonderland.com2734

Enjoying the time in England, pub lunches and fire on in the evenings


Spending some time with good friends and their gorgeous toddlers


Miami good times, out for dinners and fun

annainherwonderland.com2494 annainherwonderland.com2513 annainherwonderland.com2534 annainherwonderland.com2595 annainherwonderland.com2379 annainherwonderland.com2341

Forgot to mention my latest act of clumsiness, I broke my toe! six weeks on it’s finally getting sorted

annainherwonderland.com2337 annainherwonderland.com2262

Great times and great food in Italy for our birthdays

annainherwonderland.com1981 annainherwonderland.com2017

Food, food and more cooking and baking

annainherwonderland.com2130 annainherwonderland.com2221annainherwonderland.com0022annainherwonderland.com2278annainherwonderland.com

Good times in London with friends and with the family!

annainherwonderland.com1709 annainherwonderland.com1671

Formentera with my bestie, what a great holiday

annainherwonderland.com0862 annainherwonderland.com0596 annainherwonderland.com0599 annainherwonderland.com0645 annainherwonderland.com0687 annainherwonderland.com0688

Sometimes I come back! Anna in her wonderland on an Italian Christmas late edition and the mid January (non) New Year Resolution!!

12 Jan

Dear Readers

Sometimes I come back as you can see, I know it has been a while with Christmas, the holidays, the vacation and all that but I am finally back, luckily just for a month, I can’t already bare how cold is back here, I am more a sunny & hot weather type of girl, 100% more Miami than Brighton Beach!

I had such a great and amazing time back home in Italy to celebrate Christmas with my family and my friends, they were 8 full days of fun, laughter, shopping trips, lunches and dinners and lots of dancing in the clubs around my hometown of Bergamo, I felt like 18 again! It is so crazy how just a week spend with the people you love most that unfortunately due to the circumstances I don’t see that often recharged my batteries and gave me a massive energy boost to keep going, so glad to have such great family and awesome loving friends in my life!!!

Touched down back in the Kingdom it was time to celebrate with my husband and leave the cold behind for the sunny shores of Miami, our favourite place on earth, where we just enjoyed hanging out, sunbathing, swimming, eating and drinking, walking the neighbours’ dog (I have the new role of Floridian dog sitter to a gorgeous 7 months old golden retriever), getting the boat ready for the February trip and having fun!!

I have been reading a lot on social media recently about New Year’s resolution…is that me but this year it seems a bit gone too far…I mean so many people are talking about it non-stop…and will they actually “obey” to their NY’s vows? Of course everybody (apart me) feels a bit fat after all the overindulging during the Christmas holidays but a bit of control and a bit of exercises will get everything and everybody back in track, without any drama and without becoming a body builder or a fitness fanatic for a few weeks!

So pleased of my fast burning metabolism, in Italy I must admit all I ate was pasta, tons of pizza and I couldn’t resist to focaccia when I drove down to the Riviera for the day…lots of veggie too but just such a different diet to what I normally cook and eat here…and within 3 days 2kg were gone, where I do not really need to lose weight!! The secret is just happiness and moderation, in everything, and stop going on with all new year’s resolution bullshit, have fun & be happy!

With Love

The view of the Riviera, happiness from the balcony

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (2)Santa has forgotten his laundry!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (4)Saturday night dinner party with friends, amazing times!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (5)My diet, pasta, pizza, sleep, repeat!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (9)Moscow mule at Marc Jacobs’?AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (10)Thigh high boots nightAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (17)My gorgeous friend arianna, shame anita couldn’t come! A power

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (6)Excelsior Milano, shopping day!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (7)Carrie will you marry me? Those Manolos!!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (8)My beautiful hometown BergamoAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (26)Beautiful zona Brera in MilanoAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (30)

Flower powerAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (31)Ceresio 7 Milano, rooftop aperitif, even in December!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (33)

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (35)

Christmas day finally reunited with my niece Martina!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (36)And to burn some calories, let’s go clubbing on Christmas nightAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (37)Clearly we weren’t’ the only ones there!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (38)My poor shoes used to be cleaned before being washed with Belvedere vodka!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (39)My favourite peopleAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (40)From Milano via Brighton to Miami, here we go!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (41)First happy hour in Key BiscayneAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (42)Followed by my first day craving, cuban food!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (43) New Year’s eve, party! AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (45)Still squeezing in my dress despite the tonnes of lobster mac and cheese at NYE!

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (47)

Ready for our date night at Cecconi Miami BeachAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (53)

Easy friday night? Let’s cycle to the restaurant in the neighborhood  AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (49)

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (50)

Chilling sundaysAnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (51)

My new mate, Cody!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (52)

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (54)

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (55)

After a long day, nothing can beat a moijto by the pool, cheers to that!AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (56)

AnnainherwonderlandLateXmas&NYpost 2014 2015  (57)

Time goes by too quickly when you are having fun: Anna, Anna and Kim take Miami! The vacation to celebrate our 30th Birthday

20 Nov

Dear readers

The past ten days have been simply amazing, after a few years of living apart in different countries, my best friend and I managed to squeeze in a week long vacation together, like the old good times and trust me we had so much fun!!! I keep on looking back at the pictures to try to live all the moments again, it is true that time goes by too quickly when you are having fun and spending time with the people you love! From Miami to Boca Chita (by boat) and from Brickell to Key West (by car) every moment was a laugh, every song listened remind us a good moment in time…oh God it wish it wasn’t over! Anyway let’s start the countdown to Christmas and to the next two trips planned, Italy and Florida again of course! I am stuck with ideas for Christmas gifts for everybody, any suggestions?? Now you can have a look at the pictures of Anna, Anna & Kim Take Miami!


Let’s start with a mandatory white pedicure before go boating…BLANCO para el Barco Mañana

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (50)

First night out, sushi dinner at the SLSannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (53)

A walk on Crandon Beach in Key Biscayne at sunsetannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (52)

Let’s go boating!annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (54)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (55)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (26)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (23)

Fun at Boca Chita Keyannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (22)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (24)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (25)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (13)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (15)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (14)We just packed beers…so we opened a coconut for lunch! annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (20)

Friday lunch at Nikki Beachannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (27)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (28)

After that somebody fell into a hole in the road…annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (29)Ready for our road trip to Key West at the weekend

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (33)

Selfie in the Cobra & 500!annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (30)

Islamorada Key Lime Coladaannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (32)

Beautiful sunset in Key West, even better at happy hour!

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (34)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (35)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (36)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (37)The Europeans

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (38)

Last night together with dinner at Rusty Pelican

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (39)

And a few drinks in Brickellannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (40)

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (42)

Anna has gone back to Italy so I tried to cheer myself up with food! Bacon, butterscotch and pecan cake

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (43)

Miami beach marina at nightannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (44)

And some funny meetings on our morning ride on Brickell Key

annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (46)

Last few hours of sunshine annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (47)

Please darling make me happy…take me toannainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (48)

Shake Shack for lunch!!!annainherwonderland & anna in Miami November 14 (49)

The Italian week, the wedding planning, the two lakes, the British sea, the Italian family over, the domestic goddess and the next trip to the land of the free and home of the brave, Anna is keeping busy!

8 Jul

Dear readers

As usual I am really late at posting updates on the blog, sorry guys I lose track of time sometimes! I spent a week in Italy with my family checking out wedding venues for my next bride and groom to be, so pleased to have had the chance to go over the beautiful Lake Como again, work meeting pleasure is always the way forward! And I spent the weekend enjoying time with the family, going clubbing on the other lake, Lake Garda, relaxing and having fun… sometimes just a few days home recharge my batteries so much to keep on going better and stronger!

Back home I keep on feeling like I need to cook and bake all day, yesterday for example I wasn’t feeling my best but suddenly after dinner I thought..I fancy a cake! Opened the fridge, found two large oranges, butter, yogurt and eggs…one hour later we were all eating orange cake!

I have had my family over last weekend where we spent a nice day in Brighton on a beautiful sunny day, shame Coco is in season and we were chased by male dogs on the seafront…and shame a few days after going back into Brighton I curbed my wheel very badly…my husband wasn’t impressed as you all can imagine, my excuse was “I have had the car for 4 months and this is the first time, I am doing quite alright for myself!”

Anyway I felt boring last week so I decided to change my look, so short bob hairstyle with blonde highlights, I am only a month and eleven days from turning 30…I am probably experiencing a beginning of midlife crisis…and between a cup of tea and a walk with the dog we are getting ready for the next Miami trip, only ten days to go!

Have a good week everybody

The first thing to do when in Italy? Espresso is my must

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (7)

Followed by a polenta based lunch

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (6)

How can you not fall in love for Villa del Balbianello? good enough to film Casino Royale and Star wars…good enough for me!

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (9)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (10)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (11)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (12)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (14)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (15)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (17)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (19)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (20)

From Lake Como to Lake Garda to party with friends

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (21)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (22)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (23)

Back to England back to cook! Italian food of course, orecchiette con le cime di rapa, thanks to gino d’acampo recipe

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (24)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (25)

And orecchiette with cream and smoke salmon, thanks to Gino again

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (38)

And coconut muffins for afternoon tea
annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (28)

And with Coco being Coco

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (26)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (30)

Getting ready for a night out with friends

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (29)And the family has come over

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (31)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (32)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (33)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (34)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (35)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (36)

What do Italians eat on a Sunday? My lasagne!

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (37)

A day of gardening in the sun

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (40)

annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (41)

And Coco being silly again!annainherwonderland blog post 08.07 (43) annaInHerWonderlandSIGNATURE


Still living the American Dream even a few days after being back home, the resume of the good times in Miami…Travel makes me exhausted but so happy!

27 May

Dear Readers

I am so sad to have left, once again, the sunshine state behind me…especially when I come home and the weather in England suddenly turns wet and miserable, it makes me want to run away again! Oh Dear Miami how many good memories I take home with me every time…the friendly and beautiful people around town, the warm sunshine, the parties, the boating, the bike rides around town, the endless tasty dinners and the new restaurants to discover…it is always a discovery for me! I do hate the plane ride though, it makes me tense and nervous thinking that I am over the big pond (I haven’t gone over fear of flying and I don’t know when I will finally surrender to the fact that is the safest form of transport…clearly not yet).

So much good times and fun, but let the pictures to speak for me!

Have a good week everybody!!

Nakd healthy snack, perfect to carry in my handbag while travelling and boost my energy levels

It cannot be the first night if we don’t get our Cuban food fix, Vaca Frita!

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (1)

I found a bit of home in Miami, Riviera focacceria in Midtown!

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (2)

We couldn’t resist to more Italian food that night, focaccia di recco as starter

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (5)

And to get rid of jet lag, Shake shack burger is my cure!

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (6)

Let’s bright up the white theme

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (3)


Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (4)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (7)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (10)

Life’s a beach, South Beach!Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (11)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (13)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (14)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (15)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (21)

Big pink breakfastAnnainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (20)

Sunday brunch at nikki beach

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (16)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (18)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (19)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (22)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (24)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (25)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (26)

Cecconi Miami, one of my favourites!

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (28)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (29)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (30)

Bike ride around Brickell Key

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (32)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (33)

BBQ at home and funny faces

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (34)

Ready to go out

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (39)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (38)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (37)

I tried to go over the Key Biscayne Bridge and I failed badly! Just enjoying the view

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (36)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (35)

Dinner at Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne, nowhere else you get a view like this!

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (40)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (41)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (42)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (43)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (44)

Driving around in the crazy traffic…I miss Miami already!

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (49)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (48)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (47)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (46)

Annainherwonderland Miami edition May 2014 (45)

See you soon!

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From Miami to Vegas, our favorite places on earth! Two bloggers join forces on this Traveller style post

12 Apr

Dear readers

Today you are going to read something a bit different than my usual “personal” style, I joined forces with American travel expert Kendra Thornton and we spoke about our favorite places on Earth, Miami for me and Las Vegas for Kendra so we decided to put everything in a blog post! As usual I express my love for the city of Miami and Kendra, a proud mother of three, tells her side of the story about Sin City…which can be enjoyed even with family and kids! I hope you will enjoy this collaboration guys and thanks for reading it.

From Anna in her wonderland

Twitter @Anna_L_Collins

Miami, the melting pot of South Florida

Miami Annainherwonderland (10)

Nowhere else in the world you will be able to see such a big mix of cultures like you can see in Miami, from Cuba to Argentina, from Dominican Republic to Brazil, from Colombia to Italy, from Russia to Turkey, you name a country, you will find citizen from that country in Miami somewhere, guaranteed.

Speaking with a friend once in Miami I heard this: – There is no one person who lives in Miami that is actually born and raised in Miami, everyone has an accent and you will get away much better speaking Spanish than English, or let’s say learn Spanglish it will be easier for you.

I fell in love for Miami the first time I landed there, back in 2007; I still remember the drive from the airport to South Beach, All night long by Lionel Richie was on the radio and just to see the skyscrapers off the causeway made me so happy, so relaxed, so…at home.

You can find everything you want in Miami, at any time of the day and night. Stores open 24/7, clubs and bars in continue expansion everywhere, amazing hotels, posh restaurants, fast boats, luxury boats, celebrities filming reality shows and music videos, designer stores and malls, art fairs, boat shows, exotic cars, if you are up for the holiday of a lifetime, Miami is the place to be.

The party town of South Beach goes even crazier during the Winter Music conference week, that collides with spring break (Easter holidays for American colleges and university) with music events everywhere, international DJs, pool parties and so much fun going on, the perfect setting for an European party-goer.

But what about the language “barrier”? As Italian who moved to the United Kingdom I learnt that everywhere you go in the world the English language should be predominant, or at least everyone will understand you, well you are wrong, this is not happening in Miami.

The city is nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America”, is the second-largest U.S. city (after El Paso, Texas) with a Spanish-speaking majority, and the largest city with a Cuban-American plurality.

Cubano estadounidense is the way forward, all of them live “normally” within the only few real American citizens of Miami, most of them are born and raised in America as American citizens themselves, in most of the cases grandparents or relatives are Cubans, and they switch perfectly from Spanish to English and viceversa, I know a few of them who are Americans with Cubans parents and they have never been to Cuba, how crazy is that?

I love everything about this big city, I love South Beach with all year round tourists everywhere, I like Brickell with its skyscrapers and locals buzzing around, I love Little Havana with all its Cuban and South American restaurants, I adore the pretty area of Coconut Grove with all the marinas where we always hang out with our boat, I love Sunset Drive and its shops and bars, despite the busy US1! I love Key Biscayne and its beaches where it feels like to be in the Caribbean…but where you can still see the Miami skyline…so many things I love about this city that I could keep on writing forever.

After all these years of travelling to Miami and my part time life there I must admit I haven’t learnt Spanish yet, despite people think I am Latino (good old Italian dark skin and hair), but I am trying to get into the different mix of cultures every time, and I will never stop to learn something new every day and open my mind even more…that’s why I love Miami so much.
Miami Annainherwonderland (11)

Miami Annainherwonderland (5)

Miami Annainherwonderland (4)

Miami Annainherwonderland (2)

Miami Annainherwonderland (1)

Miami Annainherwonderland (3)

From Kendra Thornton

Twitter @KendraThornton

 Let’s All Go to Vegas This Summer

Going to Vegas has always been one of my favorite and most memorable trips. There’s so much to do, so many places to see and tons of quirky thrills to enjoy. Whether you want to jump in the aquarium with sharks or rock out with KISS as you golf, there are a lot of different shows as well to enjoy while on your trip to the strip. Even when you head outside of Vegas, there’s more to see like the Grand Canyon. If you’re anything like my family and friends, you can’t just settle for seeing a few things.

1. Go Where the Sharks Go

When you think of a desert, sharks, crocodiles, moray eels, jellyfish and piranhas are probably not on your mind, so you probably didn’t know that you could swim with these incredibly mysterious and yet graceful creatures! At Mandalay Bay, you can jump in the shark tank and hang out with 15 species of sharks as well as other terrors of the deep. They’re actually quite interesting to see up close and not nearly as deadly as people make them out to be. You get to learn a lot about these different species while also swimming around them for an up close and personal look.

2. Rock Out with Your Club and KISS

The KISS Mini Golf experience is probably one of my favorite things to do in Vegas with the kids. You get a mini golfing experience that’s completely different than the boring clowns and dinosaurs of other mini golf parks. With giant guitars, animated replicas of the band and lots of music, you’ll get a lot of laughs as you go around the 18-hole course.

3. Quirky Museum Trips

There’s a lot of history in Vegas and some mystery as well. The museums in Vegas really show off the strange history of the town including the Neon Museum, which is a junkyard dedicated to the old neon signs that have been discarded by the hotels and attractions once popular on the strip. There’s also the Discovery Children’s Museum and the National Atomic Testing Museum.

4. Wild Roller Coasters

You may not be able to handle the double corkscrew, double-loop coaster called The Canyon Blaster at The Adventuredome at Circus Circus. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience. There truly is no other roller coaster like this one in the entire world. If you’re going to Vegas with kids, it will be hard not to stop by this theme park.

My family and I enjoy Las Vegas every time we visit, mostly because with so many hotels to stay at and things to do, each experience is different. With so many people traveling to Vegas, user reviews are readily available. Sites like Gogobot make it easy to read these user reviews.
Las Vegas Annainherwonderland (1)

Las Vegas Annainherwonderland (2)

Miami, where we belong. The resume of the perfect vacation from Anna in her wonderland

1 Apr

Hello readers

It has ben years now but there is still something I don’t understand completely, there is a connection, I have a deep connection with the city of Miami that I can’t explain in words, I can only tell you that Miami is my home, the place where I feel better than anywhere else in the world. It must be the sunshine, it must be the people, it must be the atmosphere, it must be something that makes me so happy that I can’t even explain, but please, keep on going!

We came back from ten amazing days in the sunshine and despite the weather is quite good here I miss already our good times spent away, going out boating, riding our bikes in the morning, lounging by the pool in the sunshine, going out for amazing dinners around town, watching the peacocks walking around the yard, trying to learn some Spanish, hanging out with good friends, oh no I can’t  believe it’s over! Here we go some pictures of our good times.

With Love



Before leaving

Just arrived, cuban food!



Sushi at the Delano



Lunch by the pool


Out in Key Biscayne for a bike ride


2 bikes in the trunk? of course!

bike testing at Walmart


Getting ready to go out


Friday out in West Palm beach for the boat show





Worth avenue


Moijto time at home


See? Everybody needs a bot with a toilet!


The housekeeper, the pool keeper…


Dinner at my favourite spanish restaurant, Barceloneta in South Beach, with the most amazing pictures in the restrooms!

Tennis time in Miami


Sunday, beautiful and perfect day to go out boating




Prosecco time at the sandbarIMG_2471







Bike ride in the morning in Brickell overlooking the Rickenbacker Bridge





Best lunch ever at Swine in Coral Gables!


Ready for another night out


Dinner at Cecconi South Beach and drinks at the Fointanebleau hotel




Ding dong, the peacock  is at the front door



am I tanned enough?


Beautiful last dinner at Sugarcane Midtown


Beautiful flowers by the bridge



Under the Rickenbacker bridge






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