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Totally obsessed with green

20 Sep

Today has been a boring day, I’m not feeling my best right now, I feel I’m just about to get a cold or a flu, the weather doesn’t help, today in Brighton the sky was miserably grey and it felt so windy, I haven’t been that busy at work so during lunch time I thought to go for a walk to fight my boredom and tiredness, thanks to the High Street I felt so much better! I went for a walk in H & M and I saw a dark green kimono dress…it made my day! I don’t know why I love the colour (or color depends which side of the Atlantic you are), I started to like it last year when I bought a Karen Miller bright green dress for a wedding (I couldn’t actually wear it for the occasion because my husband – my fiancé at the time banned me to wear it…well I worn it for my bachelorette’s party in Miami instead!).

I couldn’t believe how low cost shopping could make me feel so much better, a dress, a white shirt, three t-shirts and some socks made me happy and not bankrupt today!!!

I have an evening wedding invitation for Saturday night, what shall I wear? Help!!!! Still summery dresses or shall I go for something more fall-winter with darker colours? Or maybe something GREEN!!!

Oops I did it again…

31 Aug

Online shopping hits again my fragile persona… I’m a victim of all the newsletters I receive at work! Wednesday morning, 11AM, the system at work crashed…10 minutes spare, an email that talks about bikini clearance…20% off, I thought about my best friends who calls me The Queen of Cheap & Chic and what happened? A new bikini is on its way to Miami…come on every girl needs a new bikini, well if that girl is going in holiday in 5 days! God bless Victoria’s Secret… Can’t wait to see the London stores soon, didn’t you know?


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