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Wedding planning or not wedding planning? This is the dilemma! Busy working and taking care of my pooch…and try to get everything sorted!

23 Mar

Dear readers

As usual I can keep the blog updated very well and I apologize for my delay on posting, I have been busy recently with Coco, sweet and naughty puppy dog, I have been busy writing articles for a new project I am working on…and I am so excited about!!!! I can’t tell much right now but Anna in her wonderland is going to become a sort of …. The sex and the city column written by Carrie Bradshaw!

carrie sex and the city

Keep reading my blog and you will discover more soon…

Anyway I was saying that I have been busy recently with my dear client to organize her perfect dream wedding in Tuscany for the summer, I have seen so many flowers, dresses, table settings, food menus, catering companies…that I feel like I am getting married myself again…which will be nice as well!

wedding planning in progress

I discovered a cool American based website for biodegradable tableware called Restaurant Ware (http://www.restaurantware.com/) , my client and I for the Tuscany summer  wedding we are thinking about their porcelain collection to keep the wedding low key and cool….but I cannot wait to throw a party at our Miami house with friends with some of the Restaurant Ware products…I wouldn’t worry anymore about broken champagne glasses!

porcelain tableware restaurantware

Talking about Miami…only 3 weeks to go for the next trip…anticipated by an Italian Easter trip for next week!

buona pasqua italy

I am sorry I completely forgot….hello from Coco!

coco asleep

coco on couch


Our big fat Easter weekend, in Italy! Milano, Bergamo, Lecco, Lake Como…the only ways!

11 Apr

I am really sorry I haven’t blogged for so many days and I apologise for that. After a long Italian weekend spent with my family in Italy we are now back in England, or shall I say wonderland? I can see so many rabbits around the garden that I have started to think if I follow one I will arrive in wonderland…one cute one yesterday was staring at me close to the front door…FOLLOW ME!

Going back to the Italian weekend…it was great, so much love from my family, so much good times, so many beautiful places and so much food!!!! Have a look through the pictures….and enjoy your week!

Left on good Friday, enjoying the lounge at the airport

Saturday shopping in Milan

Saturday night, aperitif in Lecco overlooking the Lake Como and Dinner on the lake (Oliveto Lario)

Easter Day, in my town with my parents

Ate too much but we couldn’t resist to a pizza in Bergamo!

Forgot to mention, we went to see the wedding photographer…have you seen in the window?

Easter monday, or Pasquetta, out for lunch with the family, uncles, aunt, cousins, red wine and lots of food again!

So what now? WE ARE ON A DIET!!!

Back in business, into my kitchen! Surrounded by Hello Kitty Easter eggs and very soon from my family!

4 Apr

I finally started to feel better, my cold has finally abandoned me and my husband with his burnt arm and hand is getting better as well, shame now he has man flu…my fault apparently….MEEEEEEEEEN

By the way I am so glad that Kim is getting over this problem, and I am sure he is never going to use petrol again to lit the bonfire after this accident, his arm speaks for himself

I think we really need and holiday, an Italian one, I cannot wait to go back home on Friday, spend time with my family, go shopping in Milan, see my friends, and go back to eat normally (I finally lost that famous kg I was going on about, but just for the stress!) Now I’m back in the kitchen cooking away and being happy, do you want to see my latest creations?

Salmon fillet with crème fraiche, breadcrumbs and lime with green peas puree with crème fraiche and Thai green curry paste with chestnut mushrooms cooked in honey gorgonzola and brie cheese….what a wonderful dinner!

Yesterday morning I made Frangelico (Italian hazelnut liqueur) tiramisu to go for dinner to my mother in law…WOW it was good!

As you can see everyone know about my passion for Hello Kitty….only Hello Kitty Easter eggs for me so far, my friend Shonda will be happy as well!!! 🙂

And what about my latest discovery? While reading Grazia I came across an article about Pinterest…check me out if you wish!

Back from a few days of hell, and now countdown for an Italian Easter celebration!

2 Apr

Hello everyone,

I am really sorry to have let the blog not updated for so long but unfortunately I had a few days of hell that are finally nearly gone and now  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…with an Italian Easter egg waiting for me!

Got myself too much sun last week when the weather was more for summer time than spring time, days too hot, nights too cold so I got myself into a nasty cold that made me struggle a bit, on Thursday night my husband decided again that was time to work in the garden, which we did, he wanted to do a bonfire but probably too much petrol went on an a big BOOM made me jump and burnt my husband’s arm and hand…an hour and half later after shouting at him : I take you to A&E! for an hour, he convinced himself and off we went, luckily, now he’s recovering but the stress of that, taking care of him completely and my never ending cold did not help me to cope very well with all the stress, I am not good at coping even in normal situation so, the weekend was interestingly hard for and stressful for me, I hope that tonight finally I will fall asleep and sleep for long time…not being able to sleep for the past four days, breathing problems and stress…can you imagine me with PMS? Well multiply that feeling for 100 and you will find my state of mind at the weekend!

The only thing that gave me so much joy this weekend was Imogen, the pretty little baby of my friend that I went to visit yesterday and I was struggling to leave…how can something that small and cuddly can make you so happy? She is gorgeous and I hope the yummy mummy does not mind if I post a snap of her…

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