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All of a sudden I am back, how did it happen? Florida seems a long memory away! Luckily my Christmas present is coming early this year…and happy 4th anniversary to us!

14 Nov

This morning when the alarm went off at 10.30 I thought…where am I? oh yes I flew back Monday night and here I am, back in England, trying to adjust my body back to Greenwich Time but still thinking on Eastern time! The choice was to come back from Miami Monday night or Friday night, despite how much I love spend time there it was getting too much to take for my on my own, gorgeous place, gorgeous weather but solo…it is not good!

I am back and I am so happy that my best friend is coming to visit next week that I can’t contain myself with joy, that’s why my Christmas present comes early! A full on 3 days of Anna & Anna, we really have a lot to catch up! And do not forget today is my 4th year anniversary with my husband, 4 years together … let’s celebrate!!!


Time zones worldwide, where am I right now? In my wonderland!

18 Jan

Yes, it’s one of those days. No I haven’t got my period yet, I’m just on moaning mode, so I have warned you!

Nearly 5 days later the jet lag hasn’t abandoned me yet, feeling so awake when it’s time to go to sleep and feeling like I cannot wake up when it’s time to.

I think my body is in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) but my brain and my soul are still on Eastern Time (EST)!

I’m feeling so confused, so I tried to treat my body with some rays of light (from the sun bed shop not from Brighton beach, it’s raining and it’s grey, no one can see the sun!). I hate the wintery cold humidity, my hair after being out for 15minutes makes me look like a scarecrow, where’s gone my long bob made by my favourite gay French hairdresser??

Please wake me up when the spring is coming! Can’t face the sales either, in holiday I read the last book of my favourite writer, Sophie Kinsella, mini shopaholic, so every time I see a shop I feel like to buy everything! I’m not on my right size at the moment so it will be a waste of time and money to try on something…someone please cheer me up!

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