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Sadly, time is up again! Packing time but really not feel like to leave, as usual!

10 May

Ten days again have gone too quickly, I’m here again with a suitcase in front of me and I really do not want to leave! Miami we heart you….

The last few days have been amazing, enjoying good times with friends, going out, discover new places…see you again in 5 weeks! As soon I will be back tomorrow I will post more pictures! Bye Bye SoBe!


Monday…not one of my best day of the week!!

28 Nov

Monday…it makes me think about Craig David and this song…so old but still so good…I’m gutted that I haven’t met him yet, we could say that we are neighbours in Miami…only 4 blocks between Flamingo and the Mondrian!

Wake up on a Monday morning, it’s a trauma that hits me every week! And every Monday, like every other day of the week, I have to fight for a parking space at the station car park…Bless you Thinkerbell (my Smart’s name) I always manage to find somewhere to park with your size!

Luckily the day at work is going quick, town is busy with everyone running around the shops for the Christmas shopping….so looking around myself I can update my wish list!

Sony Bloggie Touch camera….it could be great for the blog as well…maybe in pink…let’s do silver so even my husband will be able to use it!

Smoke – Carvela Kurt Geiger boots…if I’ll kick someone’s ass it will hurt like hell! 😉

It will be a short week this one…Friday we will fly to Venice to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday plus my dad’s birthday…it’s going to be great…and cold!!!


Driving through the Keys…

15 Nov

The week in key west is finally over, between lots of dramas with boats, rental cars and caravan, we drove back to Miami through the keys, we stopped to islamorada at the tiki bar for lunch and finally we are in Miami, not back home yet! Still sorting out the boat and looking for a place to store it…we are all so tired that I really don’t want to go back to england tomorrow, please I’d like to stay a few more days! X


My blackberry does not want to work at the moment so I cannot post any pictures, sorry about that I will do it tomorrow!

Back to Miami, Swedish House Mafia on in the apartment and now it’s time to hit the city!


Relax, that’s what I needed!

7 Nov

I feel so lucky right now, the sun is shining, the breeze is lovely and being on my sun lounger overlooking downtown Miami with all its skyscrapers makes me want to scream for the joy…but I can’t do this because I have a bit of sore throat! Yesterday I sunbathed by the pool, went out for some shopping and I ended up walking for more than 2 hours (why go to the gym? Go walking!) went back home, cooked myself dinner and I nearly passed out on the sofa, by 10pm I was in bed, that’s why today I feel good to enjoy my day in the sunshine! I have not spoken with anyone since yesterday, sometimes it’s quite nice just shut up and relax!

Miami beach… I heart you!!


Countdown’s nearly over, I’m going home!

3 Nov

-1 to go to Miami, in 30 minutes we will be able to check in online, I can’t wait to go but today is not a good day, feeling like a rag and my brain is surrounded by fog, that’s why I need an holiday!

I pre ordered from HMV Rihanna‘s new album, can’t wait for the 21st November!

In the meantime, I can’t get rid of this song from my head!

We found love in a hopeless place

Tiling, sunbathing, eating, what an hard life!

14 Sep

New experience for me today, my husband made me help him again in the kitchen (nearly done finally) and I did some tiling over the main wall, first time in my life, so last year I painted the walls when we bought the apartment, this time the tiling, I’m scared what’s going to happen next! Well maybe I should get an extra shopping trip somewhere because I’ve been a good wife, how strange to say that!

After that by the pool again, I can’t believe Thursday evening we are going back home, feeling sad already! Met a few really nice people here at Flamingo and I can’t wait to come back here in November, from Friday on I will start the countdown! Back to Ikea to take some pieces back and what’s up for us for dinner? We found an Argentine Steakhouse on the top of Lincoln Road and the dinner was spot on as usual! Wednesday as it is our last night here we go for a treat dinner after all our efforts at Cecconi’s, can’t wait! I’m definitely getting fat, can’t fit in my stripy Zara short!

Sunday, Sunshine, SoBe…

12 Sep

Another day in the sun for me, still very hot but luckily is more breezy today and being by the pool is more bearable than a few days ago, DIY work still going on but I couldn’t stand anymore to help my husband with the puzzle work in progress, I haven’t got the physique to do that, plus it gets so boring!

A good book and the IPod are always a good companion!  I met lots of nice people around the pool and it’s pleasant talking with someone, it’s completely not like being in England! Sorry Brits but you are so cold, I’d rather speak with the Americans…shall I be able to lose my crazy Italian accent in these days? We do accept bets…feel free to say! We were meant to go to Home Depot to go to get some more tools but we got stuck in traffic on the bridge between South Beach and Downtown due to a crazy accident, a car flew over the other side of the road, knocked down a palm and landed on the other side on his side, what a crazy thing to see!

Despite this we managed to arrive to home depot on time and because when we finished was already after 9pm we decided to speak Italiano tonight and go for a pizza at Fratelli la Bufala, what a nice pizza we had! I was a bit dress down and I had no make-up on but despite that, it was a good evening!!!

We are going to leave this world behind

4 Sep

The heavy suitcases are ready, I can already taste the mojitos and Bloody Mary,  I can already  hear the noise of the boats going across the bay,  I can already see the stunning Miami skyline in front of me, the Flamingo, the Mondrian, the Delano, I can already see me walking up and down Collins Avenue…how cool now Collins is my surname 😉

I can’t wait to get there, this video from the Swedish House Mafia put me in the right mood to go….we are going to leave our world behind, I’ll keep you posted!

By the way I will miss my beloved best friend Anna and my brother Chry… I will never forget our last vacation together there!!! Love you all ❤

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