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Anna, the useless Domestic Goddess is trying hard to impress…and to not feel that useless!

23 Apr

I am really sorry to have not written for such a long time, nearly a week is too long, this is not what I would normally do…but unfortunately I was a bit down last week so I didn’t want that my problems could affect my writing.

I am absolutely fine , I do just feel very useless right now, I’m not working anymore and sometimes it’s a struggle getting up in the morning, why? What am I going to do today? Not much! It does feel so frustrating thinking…uh…I haven’t got much to think about apart tidy up the house, going to the supermarket and cook dinner! Not having a daily job makes you see things in a different way, I am so glad that when I was feeling low last week my husband and my best friend (and my family from Italy of course) were supporting me and tried to motivate me to look for something new, new experiences, new possibilities but it is not that easy right now in the current climate is it? At the moment probably the only thing in my mind is…food! What shall I cook for dinner? I even baked a cake last week and it came out presentable and tasty!

Shall I open a restaurant?….nah…shall I just keep on cooking and telling you about? Deal then!

Shepherd’s pie can be cook by Italians as well…I am the proof!

A good soup can always warm up your cold wintery evenings

A good experiment, chocolate carrots and walnuts cake

Or a slice of chocolate cheesecake at the local pub tastes so good everytime!

Feel down? Going out for breakfast at the local tea room revives you!

Pancakes anyone? We call them crespelle…mushroom one for me!

Friday night treat? Cupcakes!!! (courtesy of Cloud 9 Brighton)

It’s hard when my husband is better than me at cooking…he should become a chef! Last night lamb in red wine sauce and sundried tomatoes mash potatoes…was so good!

And what about this strawberry cake? Domestic goddess me? Domestic God him!

Cheers to the freaking weekend…one week to Christmas!!!

18 Dec

Hello everyone,

Just back from a lovely weekend spent with friends in Canterbury (Kent), based on lots of drinking and lots of fun with friends!!!

Still feeling a bit messed up, that’s why I’m reading on the Daily Mail online the best solutions to cure the hangover…they suggest cheese sandwich, tomato juice, honey on toast and bananas…I’m off to throw up!!!

I’ll show you my weekend in pictures, I hope everyone had a great weekend….and I can’t believe it’s only a week till Christmas!!!
The weekend started on Saturday morning with a full english breakfast at the Ditchling tea room, lovely!!

Dinner in Canterbury with friends, and after off to the Ballroom for some fun

Some girls  don’t have any class…decorated ugg boots!

Sunday morning…meeting everyone for another full english breakfast and off to see Sarah’s cupcake shop!!!


And off we went, back home, enjoying the fire in the living room…thinking about a take away curry for dinner to cure the hangover…AM I TURNING BRITISH??? PLEASE NOOOO!!! xxxx

Stick to what you are able to do!!!

8 Oct

Last night I tried to make the cupcakes, I had all the good intentions, all the good ingredients, but I failed. The sponge came out fine and tasty, apparently I don’t get on very well with butter, I melted the butter in the microwave, mixed with icing sugar, added the strawberries…nothing to do my husband threw the mix away and he did the icing again…right next time I cook some lasagne and I leave the cupcakes to the experts!!!!

Don’t like too much to use butter…next time I’ll go to visit my friend Sarah in her lovely cupcake’s shop, it will be worth to drive 90 miles to get some AMAZING cupcakes!!! If you want to see her website that’s the address http://www.whatsupcupcake.com/

Right, today I slept until 10am, I needed some rest!! Went out for lunch my friend and her gorgeous girls….and now I’m planning the Saturday night dinner using a book of Italian recipes….STICK TO WHAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DO is going to be my new motto!!!!

Weekend…time to indulge!

7 Oct

Left the office and a spell of sunshine was out, despite I still feel cold the sun ended my working week in a positive way, now it’s time to enjoy the weekend and indulge! I normally get requests in the kitchen:
Baby can you please cook spaghetti alla bolognese tonight? My husband said to me last night.
Anna can you please make cupcakes? You haven’t done for a while…said my stepson last week, well sorry pretty and clean kitchen but tonight I’m going to cook a lot and make a big mess…shall I call the cleaner to come again tomorrow? He just left at 5pm! Tomorrow I will be at home alone and what am I going to do? Go out for lunch with my friend and her gorgeous girls…take out all my winter clothes (sic)…and plan another dinner!!! I’ll keep you posted! Have a great weekend you all.

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