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The sun in my eyes and the floods at my feet, but we love Miami anyway! Having fun despite the tropical storm Andrea going by!

8 Jun

anna kim at delano

Hello readers

We have been in Miami for 8 days now and despite the weather is not completely on our side (the tropical storm Andrea is going by, with afternoon and evening heavy rain with floods everywhere) but despite this little inconvenient we are enjoyin the time here as usual, without one care in the world!

We have been hanging out with friends, seen friends we haven’t seen for a while, been out on the boat around Biscayne bay, we undressed the boat from its stickers, not raceboat anymore only pleasure!!

We have been cooking endless barbecue, been drinking gallons of alcohol…and of course I have been sick because I am obsessed with food and drinks! We went to the best and funny restaurant in town, Barton G and even our friends loved it, we went for low key but tasty Cuban food at the Latin American cafe ( I can eat la vaca frita de Carne all day long!) and as usual my husband can’t just lay down and relax because he has to have a project in mind all the time, let’s sort the grass in the front yard, let’s fix something…please darling chill!!! Still 5 days to spend here in paradise, there is something about here that I love, I always will and that makes me feel at home. I heart Miami.


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Sunshine, wind, boats, rough sea, red skin…the vacation is nearly over…damn!

13 Mar

The time in Miami just goes so fast that I can’t keep up, I feel like someone is making my watch going faster than normal, trying to enjoy every single moment because soon it’s going to be over, don’t want to go back home! Talking about stealing my time, I did not know that the clock was changing this Sunday just gone. Woke up, 9am, I thought we slept longer than normal, checked my watch, oh stupid watch it stopped an hour ago!!! Kim’s watch the same…and we got more confused. Got in the car, the time was different again…we stopped a guy : Excuse me…what time is it? Did the clock change last night? YEP….he probably thought Stupid Foreigners!

Been boating around Miami, further up and down again to the sandbanks close to Key Biscayne…and unfortunately yesterday just after fill the boat up with fuel  something broke…back to the marina and bye bye boat see you in 6 weeks after she gets repaired!

Been again to our favourite local restaurant, Barceloneta, I love the food there as you can see from the following pictures! I promise I will keep the blog more updated when I go back home, here I’m still struggling with the internet connection…shame I won’t have much to say when I will be back! I don’t want to think about now…the only thing I am looking forward to is go back to visit my friend who just had a baby today, congratulations to Becki and Jonny and Imogen…I cannot wait to meet you!!!

We kept low profile for a few days but now that’s the weekend in Miami baby!

10 Mar

Hello guys,

Sorry for the delay on posting on the blog but we had quite a few kind of busy day, my husband unfortunately got food poisoning on Tuesday and he has started to feel better yesterday, so no eating and drinking out, keeping low profile and wait for him to recover completely, bless him! The weather hasn’t been good either for a few days so it wasn’t that bad not being able to do things around! But now it’s the weekend, the sun is shining and we are in Miami, how can it be better than this? I’m going to show you some pictures of the past few days!

Sunshine, strong wind, powerboats…that’s Miami baby!

7 Mar

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been posting for a few days but between the long flight, a busy and windy day yesterday and no internet connection at the condo I have been struggling! I love being back here, I do feel at home so much!

So far we haven’t done much, been in bed at 9pm for the past 2 days (damned jet lag), moved the boat for one place to another, via another one…hanging out with friends and drinking…haven’t had time to put my bikini on yet but the weather is not the best today anyway so…let’s wait!

Happy new year to everyone…while boating in paradise!

31 Dec

I want to wish to everyone an amazing happy new year, with lots of love.
We are still here in Miami, been up and down on the flat calm ocean and tomorrow to celebrate the new year we are going to go to Bahamas….

The fabulous life of Anna in her wonderland!!!

With love

Living the American dream…a la Miami Vice… (With a bit of dizziness)

31 Dec

Hello everyone,

What a long and amazing day we had today! Been boating from Ft Lauderdale to South Beach on my husband’s boat…I’m still scared of the speed because I feel dizzy when the jump out of the water…but it was good, perfect sunshine, not too hot, not too cold…just great!

But shall I step back 24hours? Last night we went to our favourite local restaurant, Barceloneta in Purdy Avenue and the dinner was too good to be true! Gazpacho bloody mary, chorizo cooked in cider, langoustine in chocolate and tomatoes, risotto with sausage and mushrooms…and probably something else…Oh my I’m going to be so fat when we go back home! Stopped in Publix for a few bits and off to sleep, the jet lag is still affecting us a lot!

So Today it was a Donzi day, left the rental car and we got the boat…it was so good drive around South Beach and going up at down (at maximum speed 69 miles per hours…it was too bumpy if it was quicker for me!), and it was great see so close what I normally see from the balcony, downtown, the obelisk…we love Miami so much!!!!

Well. It’s the 30th December, at least here with the Eastern Time…so…if I don’t post tomorrow, happy New Year to everyone!!!!

With love


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