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Serve chilled…The West Sussex Edition

22 Oct

I tried to keep myself busy to not feel too lonely but I just realised that there is no need to rush myself around and just CHILL OUT!!!

Enjoying a cup of tea while reading the paper, it’s a beautiful day, 12 degrees, sunny, not too cold and nice to look outside the window and see the railway on the other side of the fields, so I decided I’m just going to relax, that’s what I need! Bottle of wine, some gossip magazines, some DVDs, homemade dinner (craving number 2, SHEPERDS PIE for me tonight) , light music, candles and a good night sleep!

I wish to everyone a great Saturday night…



From the Indian summer to the Ice Age!

6 Oct

I cannot believe how cold it was today in Brighton, fair enough we are already in October, but what it was all about last week with the hot days due to the Indian summer? I must take out of the closet all my winter jumpers this weekend if I don’t want to freeze myself! From flip flops to wellies, from moijto in the sunshine to a cup of tea in front of the fire…I know sorry I’m making a bit of a thing about it but bad and cold weather makes me more grumpy than normal, or should I say grumpier? Not sure I still need some English lesson! I revised my CV today and I’m quite happy about, I have some meetings planned for next week and maybe something is going to change…for those who read my post last week about “the wind of change”, I did not mean I want to have kids right now, just got married and despite being  27 years old I do still feel 16 so no way!! Talking about kids last night I saw on skype my gorgeous 16month old niece, she told me her favourite animal…the Pamba!!! And she put in front of the screen the panda toy of course, well probably some kung fu panda DVDs for her will be appreciated, poor me I was hoping to pass to her my passion for frogs!!! Nearly the weekend…cannot wait to get some rest!

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